My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1030

Vol 5 Chapter 1030: Rainbow Island Exploded

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Chapter 1030, Rainbow Island Explodes!

"Human race, you are looking for your own way."

Xuan Sheng Gui said in a deep voice, his voice was as heavy as thousands of thousands of Yue, shaking the mountain and shaking the wind!

"If you have the strength to play with my big brother Nangongzai, we don't mind to accompany me in the end. My big brother Nangongzai likes the best shots against those who think they are capable."

Tsing Yi's "Dongfang Yao" smiled, and the Diming Xuan Saint Turtle blasted out ten beams and hurried away!

Bang ~!

The pure power of the Holy Turtle was released all at once, and your pressure suddenly increased within ten miles and thousands of squares, and the ground burst, forming a Xuanqing Dragon Domain like the Dragon Emperor, suppressing your opponent with dragon power!

The pure power realm released by the eighth-order holy beast is enough to squeeze most of the seventh-rank peaks into meat sauce!

Brush ~!

Even so, the figure of the two still flashed like ghosts!

"Hahaha, Brother Turtle, you should go back and continue to sleep. My brother Nangong is surrounded by two holy beasts. Even if you catch up, you can't beat it! We are going to pack the entire Rainbow Island baby today!"

The young mans mocking voice echoed, and the earthly ghost Xuan Sheng ghost was so angry that he waved his claws and climbed at a rapid speed, destroying and ruining, shaking the mountains!

"Damn race, Nangong is destroyed, okay! Very good!"

Obviously, this Nangong and Dongfang Yao were pretended by Lin Chen and his avatar!

Thousand Fantasy Masks can disguise face and breath, making the Holy Realm indistinguishable, and can perfectly imitate a person's appearance and temperament, even the figure can be slightly changed.

However, in the past, Lin Chen had never used the Qianxian mask to disguise others.

The reason is simple. It is useless to resemble a person's breath and appearance.

Because as long as one shot, there will be flaws, but anyone who knows the object of imitation can see at a glance how the mental strength of the mind is different.

However, the sacred beasts of Rainbow Island did not know the Nangong Jie and others!

Moreover, Lin Chen didnt fight the holy beast at all, so he used super-dimensional teleportation after stealing things. Just let the holy beast remember their breath and appearance!

After an hour

At the top of the mountain cave, everyone gathered to share the massive resources obtained from the eighth-order holy beast!

"A lot of treasures, even the half-orange-level exercises have four volumes, and the background of this holy beast is simply extraordinary!"

The women in the Heart Refining Palace happily hold a lot of heavenly treasures and silver holy yuan coins.

"It's too great, Master Lin Chen's trick!"

"It's simply seamless, you don't need any means to find a way to contend with the two holy beasts in the Sun and Moon Hall..."

"This time, Rainbow Island was originally dominated by the Sun and Moon Hall, but it is not necessary to meet the sons of Lin Chen and the black horse club!"

Jiang Yun's wonderful eyes stared at Lin Chen, this young man, Tai Qi Bing was different!

No one can understand his next step. If this is done, even if the Sun and Moon Hall has double holy beasts in battle, it is unknown!

"Low-key, low-key. The people in our dark horse club have always done a good job, they cherish their merits and fame, and never advertise."

Someone Lin smiled and said: "After all, who made me the most handsome man in the Holy Realm."

That's right, Lin Chen just wanted to bring trouble to the east!

His dark horse club is responsible for stealing, and the **** basin will be deducted from the Sun and Moon Hall!

The black pot will let Nangong Mei and Dongfang Yao come back!

Wasnt he quite ashamed to have two holy beasts?

Then someone from Lin Lin provokes the holy beasts of the whole Rainbow Island and gives him a big gift to the Sun and Moon Hall! See who died first! Two holy beasts or the holy beasts of the whole Rainbow Island?

After everyone's distribution was finished, the women in the Heart Palace and other women insisted that as long as 20% of the treasure, the remaining 80% went to Lin Chen.

And in the case of alien crystal fragments, give Lin Chen the priority.

Lian Xin Gong and others are mainly responsible for protecting the safety of the'Little Dream Girl', using her mother's eighth-order beast core to lead the holy beast out of the hole, and then waiting for the opportunity to **** the treasure house and collection of the holy beasts. The division of labor is clear and clear.

