My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1026

Vol 5 Chapter 1026: Holy Beast?

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Chapter 1026

"The second rainbow flyover appeared!"

"I don't know what kind of treasure will be dropped in this rainbow flyover?"

"Brother Brother, let's join hands! The matter is here, personal strength gains are limited!"

The geniuses of the various parties immediately sensed the emergence of the rainbow flyover and moved forward at full speed.

In the mountain gorge, a group of young talents stepped into the air, and the head of the red robe youth was slightly pale, and his eyes were full of resentment.

"Lin Chen, the dark horse club! These gangs of **** have caused heavy casualties in Hongtian Temple. This time I will destroy him even if I don't win the treasure!"

"Go! Go to the Sun and Moon Hall and the Baishengmen. Laozi and Dongfang Yao team up to blow up this group of bastards!"

The red robes waved their hands, and the geniuses quickly followed.

The second rainbow flyover dropped a beautiful meteor shower, which surprised everyone!

Lin Chen rushing to the road urged Zijin Hitomi to clearly see each'Meteor', which is a piece of alien crystal!

"The treasure thrown by the second rainbow flyover is actually an amorphous fragment?"

Lin Chen was pleasantly surprised!

There are special crystal fragments, which can be decomposed into special attribute values, making a nirvana!

Even if it is a blue-level intermediate nirvana, Lin Chen can dominate the audience!

The blue-level intermediate nirvana can involve the saint and cause a certain obstacle to the saint, but if it is used against the five robbery war emperor, it is a devastating blow!

All of his nirvana skills were used up because of the pursuit of more than a dozen holy realms. Otherwise, one of the nirvana skills would be used out.

Bang ~!

The sound of the wind breaking and roaring roared, Lin Chen and his team had seen many geniuses just like them, on the way to the road, guarding each other.

"I will take a step first and you will meet me later."

Lin Chen could not wait to release the Holy Phoenix Wing, pedaling the light and shadow dragon flash, the speed skyrocketed, and a lot of genius dumbfounded!

"Why is this kid so fast?"

"His wings seem to be the Phoenix wings of the Holy Phoenix family!"

"No, this kid has broken through the four robbers!"

"His! A few days ago he was able to fight against Nangong by virtue of three robbers. Isn't four robbers to turn the sky?"

More than a hundred geniuses have a slightly twitching mouth, this man is afraid of being a monster! How can this growth rate be so outrageous!

"Even if it's two pieces of alien crystals! The special attribute value that is decomposed is enough for me to make a sure move. Only one move can kill those geniuses who are able to abuse!"

Lin Chen is ready to launch the'delayed rune' to grab the alien crystal fragments at any time. The location of the rainbow sky bridge spilling the alien crystal fragments is between the two mountain gorges, and the towering trees are everywhere, rushing to the sky.

Brush ~! A piece of abnormal crystal fell, Lin Chen was about to rush over, two figures flashed across the sky, grabbed the piece of abnormal crystal.

"Ha ha ha, thunder debris, just right for me."

"Huh? Lin Chen!"

The two are dressed in sun and moon robes, Qi Yuxuan, Jianmei Xingmu, are two super first-class geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall!

"Give me the crystal fragments!"

The eightfold change suddenly broke out, and Lin Chen's breath was no less than that of the Five Tribes!

In the "ultimate moment", Lin Chen's mental power and pure power surged, Lin Chen's fist "life and death" was violently beaten, charging and penetrating the rune blessing, and a violent dragon that penetrated the wind and penetrated. Sky!

"not good!"

The two of them retreated sharply, drawing swords and drawing swords, showing their unique skills, slashing out a long sword-like sword, and strangling Lin Chen's overbearing punch!

Both of them are super first-rate geniuses. Although Lin Chen broke through the four robbers, he could not suppress them one-on-two.

"Brother Nangong, Lin Chen is here!"

One of them burst into drink!

Brush ~! Brush ~!

