My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1031

Vol 5 Chapter 1031: Valkyrie Shen Lingshuang

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Chapter 1031, Valkyrie Shen Lingshuang!

"Oh my god, the ancient golden eagle, the heavenly holy shark, how come even this brutal holy beast came out!"

"Crazy, it's crazy! Who the **** and I said that the holy beasts of Rainbow Island can't sleep all the year round, so why do you have a hair!"

"Which one of the condemned guys provokes these monsters! Even the Earthly Mysterious Saint Turtle is here. Isn't it the rainbow island's most neutral beast to the human race?"

The whole Rainbow Island, howling everywhere! There are many screams of crazy geniuses everywhere!

The holy beasts who haven't gone through customs for thousands of years on weekdays have recently concentrated on one time period, all have gone through customs!

Many holy beasts of Rainbow Island are looking for something like crazy, and they are shocked by countless days of scalp numbness. No one has the chance to look for it, all of them are hiding!

What a joke!

A mad holy beast is enough to shoot hundreds of top geniuses, all the holy beasts in the **** Rainbow Island?

This is a chance to find a fart! All ancestors opened their eyes in the spirit of heaven!

Sapphire Valley, the three top geniuses are like chicks forced to the corner, they are locked in mid-air and have no power to fight back!

These can be leapfrogged in the outside world. The famous geniuses in the thirty-six domain are shaking and teeth trembling!

The two holy beasts that turned into humans grinned at their teeth, and the middle-aged man in a golden robe, transformed by an ancient gold sculpture, asked awkwardly.

"You guys, it's better not to play tricks for Ben Wang. I only ask you once, what the **** is the Sun and Moon Hall! Which dog thief is Nangong Destroyed!"

The three of them froze for a moment, and the delicate woman immediately shivered-"Return, return to seniors, the Sun and Moon Hall is one of the strongest forces entering Rainbow Island this time, and the Nangong Ruin is the young genius leader of this force... "

"The strongest force entering Rainbow Island this time? Oh? No wonder dare to be so arrogant!" Swire Golden Eagle sneered.

The holy ape on the side narrowed its eyes, and asked decisively-"Where are they now, and die if they can't answer!"

"I, we don't know where they are now, but we are sure that the next time the Rainbow Skybridge appears, the people of the Sun and Moon Hall will definitely be present, because they now have the help of two holy beasts, threatening to throw all the treasures of the Rainbow Skybridge. All belong to you!"

Another Jianhuang genius said in a deep voice, the pretence calm on the surface, the heart was frightened...

Surrounded by two sacred beasts, it is estimated that few geniuses can remain calm.

"Two holy beasts?"

"Sure enough, as they said, there are two holy beasts for their use, hum! According to the old man, the human family of the Sun and Moon Hall is very cunning, and there is a secret method that specializes in concealing the atmosphere and the secret technique of crossing the space!"

Sacred Ape and Taikoo Golden Eagle glanced at each other.

"Join together, look for these guys in the Sun Moon Hall, and launch a sneak attack to kill! Take back our stuff!"

"Just do it!"

The two sacred beasts were too lazy to care about the three geniuses. They flew in a short time in a hurry.

"Yes, I thought I was really going to die..."

"Holy beasts said just now that they are looking for the Sun and Moon Hall? Is there a holiday between them?"

"If so, I might be able to fish in muddy water..."


Similar scenes were staged on Rainbow Island, and the holy beasts learned the names of Nangong and Dongfang Yao, and began to look for them.

The Sun and Moon Hall and the Baishengmen have become the center of this storm!

However, the two forces did not know!

Ever since they announced that they would take away all the treasures of the Rainbow Bridge, they stood opposite to all the geniuses. Few geniuses reported to them, let alone know where they were!

The two holy scorpions, who were the only eighth-order holy beasts, seemed to feel more than one holy beast out of the gate and were curious.

And the initiator of all this, someone Lin, evaded himself in a retreat at the highest position.

In a cave on the cliff; Lin Chen and the daughters of the Heart Palace were submerged again.

The violent outburst of fighting spirit rose like a nine-color brilliance, faintly came out of the Taoyuan capsule, Lin Chen was very surprised, and his consciousness entered the Taoyuan capsule.

"Lingshuang finally broke through the Five Tribulation Warlords!"

These days, in addition to pretending to be the Nangong to provoke the sacred beasts, Lin Chen has been letting Shen Lingshuang retreat in the Taoyuan planting sac to fight the five disasters.

There is no need to cross the robbery on Rainbow Island, this is the best place to break through cultivation, and Xiao Nizi's accumulation has long been sufficient, only one opportunity.

This opportunity is the "Qisheng Pill", which is the lost seventh-order peak medicine of Rainbow Island, which can increase the probability of one robbery to four robbery war emperor break through the bottleneck.

Inside Taoyuan's capsules, under Long Qingshu, Shen Lingshuang's eyes flowed with azure light!

Her temperament is the same as the little girl who was previously greedy and greedy!

Shen Lingshuang's skin glowed with new life, her face was radiant, her extraordinary beauty among the eyebrows was holy, holy, dusty, refined, and not contaminated with any dirt in the world.

Shen Mang circulated from Shen Lingshuang's pupils, as if a warrior goddess was born!

It is a temperament that transcends all beings. The world is immortal and the **** is immortal, enduring forever, immortal!

Even Lin Chen staring at her eyes will feel a suppression of life level! Han Mang is biting, and the sense of crisis is full of the whole body!

"What's going on? Isn't it a breakthrough in the Five Tribulation Cultivation Act? How did this Nizi look like a person?"

Lin Chen's mental form appeared in Taoyuan's capsule, with a horrified look!

Lin Chen's words just fell, and Shen Lingshuang's temperament above all living beings dissipated, restoring her previous innocent little girl's appearance.

Lin Chen rushed up and grabbed Xiao Nizi and asked in surprise: "Lingshuang, are you all right?"

Shen Lingshuang said blankly: "It was... a strange feeling just now, it seems that as long as you use blood, you can do everything..."

Ning Qingxuan, who was in Taoyuan's capsule planting, thought a little, and she was always surprised, finally showing a little surprise.

"You can't be wrong, it's the blood vein awakening, this Nizi's Wu Sheng...No, Wu Shen blood vein! The awakening switch was turned on in advance!"

"Awaken the bloodline in advance?"

Lin Chen Yixi, "This should be considered a good thing? If Lingshuang is really the blood of Wushen, then the other genius list genius cannot be her opponent at all!"

Ning Qingxuan said solemnly, "No, it may not be a good thing. Xiaoshuang's body is too immature and slender. Obviously, she has not yet reached the point of being awakened by the blood. If she is completely awakened, I am afraid she will completely collapse! And, The reason is most likely to be yours!"

Lin Chen was stunned: "Me? I didn't seem to do anything that could interfere with Lingshuang's blood."

Ning Qingxuan shook his head: "No, yes! It's your trick that allows people to quickly learn combat skills."

Lin Chen was startled and lost his voice.

"Is it because of consuming the vigorous skill to learn the exercises?"