My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1034

Vol 5 Chapter 1034: Sing Songs While Eating Hot Pot

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Chapter 1034

The scene was very anxious, even murderous in the air!

This is an extremely rare scene. The ancient gold eagle, the heavenly holy shark, the blood demon wolf king, the heavenly wild holy ape, the earthly ghost mysterious tortoise, the rainbow island's overbearing beasts all gathered together!

Tianyou Shengsha said with a smile.

"What's the matter? Lao Tzu came to tell you what happened to the two scorpions. The two muddy boys stole our heads and stole all our treasures!"

Celestial Saint Ape pointed at Nangong Mei and Dongfang Yao, and they sneered violently-"The two of them also said in a big voice that you two will support them, this Rainbow Island is their Sun Moon Hall, right? ?"

Di Mingxuan Sheng turtle said with a deep voice-"Return the old man's things, you can never blame the sins of your human race, otherwise the old man will also shoot."

The geniuses of the Sun and Moon Hall suddenly paled!

In particular, Nangong Mei and Dongfang Yao looked at each other, surprised and suspicious, and thought that the other party had done a'good thing' in violation of the agreement.

"Everyone, there must be a misunderstanding in this! My brothers and I repay the power behind them, and have been by these little guys recently, and have never seen any of them leave."

"Yeah, you don't want to be used as a gun by someone else. There must be a conspiracy inside, maybe a knife is used to kill someone!"

The two holy scorpions hurriedly said that there were many holy beasts on the scene, and even the two of them had to worry about their lives!

"Fuck your mother's wolf farts!" The blood demon wolf king yelled and shouted-"You are the goddess who is blind? The king is the most sensitive to the breath, they are the hands of the two. Do you want to quibble? "

"When the gun is used? Didn't you say that you have taken away Rainbow Island, is that correct?"

Tianhuang Sheng Ape sneered.

Taikoo Golden Eagle sneered-"About this sentence, this king believes that any human genius present on the scene will prove that you have said this sentence. If you dont exchange things today, give us a statement, this Wang has to learn about your brothers sanctification!"

His palm has begun to condense the golden light of the Huanghuang, such as the blade of the wind and the blade, wandering in the sky and the sky!

The golden eagle is the strongest speed beast of Rainbow Island. He is not afraid to offend any holy beast!

Nangong Jie and Dong Yao Yao cold sweat DC!

They did say something like concession, but they didnt steal the holy beasts!

Who the **** is sick to steal the holy beast's house, is this not a lantern into the pit!

Even if there are two holy beasts on their backs, they are not qualified to offend the holy beasts of the entire Rainbow Island!

In fact, the wisdom of the Holy Beast is not low. They have lived for such a long time, and they are not easily driven.

But when Lin Chen faked the two, he almost repeated the words of the Sun and Moon Hall.

The most important thing is that the change of "Thousand Fantasy Masks" as long as you don't use your mind to fight, the camouflage effect can be called seamless!

Almost all the holy beasts believe their own judgments very much, and they are the hands of the two!

Just as the two holy scorpions hurried to continue their defense, a young figure came out!

"Wow, sage beasts, you are finally here!"

All eyes were on the handsome boy.

The young man's face looked miserable and said-"I once heard the plan of the two of them to rob the predecessors of the holy beast. They also said that this time there are two holy scorpions backing up, and all holy beasts must be pressed down to eat shit. Dad, he also said that after robbing the holy beast, we will arrange all the treasures of the Rainbow Skybridge, and we will also rob our human races!"

The holy beasts frowned!

The young man was filled with indignation and shouted with teeth.

"After I discovered this plan, I wanted to tell everyone first, but they were the first to be discovered by them. They even ran out with a roll and almost lost their lives. Senior saints, think about it, you take your wife, I fell asleep and practiced. I ate a hot pot and sang a song, and suddenly I was robbed by the Sun and Moon Hall!"

"So, the people of the Sun and Moon Hall must be punished, and they can't do it! The days without the Sun and Moon Hall are good days! The juniors would rather not have the treasures of the Rainbow Bridge, and urge all seniors to do justice, preferably to **** him. of!"

The young man's generous speech completely ignited the holy beasts' anger at the Sun and Moon Hall!

"Okay, now the witnesses are all together. There seems to be nothing to say. Let's kill our people first and then recapture our treasure."

The eyes of the holy beasts have shifted to the two of Dongfang Yao and Nangong Mei!

The pressure on the crowd suddenly increased, and the two men in black robes immediately protected the geniuses.

"Damn, how could this be!"

"There is a problem, there is definitely a problem, is it? Who the **** is this?"

The Nangong extinguished the cold sweat, and all the geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall held together.

Even the treasures of the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge are too late to grab, and this momentum has instantly taken over from their absolute advantage and turned into an absolute disadvantage!

Suddenly, the pupils of Dongfang Yao and Nangong Miao shuddered, and they clearly saw that the "white boy" who appeared in the face actually blinked at them with a smirk.

I wipe...

Is it?

An answer from Dongyao Yao and Nangong Deng was about to come out, but before it was time to speak, the two beasts shot with a bang!

Taikoo Golden Eagle and Heavenly Apes attacked the strongest offensive for the first time, punching with one punch, hitting the space agitated, the golden light flickering, the golden sword wind cut the airflow into silk thread, especially terrifying!

boom! boom!

The two black robe men swept out two holy lights to counteract the second holy attack, but the ensuing attacks were the more fierce offensives of the heavenly holy shark and the blood demon wolf king!


The terrible monstrous war broke out in an instant, and the whole blood plain collapsed, the world lost its color, and the wind and clouds were like torn pieces scattered across the sky!

All geniuses have ecstasy in their hearts!


It's all fighting! Their favorite scene appeared!

Brush ~!

There are a few more streamers falling into the world, the best quality treasure continues to be born, and finally there is a genius who can't hold back and quickly attack!

All kinds of supernatural powers, either take the panacea or use the prototype holy weapon, or urge the secret method, the body method skyrockets, the speed is very fast!

"Let's act too, son Yang Chen?"

Jiang Yun turned to look at Lin Chen, he shook his head and smiled-"You choose, my goal is to destroy the Nangong and other people, kill people first and then win the treasure."

Bang ~!

At this time, a rainbow gleaming with dazzling light fell from the nine-color rainbow, and St. Weige was born, a finished holy artifact!

All geniuses' faces suddenly changed, their time was ecstatic, and their speed of action surged by three points.

Everyone bypassed the area where holy beasts fight as much as possible, and started a crazy treasure hunt, all of them grabbed their eyes!

"Master, when shall we wait?"

Shen Lingshuang was not reconciled when she saw the birth of the holy weapon, she seemed very excited about such a thing.

"Lingshuang, have you forgotten that the master has taught you again? The more you encounter major opportunities, the calmer you are, and the calmer the person, the more likely you will get the most important treasure."

Lin Chen smiled and rubbed her hair.

Jiang Yun was so shocked that she glanced at the teenager's profile.

From the beginning to the end, Lin Chen had never seen the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge, even the birth of the holy weapon!

His eyes were fixed on Nangong Mei and others!

"What a tough and strong heart, even I just moved, the value of the finished holy weapon is not comparable to the prototype holy weapon. Even so, he still stands still, there is no meaning to act, too demon! He is only a few Years old? What kind of experience do you need to experience in order to create such a powerful state of mind!"

Jiang Yunfang's heart trembled slightly, and her inner impression of Lin Chen was raised to an unprecedented height!

This young man's character is terrible!