Bang ~!

At this time, smallpox crashed and visions appeared.

Everyone was shocked and flashed beyond the cliff, a beautiful and clear rainbow flyover appeared again!

A huge amount of different treasures are dumped from the rainbow bridge, and there are a lot of eight-level different mines, eight-level caster scrolls, and valuable value!

It's just that the location is extremely far away, and under the rainbow sky bridge, there is the breath of the eighth-order holy beast!

This rainbow flyover is still covered by the Sun and Moon Hall!

However, the corners of Lin's mouth are crazy rising!

"What else do you want to include all Rainbow Skybridges? Pack a chicken! From now on, no one can laugh to the end!"

If you want to do it, just do it big!

Now, let these guys be happy first, and the highlight is only now!

Two days later; Blood Youlin.

The gray-white cave mansion is like a bone casting, a thousand feet high, standing between the heavens and the earth, there is no fierce beast dare to approach this scarlet forest for thousands of miles.

Because, here lives an eighth-order holy beast, the blood demon wolf king!

It likes to hunt all kinds of low-level beasts, and its killing power is several times stronger than ordinary beasts!

Inside the cave house, there is a dark red giant wolf more than two hundred meters high.

It has all the hair and the hardness of the top defensive treasure but extremely tough. The breath is full of **** smell, and there are a lot of blood skeletons next to it. Obviously just after eating!

Although it closed its eyes and kept its spirit, there was a bright red eyeball in the center of the head, which was always alert to the surroundings.

Today, the wolf king's cave house ushered in an uninvited guest today.

Just listening, there was a joking voice suddenly echoed in the cave house.

"Where? Sun and Moon Hall open the door to check the water meter!"

The eyes of the wolf king suddenly opened, and the brutal bloodthirsty Limang flashed in the darkness!


After a quarter of an hour, the blood demon wolf king came out of the hole and screamed the sky!

"Human, are you looking for death!"

Another day later; Bai Qingsenhai.

The towering giant trees here are like cow hair, and some ancient trees grow thousands of meters tall, with lush foliage and covering the sky.

In the Senhai, there are countless treasures of heaven and earth, and the oceans that make up the forest seem to be a prehistoric and barren world.

In the high sky, there are giant eagles fighting against the long sky, Jin Luan, Great Luan, Ancient Falcon, criss-crossed, if they become the overlord of this sky, fighting each other, sometimes fighting for natural materials and blood fighting.

Inside the Senhai, a nest was built on top of a mountain, a place where all great luan, golden luan, and ancient falcons dared not come close.

Because this lair is the area where the only king in Bai Aomori lives!

Eighth-order holy beast, Taikoo Golden Eagle!

The only overlord in Bai Aomori!

A loud laughter came from the golden eagle nest!

"Diaodiao pigeons? Are you there? Open the door, the fellow sends warmth!"


Many geniuses who sneaked in here to look for chances carefully concealed their breath, and entered the sea again and again to find the treasures left by the rainbow bridge in the past.

Suddenly, like a real murderous surge into the sky, the screams spread all around!

"Where are the human races, find death!"

The geniuses are horrified, this is the voice of that ancient golden eagle!

"I'm going to rub it, isn't that the ancient gold eagle!"

"Don't you say it sleeps all year round, why did you suddenly wake up!"

The geniuses who sneaked in were scared and hurried to run, and the eighth-order holy beast was not what they could covet!

However, the genius who escaped from Bai Aomori discovered that this was just the beginning of a nightmare!

On the west side of the Xuanming Mountain, there is the Sage Turtle, the Blood Demon King of the Blood Devil, the ancient golden eagle in the white Aomori Sea on the north, the white sacred shark in the deep sea, and the aboriginal holy ape in the Yinfeng Canyon!


The whole Rainbow Island exploded!

The sage beasts who dominated the roads on each side of the Rainbow Island, and the kings on each side of the Rainbow Island, rushed out of the customs, smashing many areas of the Rainbow Island to the point of flying, and suddenly burst the pot!


Lin Chen: "People have stolen lost contact on Hong Island, and sometimes they miss the stolen attributes."