My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1028

Vol 5 Chapter 1028: Lin Chen's Shocking Plan

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Chapter 1028, Lin Chen's Shocking Plan!

"Ah, let's go too, his mother, don't know how these guys please move the Holy Beast."

"Damn, if the orange-level combat skills appear on the next Rainbow Skybridge, they can only be taken away by these guys. No one can **** food in front of the Holy Beast!"

"It's too difficult, grass, how could I be so unlucky, but this year's Rainbow Island has this kind of broken thing!"

The geniuses left scoldingly, and more than two thousand geniuses gradually left.

Admittedly, everyone rushed forward, and the two holy beasts could never be stopped, but it was enough to kill most of the geniuses. Who would desperately want these alien fragments?

Everyone has a sanctified future in the future. It is totally unworthy to bet on the chance of Rainbow Bridge.

"Alien crystal fragments that have fallen from the Rainbow Skybridge have been extended thousands of miles away. Go and collect them."

Nangong Jie told the younger brothers and sisters that they acted one after another to collect alien crystal fragments, and all earned a lot of money!

"Thanks for the help of the two seniors."

Nangong extinguished his hands and clenched his fists.

The two waved their hands--"It's up to you to repay your kindness, and we may also ask you to help you. If it weren't for the elixir of your Sun and Moon Hall, my brother and I would have died long ago."

The body of this double saint is San Qingbi King Scorpion, one of the powerful beasts of Rainbow Island.

Eighty thousand years ago, they were only a few steps away from the eighth-order holy beast, but they were chased and killed by the holy beast in a battle for the rainbow sky bridge.

The two brothers were rescued by the elixir provided by the ancestors of the Sun and Moon Palace.

The Rainbow Island opened in the previous dozens, and the reason why these scorpions did not appear is because they are retreating to the Holy Beast Realm.

The genius of the Sun and Moon Hall that saved the two was now a holy land.

The two sides exchanged marks of fighting spirit at that time. They became holy, and the saints of the Sun and Moon Hall knew it for the first time, and only then sent geniuses to participate in Rainbow Island.

If placed in the past, the genius of the Sun and Moon Hall has not participated in Rainbow Island many times. But this time, they have absolute self-confidence to make their geniuses have enough harvest!

"Lin Chen, no matter what tricks you have, it is impossible to reverse the result of this time. After collecting all the treasures of the Rainbow Bridge, the Double Saints will completely destroy your people!"

Dongfang Yao stared at the direction of Lin Chen's departure and smiled pang gong.

Nangong Ruo seemed to be in control of everything, detached from the outside, and smiled indifferently: "This time, the three people in the Dark Horse Club were ruined. Oh, this kid must be very unwilling.

Shuang Sheng shot just now and instantly killed Lin Chens avatar. They thought that the people in the Black Horse Club had fallen...

At the other end; in the gorge, someone walking slowly in the forest, his face relaxed and calm.

Seeing Lin Chen's calm appearance, the women in the Heart Palace are even more curious!

Can't see through, they can't see what Lin Chen is thinking anyway!

"Mr. Lin Chen, are you sure you can contend with them?"

Jiang Yun couldn't help but ask, some female disciples also came together, Yingying Yanyan said: "Yes, why is the son so calm."

"It's really annoying for them to take so many pieces of alien crystals!"

The women were unwilling, but Lin Chen smiled indifferently: "I don't have the power to contend with the two beasts of the Sun and Moon Hall."

Then he turned his head: "But no one has stipulated that when you come to Rainbow Island, you must grab the things of Rainbow Overpass."

Lin Chen fixed everyone!

Even Ning Qingxuan was shocked!

Lin Chen stopped, his eyes turned to the dreamy snail "Little Dream Girl", and his eyes showed a sharp light.

"Who is the richest person in Rainbow Island? It is the eighth-order sacred beasts that dominate the king! How many sacred beasts have lived on Rainbow Island for so many years and how many rainbow baptisms have they experienced? How could the baby in the nest be less? "

A word arouses thousands of waves!

"I'm going to scavenge all the holy beasts' heavens! I don't believe it, I can't compare to those rainbow bridges!"

Lin Chen talked and laughed, and showed an absolute confidence!

All the women in the Heart Refinement Palace are stunned!

Reverse Thinking! Simply clap your hands!

Yes indeed! No one stipulates that we must be obsessed to grab the treasures of the Rainbow Bridge!

The richest, most likely those eighth-order holy beasts!

This point can be seen from the cave house of Fantasy Qiluo, the richness of its cultivation resources, which can allow his daughter to cultivate to the seventh-level peak beast level is still rich!

That's right, looting the holy beast lair! This is Lin Chen's next plan!

Also grab a hairy rainbow flyover and just do behind its right!

Moreover, if you can't loot the holy beast's lair by taking ten thousand steps back, you can benefit from sneaking the holy beast's attribute value!

"No, no one has thought of this for countless years. Even if Mr. Lin Chen knows that the holy beast's lair is the place where the treasures of Rainbow Island are most gathered, then how to steal the holy beast's lair...not right!"

Jiang Yun became more and more thoughtful! He thought of the magical means of the dark horse club to escape from the heavenly holy shark!

The strength of the sacred beast is equal to that of the sage. No matter how scared the geniuses who enter the Rainbow Island are, they can't compete with the sacred beast, let alone looting their treasure house.

Therefore, Lin Chen is by no means the first to think of this matter, but he is the one who is most likely to accomplish it!

Because even the heavenly holy shark can't catch him!

"Princess Lin Chen is the true dragon in the future. This time we will only drag the hind legs of the son. We will not blend in."

Jiang Yun clenched his fists, but Lin Chen smiled and said: "Oh? I just planned to discuss cooperation with you, so I'm leaving soon?"

Jiang Yunqian's eyes burst into light!

"Appreciate further details!"


White shark deep sea.

Blood was floating in the deep black sea, and the seven rows of sea beasts behind the sacred shark were silent.

Tianyou Holy Shark has swallowed more than a dozen of the 7th-ranked peak white Yousha before he was slightly relieved.

It was teased by human beings, and he deeply felt that the dignity of being a holy beast was trampled on. He had planned to go out officially to fight against the **** human race!

The heavenly holy shark turned into a middle-aged man in blue robe, and his golden hair appeared to be noble, like a king.

"Speaking of it, it's time for the Rainbow Bridge to appear again. I don't know if there is a nine-color Rainbow Bridge this time. I just went out to see and roar! By the way, the **** human race is destroyed!"

He squirmed through the sea like an arrow. The holy shark had left his lair. Every time when the rainbow flyover appeared, there would be many holy beasts on the rainbow island paying attention to the situation of the rainbow flyover.

Sacred beasts will not shoot easily, their goal is the last few nine-color rainbows.

Nine-color rainbow will release a large number of special energy bodies and heaven and earth wonders, which have an extraordinary nourishing effect on their holy beast body.

Suddenly, a laughter voice echoed in the sea without warning.

"One head has two pairs of shark fins, only four rows of shark teeth, a little sharp edge, no viscera and six organs, there are seven groups of remaining generals, ninety percent of the fat in the eight kinds of shark fat, and full sharks."

The heavenly sacred shark was furious, and the monstrous anger spewed out, rolling up the raging waves!

"Damn human race, you are looking for death!"