My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1027

Vol 5 Chapter 1027: The Show Only Now.

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Chapter 1027, The Good Show, Only Now.

Taking advantage of Shuangsheng's shot, Lin Chen waited for the opportunity to flap the holy phoenix wings, urged the speed to the extreme, and flashed to the side of the mountain, his eyes narrowed.

"It's not a saint, it's an eighth-order holy beast in the form of an adult. It shouldn't come from outside. It's a holy beast in Rainbow Island!

Lin Chen's heart is heavy, and the two eighth-order holy beasts are enough to suppress all geniuses!

Unless all the geniuses flock up and fight desperately, perhaps with the background of the top geniuses, they can slightly shake the prestige of the Holy Beast, but this is by no means realistic.

"What's going on!"

"The horrible coercion of these two men in black is a holy land! My God!"

The geniuses who arrived one after another were afraid of their pupils and dared not act lightly!

The geniuses of the Sun and Moon Hall were rescued, and they felt terrified.

In addition to the super first-class geniuses within 10,300, if you want to contend with the nine-color beam of Lin Chen, there is almost no life!

Super first-class geniuses also risk falling!

Nangong extinguished a fist: "Thank you two seniors for your shot!"

The two men in black waved, "Repay your gratitude, and then come with your plan."

Nangong extinguished, proudly stood out of the void, and announced to all the geniuses who had arrived here.

"Everyone listens, here is my Sun Moon Palace. From now on, all the treasures passed down by the Rainbow Bridge will belong to our Sun Moon Temple."

As soon as this remark came out, the geniuses looked horrified, startled and angry!

The women in the Heart Refinement Palace also rushed to Lin Chen's side. Upon hearing this announcement, Jiang Yun's face changed slightly.

"Aren't these guys afraid of causing anger, but dare to swallow alone..."

"With the foundation and status of the Sun and Moon Hall, even if it provokes all the geniuses, there is no need to fear the revenge of the forces behind them.

Jiang Yun bit Hao teeth lightly, this move is really cruel!

"How can you be so excessive..."

Two geniuses gritted their teeth, and two black robes looked like electricity, and they grasped the void with one hand.

Sigh~! boom! boom!

The two top geniuses were bombarded with a huge force, one of them exploded into a blood mist, and the other vomited blood while turning into a blood of light to escape, barely saving lives!

"Who else?"

Nangong's indifferent voice echoed the audience. At this time, more than two thousand geniuses arrived, but no one dared to act lightly!

The end of those two geniuses is to kill chickens and monkeys!

"It's too difficult. Without the means to contend with the Holy Realm, it is impossible to compete with the two Holy Beasts."

"What should I do, do you want to retreat? Or look at the dark horse club? Didn't he and the ten holy realms that were pulled were not caught?"

The geniuses did not dare to act rashly, even though the debris from the sky fell like a meteor shower.

"Hey, let's take a look first, maybe those guys in the Sun Moon Palace will let those two holy beasts deal with the dark horse club, and then we will touch the fish in muddy water..."

Some geniuses even set their sights on Lin Chen and his party, expecting him to have any amazing performance.

"I dont have a killing skill, the only possibility to contend with these two big guys is the God Killer talent and the God of War Bracers, and consume a lot of rune energy, but I am now playing hard, just to use these guys as guns. ."

Lin Chen sneered in his heart as he felt the sight gathered on him.

"However, with the alien crystal fragments in front of me, I might be able to try it and grab it? When it's grabbed, it's disintegrated immediately, replaced with a nirvana, and snowballed immediately?"

Hesitation, Lin Chen really fell into hesitation. Judging from the abnormal crystal fragments falling under the rainbow bridge, there are at least two hundred abnormal crystal fragments, and it continues to increase!

Once he gets so many alien fragments, his nirvana will suppress the audience and no one can beat it!

However, if the action fails, it will mean that Lin Chen has lost the existing 1990 high-level rune energy, and he will lose a big trump card against the Holy Land outside!

