My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1032

Vol 5 Chapter 1032: Nine Color Rainbow Bridge

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Chapter 1032, Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge!

During this time, Lin Chen also consumed the essence of exercises and helped Ning Qingxuan learn the secrets of the'meditation code' found in Dream Qiluo.

In just one day, he mastered Ning Qingxuan and marveled at entering the meditation.

But she now thinks in reverse. This magic power is very similar to the characteristics of the Wushen bloodline, and is the only possibility to activate Shen Lingshuang bloodline in advance!

"Indeed, every time I consume the essence of the exercises to help Lingshuang learn the exercises, it will produce high-quality advanced exercises, which is much faster than when I first met this nizi... "

After realizing the problem, Lin Chen decided that Shen Lingshuang should never use her vigorous skill to learn the exercises before she can withstand the awakening of the bloodline.

"I'm okay, I just need to help the master! I don't feel any discomfort now."

Shen Lingshuang smiled simply and frankly, and Lin Chen smiled and said, "Okay, you just have a good rest, and it's hard to break through."

Then, Lin Chen took dozens of Long Qing Guo. After the accumulation of these days, except for those used halfway, the total number of Long Qing Guo was 490!

After taking Long Qingguo, Lin Chens advanced qi and blood attribute value has skyrocketed all the way, and even the five avatars have begun to refine the red gold vine over a hundred meters in length, and the physical refining realm is becoming more powerful!

After stably entering the cultivation state, Lin Chen counted the spoils of this period and opened the system in one fell swoop.

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Xiu Wei: Four Tribulation Warlords-High-level essence: 3.33 million points

Ultimate Strength: 89.51 million Dragon Power-Advanced Qi and Blood: 3.58 million points (continuous growth)

Advanced spirit attribute value: 3799 points (close to half-step into the holy)

Advanced skill essence: 4580 points-advanced rune energy: 2988 points.

Intermediate Tiandao value: 4227 points-Intermediate talent point: 3811 points.

Blank attribute: 600,000 points-enhanced points: 2.49 million points.

Advanced Elemental Energy: 2124 points in the fire system, 1941 points in the soil system, 2001 points in the wood system, 2166 points in the gold system, 2886 points in the water system, 2095 points in the thunder system, 2174 points in the wind system, 1414 points in the light system, and 1821 points in the dark system

The status bar of the exercises: "Creation Nine Tribulation" +15, "The Beginning Bible" +14, "Yu Tian" +13, "Dragon Flash" +14, "Sword Fury" +13, "Mirror Bright Moon" +13...

Blood status bar (whether it is open)

Passive Talent Bar: (Blue Tier) Double Cultivation Acacia, (Purple Tier) Strike, (Purple Tier) Torn, (Orange Tier) Extreme God Possession Fragment (2/4)-Mortality Skill Bar (Whether open)

Active talent bar (whether open)

Character Rune Column (Whether open)-Talent Combination Skill (Whether open)

Lin Chen decomposed and stolen the attribute values of the Holy Beast all the way, most of the element attribute values have rushed to more than 2000 points! It can be said that the real strength has skyrocketed!

"Now, without delay runes and instantaneous splits, one-on-one is enough to match any super-class genius, even if the extremely powerful Nangong is destroyed, we can fight head-on!"

Bloodline attribute enhancement, cultivation breakthrough, pure power advancement, element attribute value increase, spiritual power skyrocketing, multi-domain enhancement, make Lin Chen and him just before entering Rainbow Island, just like two!

"The eighth-order sacred beast is extremely rich. The eighth-order Danfang has obtained 6 volumes, more than 60 kinds of eight-order odd mines, seven kinds of half-orange-order exercises, and more than one thousand kinds of eighth-order heavenly materials and earth treasures, but the crystal fragments Poorly, only 8 pieces of alien crystals were obtained."

Lin Chen thought about it, because the fragment of the alien crystal was too small for the holy beast, and the holy beast hardly collected it.

"The situation is urgent. The effect of the blue-level intermediate nirvana on the holy land can only barely delay the holy land. Only the blue-level advanced nirvana that threatens the holy land can be made first!"

[Consumption of special attribute value: 23.3 million points in Purgatory Fire and 29 points in Intermediate Celestial Dao, making blue-level advanced nirvana Hell Burning Sky, 2 times...]

[Consumption of special attribute value...]

In the end, Lin Chen held the Blue Order senior nirvana four times, which is one of the most important cards in his trip!

Lin Chen turned to strengthening again, and as usual, began to take turns to strengthen.

However, this time his luck exploded, only consuming 2.41 million strengthening points, and successfully added "Yu Tian" exercises +14 and "Tai Si Bible" +15!

Lin Chen's non-stop practice, refining Long Qingguo, Chi Jin Teng, and a large number of silver holy yuan coins, almost did not stop for a moment.

Inside Rainbow Island; east side.

"Hahaha! The harvest this time is really rich! There are 4 volumes of precious purple-order top-grade alchemy fingerprints!"

"Thanks to the two predecessors of the Sacred Beast, there are hundreds of amorphic fragments alone, dozens of volumes of superlative exercises, half-orange-level exercises, 9 kinds of holy artifacts, 10 kinds of holy artifact casting reels, and more than a hundred of eight-level strange mines. , Huge wealth!"

"And there are still a lot of lost seventh-order peak medicine, with complete efficacy, and a small amount of eighth-order young pill and first-grade sage pill, and even a volume of second-grade medicine! This time I returned to the temple, I am afraid I can redeem it. Dont contribute too much!"

"I'm afraid any elder didn't expect us to have such a rich harvest!"

The geniuses of the Sun and Moon Hall were ecstatic under the darkness.

The half-orange-level exercises, even if placed in the Fifth Sect sect, are also very important, not bad streets!

The Zhenzong, Zhenpai's combat skills, or Zhenzong's mentality of the Fifth Sect is the real orange level. Below the orange level, the half-orange level is still the best.

The newly acquired 9 kinds of half-orange-level exercises have already indirectly earned more than 200 million silver holy yuan coins for the Sun and Moon Hall, not to mention other eight-level squads, alchemy handprints, and holy weapon casting scrolls. Wait, wait!

If there is no Holy Beast town, even if they are superior in strength, it is impossible to grab so much.

"What is lacking in the beauty is that the rare and rare half-orange-order alchemy handprint was destroyed by the kid, damn..."

There was a genius in the Sun and Moon Hall who was unwilling to say, and the long-faced Nangong ruined with a smile: "Why, after the last rainbow bridge appears, we will find him with the predecessor of the Holy Beast."

"Yeah, when Lin Chen is killed, his luck will be ours!"

"I really look forward to, how many secrets are there in this guy, I really want to see the people who slaughtered their dark horse club now!"

In the eyes of the genius of the Sun and Moon Hall and the genius of the Baishengmen, there is a sly intention to kill, they are still coveting the secrets of Lin Chen!

Only the black man transformed by the two holy scorpions standing in the void had a slightly dignified face.

"Brother, you should feel it too."

"Well, there are at least two heads, and even more holy beasts are out, and they seem to be murderous. I don't know what happened..."

The two looked at each other and the Holy Beast went out, which means that the next competition may have variables.

"However, don't worry too much. My brother and I joined forces. There is hardly any holy beast on this island that can take advantage of us..."

Overnight passed.

The next day, at noon.

A rainbow flyover is gorgeous and dreamy and blurry, like a galaxy, and it is born!

Rainbow Island, began to boil again!

And this rainbow flyover has nine colors?

It is the most precious nine-color rainbow flyover!