My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1029

Vol 5 Chapter 1029: Stealing Nangong

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Chapter 1029

A proud white man in white standing on the waves, holding his chest with both hands, a playful smile in his mouth, full of anger.

Beside him, there is a young man in Tsing Yi who is out of the dust.

The two overlooked the sea below, the sea surface rolled up tens of thousands of waves, a large group of sharks emerged from the water, and the shark head stood the extremely gloomy holy shark.

"Oh? King Shark didn't attack me for the first time, which is not in line with your character."

The young man in white jokingly laughed, the clouds were light and windy, and he didn't care about his situation.

"Human Race? Are you and the guy with the dragon and phoenix one before?"

The heavenly sacred shark struck a blue robe with a tall figure and a human figure that was several feet tall. Under the golden hair was a pair of breathtaking beast eyes.

Tsing Yi said scoldingly: "Dogcoin shark, pay attention to the tone of your conversation with my big brother Nangong, you are a hairy! A rotten shark, believe it or not to take you to fish soup tonight?"

"Fuck, it's not the gang of the previous group who is still arrogant, to death!"

Bang ~! The heavenly holy shark was aroused by this tiny human race, thunder and anger, and suddenly shot out! Five fingers gripped the void in anger, the sea surface exploded, exploding the sky and water waves!

boom! The two exploded into a cloud of blood mist, but the blood mist quickly turned into light and disappeared, making the Heavenly Holy Shark stunned!

"Not right!"


In the holy shark palace, a pile of silver holy yuan coins is placed in the palace backyard, sheltered by the holy beast energy.

Lin Chen blasted dozens of punches on the energy barrier, cracked and cracked!

[Host triggers passive talent: tear.


The energy hood was broken, and Lin Chen and his party broke into the courtyard!

"Sure enough, as the master said, there are so many treasures here!"

Shen Lingshuang cheered happily holding a lot of silver Shengyuan coins.

Lin Chen looked around, there were no fragments of alien crystals, and these things were not enough to match the Holy Beast.

Lin Chen frowned and said, "No, the only thing left here are silver holy yuan coins and some heavenly and earthly treasures. There are very few even eighth-order medicinal herbs. The real good things are still in it."

Bang ~!

The violent murderousness can be clearly felt from thousands of miles away, and the heavenly holy shark has returned!

"Hide into my Taoyuan capsules, and then give it to me."

Lin Chen put everyone in Taoyuan capsules.

After dozens of breaths, the current surged like a storm.

"No wonder why you suddenly stopped Ben Wang, because you wanted to be a thief. You weak human races can break Ben's defensive cover and have to say that they are really freaks."

The celestial holy shark killed outside the palace, and he was so angry.

At this time, only one Tsing Yi son remained in the palace courtyard, standing with his hands down, his expression clouded and breezy.

Tianyou Saint Shark raised the pendant in front of his chest, where three senior rings were hung, shining with sneer: "You are looking for this, you have to say a little brain, this king's wealth is indeed a rainbow There are only a few of them on the island, but you are alone, not even enough to sew the teeth of Ben Wang! Call your behind-the-scenes instructions!"


The young man in Tsing Yi seemed to hear a big joke and laughed: "You silly fierce beasts, count as a fart in front of my big brother Nangong. Even the two scorpions of Rainbow Island kneel and lick and worship my big brother. Are you a shark? When I saw my uncle Dongfang Yao, he knelt down and knelt down to pay the ring, otherwise I would destroy your shark palace!"

"Yes, are these kidren of the human race recently having a problem with their brains? The Holy Realm has no strength, dare to yell in front of this king!"

The holy shark was furious, but this time he didn't shoot.

Just now he obviously killed this kid, why is he still alive? Is this real or fake?

At the moment when Saint Shark felt a game, a gray rune burst into the sea!

The thousand-foot space near the heavenly holy shark has become particularly slow to solidify, and even the flow of seawater has become extremely slow!

[Launching a 6th-level slow rune consumes 20 high-level rune energy.

"Huh? What the **** is this?"

Holy Shark was shocked, instinctively urged Holy Power to break through the shackles!

20 points of advanced rune energy, under the premise of unexpected, can only hold the breath of less than one-twentieth of the Holy Realm!

However, this moment of devotion is enough!

Brush ~! A shadow of the dark mangling passed by, and the white man who appeared in front of the holy shark out of thin air was covered with a dark curtain, like the black cloak under the dark night, covering all his breath!

The young man in white, "Nangong Miao", instantly caught his hand, grabbed the three ringers in front of the shark's chest, yanked it, and the moment he held it in his hand, he was shining through the space!

The holy shark was frightened and angry. After it broke through the slow rune shackles, it grabbed in the air, crushed and rolled the ocean current, tearing the sea water to the fault, but caught a void!


The heavenly holy shark is maddening!

He was robbed by a human warlord? To be precise, it should be stealing?

Tsing Yi shook his head and shrugged.

"So say, dont forget to give the treasure earlier and kneel and lick my big brother Nangong. You dont give it? It doesnt matter, we pick it up. My big brother Nangong is a local. There are a hundred ways to keep you going. ."

"Are you a native! Roar!"

Tianyou Saint Shark punched Tsing Yi son with a punch, still turned into glory and disappeared, it was an avatar!

"Human race, Nangong is destroyed! You are looking for death!"

"He just said that there are two holy scorpions subject to him? Well, very well, this king probably knows which two guys are. This human race must die!"


Three days later

Rainbow Island, hundreds of thousands of miles south, deep in Xuanming's veins, restrained.

A mountain-like shell does not move like a mountain, standing in the veins.

Suddenly, the shell moved a little, shaking the mountain.

"Huh? There is even the breath of the eighth-order beast core..."

A thick, winding black head was drilled in the shell, which was the head of a turtle.

Eighth-order holy beast Dige Xuansheng turtle!

It perceived the eighth-order fierce beast core, waking up from a deep sleep.

Its body is nearly a thousand meters long, and the huge tortoise shell is as vast as a moving mountain, its four claws are as thick as a jade pillar, and its claw blades are sharp. Nothing can stop this big guy!

Dimingxuan Holy Turtle just left the cave, and suddenly felt something wrong!

Brush ~!

A flash of light appeared without warning, wrapped in a faint dark film, and swept past, taking away all the precepts scattered in its cave!

"Damn the thief, find it!"

Xuan Sheng Turtle was furious and spit out an earth energy storm, and the place it passed was crushed into ashes!

The light in the space flashed, the figure disappeared, and the breath of the Holy Turtle emptied!

[Activate the stolen harbinger talent, steal the attribute value: 70 advanced soil energy.

The young man in white floated in the air, and the young man in Tsing Yi raised his eyebrows, whistling and laughing.

"Hey! Big guy, your stuff will belong to my elder brother Nangong!"