The wind blew long, the divine light flickered, and 42 geniuses from the Sun Moon Hall and the Baishengmen gathered in the void and surrounded Lin Chen!

"Hahaha, Lin Chen, this time I will see who else can keep you!"

"It's just to death!"

"This time he will die!"

The geniuses of the Nangong Destruction and Sun Moon Hall exploded with sarcasm and ridicule, as if with absolute confidence to kill Lin Chen.

Lin Chen was not afraid, and his shoulders were shocked, releasing all the avatars!

The five avatars and the Dragon Emperor stood together, the momentum was rock-solid, and did not waver at all.

The two sides were separated by tens of miles, but the atmosphere was extremely suppressed.

"Since you are so confident, I will send you a big gift!"

Lin Chen smiled indifferently, the palm of the nine-color starlight condensed like a roulette wheel, a world-destroying atmosphere of destruction swept across the audience awe-inspiringly!

[Activate 6th level penetration, 6th level charge, 6th level hidden rune, increase host attack increase 480% power, 23% attack penetration, consume 25 points of advanced rune energy, launch orange rank talent: instant light split , Consumes 19 intermediate talent points.

All the geniuses changed color suddenly, and their figure retreated!

Damn, this dark horse club **** a group of lunatics!

Who's the best person to come up with his strongest move? Isn't that nonsense!

Lin Chen is by no means reckless. He knows very well that as long as he grabs two pieces of alien crystal, he will take the initiative!

The power of the Nine Tribulation Stars has not yet been comparable to the power of the nirvana. Since that is the case, making the nirvana is his primary task!

"His move is a few grades stronger than before, and even I can't withdraw from the whole body. Has his training breakthrough?"

Nangong is terrified!

Lin Chen threw out the "Nine Tribulation Stars", the nine-color starlight was divided into five, and then disappeared instantly, and the traces and breath were hidden by the Tianyin runes!

Dongfang Yao's pupils are terrified, he even kept his hands before?

"Senior, please shoot!"

The Nangong exploded loudly, and the glaze-colored flood energy condensed from the surroundings, like a three-dimensional, covering the tens of miles of space in which the "Nine Tribulation Stars" disappeared.

Sigh~! Boom~!

The Five Dao and Nine Tribulations stars crashed into the glass-colored energy wall, and five beams of nine-color beams burst into full bloom, and they were gradually shrunk and compressed by the glass-colored energy.

Lin Chen's face changed slightly!

"This is the means of the holy realm, so strong a breath, as much as the heavenly holy shark?"

Almost without any hesitation, Lin Chen flapped the Purple Saint Phoenix Wing and stepped on Dragon Flash to retreat!

Holy Realm, he can't match!

"Boy, still want to go?"

Two ridiculous sneers came, and the three sacred lights shot at the "Zhende Shuai" equal avatars. The three avatars were immediately crushed, and the thousand fantasy masks automatically returned to the system space.

Lin Chen seemed to be stared at by some wild monsters, and his body was creepy!

At this time, the vision is steep!

[Trigger complete passive talent: strong attack, power bonus: 240%.

[Trigger passive talent: torn, the defense of the torn target.

The system's light screen flicks.

Click~ Bang~!

The five pillars of nine-color light beams merged into one moment, and broke through the glass cube!

When the nearly nine-thousand-meter beam of light rotates, the destructive energy overflows, and the nearby light, airflow, and all are evacuated and adsorbed. All geniuses are attracted to the direction of the nine-color beam of light!

"Huh? No, save people first!"

"What the **** did this kid do, and a great emperor broke through the divine power of this seat!"

When the two black robe figures tried to capture Lin Chen, they were forced to withdraw.

One of them rescued the genius of the Sun and Moon Hall from the nine-color beam, and the other one lased seven glazed beams in the palm of their hands, shattering the nine-color beam!

If they don't shoot, at least more than ten geniuses will fall into it!