My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1033

Vol 5 Chapter 1033: Sacred Beast

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Chapter 1033: The Holy Beast Appears!

"Nine-color Rainbow Bridge!"

"My God, it is the legendary nine-color rainbow bridge that is rare for thousands of years! It is said that when the nine-color rainbow bridge appears, a saint will be born!"

Hidden geniuses are stunned in Rainbow Island in all directions!

Nine-color Rainbow Bridge, the most precious Rainbow Bridge in history, has many records, including finished holy items, finished holy pill, finished inferior crystal and other superb gems!

Even more than half a million years ago, a stunning genius acquired the legendary orange-order combat skills in the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge.

This led that sect to rise from the top four ranks to the top five ranks after 100,000 years!

If you go back to a longer history, and even more, you have obtained the seeds of luck and planting on Rainbow Island, soaring into the sky!

As long as the nine-color Rainbow Bridge is born, there will be Qibao born!

"Nine-color Rainbow Bridge is not a trivial matter. Fight! It's enough for me to put out all my cards desperately!"

"The top genius Ning Tianqian who was lost one hundred thousand years ago won the lost legend, and after taking it, he was promoted to the Holy Realm, and even after 50,000 years, he entered the list of evildoers. This nine-color Rainbow Bridge will have a Holy Fate!"

"Damn, don't fight at this time, when to stay!"

Those geniuses lurking these days, but all the geniuses within 10500 of the genius list are all dispatched!

This is the time when you are desperately competing for opportunities. Even if there is a holy beast, they are willing to risk their lives to fight once!

The geniuses who can step into this ranking all have a few hands of ace, which is not an ordinary five-robber war emperor who can't resist when he meets a saint!

The desperate mountain cliff, Lin Chen walked in the sky, and the women in the Heart Palace were silent and shocked.

"Nine-color Rainbow Bridge, my God, let us bump into it!"

Jiang Yun's eyes flashed and shimmered-"Sisters and sisters, this relationship no longer exists after the present, fight hard, let's take out all our life-saving tricks!"

Lin Chen exhaled and calmed his excitement, his goal almost changed.

"No matter what changes occur, my goal is to give priority to snatching the death of the Nangong and the dog life of Dongfang Yao! This is the highest priority!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the fierce light was revealed, and he stepped into the sky, and rushed to the direction of the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge together with the woman in the Heart Palace.

The heart of the Rainbow Bridge in Nine Colors; the **** plains full of devastation!

This last Rainbow Bridge also happens to be in the Blood Plain!

"Hahahaha! Well come, Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge, I am in the Sun and Moon Hall, come on, eighth-order holy weapon, orange-order exercises!"

Nangong's outstretched arms spread out loud and laughed arrogantly.

Brush ~! Brush ~! Brush ~!

A stream of mountains shining through the plain outside the plain is the first-rate genius of every road!

However, the two black robes are still there. The fierce power of the eighth-order holy beast suppresses the audience. In the blood plain, there is no one but the fierce beast except the people of the 100 Saint Gate and the Sun Moon Hall.


Suddenly, the Rainbow Bridge dropped two streams of light, and the genius of the Sun and Moon Hall quickly took over. Two jade boxes with powerful seals, the waves of light, Shengwei Xuntian!

When the two geniuses continued to convey the fighting spirit to release the seal, when opening the jade box, it was actually a holy pill and a roll of first-class holy pill?

"The first appearance is Sheng Dan, which is really a good thing! Nine-color Rainbow Bridge, our Sun Moon Hall is going to be fully loaded this time!"

The ecstasy that the two geniuses couldn't stop, handed Sheng Dan to Nangong.

The super first-class geniuses moved their hearts, but when they saw that the two holy beasts became more powerful, when they looked at the surrounding environment and the geniuses, they calmed down!

Wait! At this time, just wait!

All super first-rate geniuses know that at this time, whoever gets up first and snatches up first will be used as a stepping stone by others.

Comparing patience and endurance, see who is more calm!

But Jubao's current situation is bound to change, and no one will really miss the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge, it depends on who is frustrated first.

Brush ~!

At this time, Lin Chen and the women in Lianxin Palace also arrived. Ning Qingxuan and Shen Lingshuang exited from Taoyuan planting capsules, looking around, and the situation was quite serious.


The rainbow vision is like a meteor shower falling, 17 streams of light are falling like a meteorite, and the geniuses of the Sun and Moon Hall have taken the shots. They are 17 kinds of eighth-order rare ore of extremely high quality, such as human body size, clear and gorgeous, appearance Excellent and varied properties.

Brush ~! Another two holy artifact casting scrolls came, and the geniuses of the Sun and Moon Hall were ecstatic!

Finally, when a genius couldn't help but want to act, Nangong Mei and Dongfang Yao stood out at the same time!

"As long as there are people who are not afraid of death, just come up, even if you have a few tricks that can be surrounded by two predecessors of the Holy Beast, do you have the strength to break through the encircling circle of our two joint forces?"

Nangong expelled his nails, and the clouds were light and windy, just like the king in charge, and once again calmed the geniuses!

"Oh, this guy really bluffs."

Lin Chen smiled, Zi Jintong's light flashed away, and some excited smiles said: "Come on, those guys are coming, the show is about to begin! Is that? I will make the Sun and Moon Hall a chrysanthemum later Burst!"

Lin Chen's coquettish and grinning look made Jiang Yun feel a little hairy. This son Lin Chen was more handsome than anyone when he was handsome, and no one could match him when he was broken!


A roar ripped apart the situation controlled by the Sun and Moon Hall.

The two black robe men's eyes were dignified in a moment, and their eyes looked to the east, and a golden robe man stepped out of the blood plain!

It is an eighth-order holy beast, an ancient gold eagle!

"Sure enough, is it, is it that you two scorpions are supporting the boys?"

The appearance and words of the golden robe man puzzled the two holy scorpions, and one of them clenched his fist"Brother Dadiao, what you said, we are only returning kindness..."

"Do you have a feeling of gratitude to you! The gratitude to gratitude has made these boys steal my head?"

The archaic golden eagle scolded its teeth and grinned, just like the actual golden light murderously raging into the sky, quite a tendency to start playing with a disagreement!

The genius of the Sun and Moon Hall is a bit ignorant, what's the matter!

"Stolen your head? What's going on..."

The two heads of the Three Green Bi Scorpions are not finished yet.

Bang ~~!

A figure with a tiger's back and a waist, and a figure of great shore and angzang walked out of the air, his body leaned against the sky, like a majestic domineering power to shake the sky!

Another holy beast, holy ape!

It's not over yet!


A long scream shook the sky, and the surrounding air was collapsed in all directions. All the geniuses outside the plain could not help running the war to protect the eardrum and cover their ears.

A fierce man in a **** robe suspended the void, and on his opposite, there was a man with blond hair and blue robe.

The people in the Sun and Moon Hall and the Hundred Gates are increasingly feeling uncomfortable, and their uneasy feelings envelope their hearts!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground moved, and a huge giant tortoise rushed out of the sea. Every time, the tree shattered and fell into the plain.

Behind it is like a thick tortoise shell carrying magnificent mountain peaks, the breath is as heavy as a thousand, and the breath can lift the tornado hurricane. It is the oldest of all the holy beasts on the scene!

The geniuses were so flabbergasted, that even the Earthly Profound Saint Turtle came!

Lin Chen rubbed his hands excitedly.

"It's all here! Haha, let's see how many will be hooked this time! Sun and Moon Hall will have to peel off this time without death!"