"No matter whether the operation is successful or not, I will consume a lot of high-level rune energy. If it is not possible, calm down, I must calm down!"

Lin Chen's eyes became deeper and deeper. The more such moments, the more he calmed down!

He stared at the people of the Sun and Moon Hall, and the other party was watching him.

Obviously, neither side intends to take the initiative.

The people of the Sun and Moon Hall are also guarding against him. They know that Lin Chen has been rid of the holy realm and did not intend to let the holy beast first deal with him.

Their goal is to seize all the treasures of the Rainbow Skybridge first, rather than strangling Lin Chen first.

"Do you want to use the innate shadow technique to touch the fish in muddy water? Unless all the genius riots, it is unrealistic. In the case of no one snatching, if there is one missing piece of alien crystal, it will be discovered immediately, and the avatar will be bombarded by the Holy Beast immediately. "

"The risk is too great. If only one holy beast can fight, it is necessary to stop the two holy realms while blocking all the geniuses of the 100 Holy Gate and the Sun and Moon Hall."

"Tianyin runes are matched with innate shadow tactics, try to delay the runes with time. Even if it is done, these geniuses in the vicinity will take the opportunity to act at the first time. There is a great risk of how to do it. It is too bad. , This battle has not been fought."

Lin Chen sighed in his heart, his idea had been determined.

Unless all cards such as the God-killer and the God of War Bracers are used, and these are time-limited trump cards, what if the two holy beasts cannot be killed?

It is not worth it to knock out the life-saving home for part of the alien crystal fragments.

In fact, there is another way, that is to take out the self-refined alien crystal fragments.

But this will seriously affect the cultivation and reduction of element attribute values, take out the refined crystal fragments, and it is easy to leave internal defects that are difficult to repair, so Lin Chen does not want to do such things to himself or those around him.

He did not regret sending the 13 pieces of fire-like crystals that he had cultivated to Shen Lingshuang before.

To use Orient Yao as an opponent, you must go all out.

Lin Chen raised his hand and said to everyone around him: "Let's go, this battle cannot..."


Suddenly, a startled thought came out of Lin Chen's mind!

His eyes were fixed on the two holy beasts, his face full of excitement, his eyes burst into ejaculation!

The staring eyes of the Double Saints, like the millennium drinker foresaw the 10,000-year-old wine, it seems that the century-old bachelor took off his pants and entered the beautiful boudoir!

The genius beside him could not help seeing his strange eyes!

"Yeah, how do you feel that this kid's eyes are a little abnormal..."

"Lying trough, look at him, even watching the two holy beasts swallow? Is this not crazy?"

"Does he really have the means to counter the Holy Land?"

As strong as the two holy beasts, they couldn't help but show doubt.

Does this kid really have a way to deal with them?

The woman who practiced the heart palace also stared at Lin Chen curiously.

In the limelight, Lin Chen suddenly laughed in the sky!

"Hahahaha, Sun and Moon Hall, Sun and Moon Hall, in the end, you still have a high position in chess, this time for the moment you have won."

Lin Chen smiled extremely cheerfully.

Then the corner of his mouth outlined a frantic smile!

"But my bet is the next thing!"

Lin Chen waved his hand and smiled at the people around him: "Let's go, since the rainbow skybridge has been chartered by others, let's go to look at the scenery. Isn't it good to visit the mountains and spend a few days."

Lin Chens almost strange behavior caused everyone to be puzzled!

Really crazy?

Why do you want to visit the Rainbow Island?

"This man has lost his mind."

"Let's go too, the treasures of Rainbow Skybridge are not obtained, and there are many different treasures in other areas."

Some geniuses began to leave in disappointment, and some geniuses cast their envious eyes to the Sun and Moon Hall.

There is no doubt that with the two holy beasts assisting in the battle, all the rainbow bridges that follow will appear, and basically no one can grab them!

The dark horse club is just the loser!

When Lin Chen left, the corner of his mouth outlined a playful smile.

"The show is only beginning now."