My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1035

Vol 5 Chapter 1035: Action Lin Chen

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Chapter 1035, Action Lin Chen!

The birth of a piece of holy artifact attracted the genius to kill the sky, and all of them grabbed red eyes.

The half-orange exercises at the bottom of the box were performed like a violent wind and a shower of rain. From the high altitude of the blood plain, they were madly bombarded, tearing out a heavenly storm of fighting gas.

The battle began to attract more geniuses, and the remaining more than 3,000 geniuses also began to approach the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge. When they discovered that the Sun Moon Hall and the Baishengmen were under siege, they could not help but be ecstatic!

Subsequently, more geniuses began to bypass the battle area of the Holy Beast and joined the **** battle!

However, as if it was a prelude before the carnival, after the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge descended on dozens of eight-order strange mines, a faint glow exudes a dim starburst and falls down.

Everyone was shocked and took a breath of air as they stared at each other!

Encapsulated in a transparent crystal-like energy cover, the star cover is actually a seed!

You cant be wrong. There is only one possibility for the seeds that fall under the Nine-Color Rainbow Skybridge!

Qiyunling planting seeds!

Inside the foundation of the Wannian sect! The hard condition for the Sacred Realm to become a second-grade sect is the number of saints and the luck of the plant!

Even the saints have to grab the blood-treasure treasure. After a luck planted, even if there is no sect, the saint's wealth will skyrocket!

"Brothers and disciples, the time for fame and fortune is here, and take the seeds of Qi Yun Ling Zhi back, we are the number one hero of the sect!"

"This credit is more than enough to practice Zhenzong's combat skills. Obtaining Qiyun Lingzhi seeds means getting the only sect sect's unique orange-level martial arts skills. Kill it!"

Crazy roars and roars, killing intentions, surged like a dragon, and the crazy shock collided together.

What a magnificent scene that was, the sky gleaming with colorful battle spirits, and a large number of afterimages criss-crossed.

Hundreds of super first-class genius clashes, more than a thousand top genius scuffles, this is a real battle to crazy mania!

At this stage, there are already eighth-order sacred objects, Qiyun spirit planting seeds, eighth-order sacred pill and other strange treasures, enough to destroy anyone's reason!

However, at this time Jiang Yun and the women in Lianxin Palace stared at Lin Chen like a ghost!

He didn't plan to act yet!

Even, his eyes have been staring at the holy beast's melee circle, and he didn't even look at the seed of luck!

"This... is Mr. Lin Chen really a human being? He doesn't even care about planting seeds of luck..."

"He has three luck plants, he should be very clear about the value of this thing!"

"Is it true that his heart is strong enough to erase his emotions and desires..."

"Still say that Qi Yunling can't plant seeds into his dharma eyes..."

The women were horrified and sighed from the heart!

He was like a cheetah lurking in the dark, gaining momentum, snooping, waiting.

Wait for the moment when the prey is exhausted, attack with the fiercest force!

It is not that Lin Chen does not care about these treasures, and no one will dislike the amount of cultivation resources.

Not even Lin Chen's heart is enough to obliterate emotions and desires, but he knows that the right to decide is not there!

What he needs most is a large number of crystal fragments obtained in the Sun and Moon Hall some time ago!

As long as the Nangong is destroyed, and at the moment he holds a lot of nirvana, he can take over the things that appear in the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge, and the real "packing" is someone in his forest!

So no matter what treasure appears, Lin Chen firmly believes that as long as he gets a lot of alien crystal fragments, these things will not run, it is his!

Before possessing a large number of must-have skills, any treasure-taking behavior is in vain!

"Only by taking the crystal fragments collected by the Sun and Moon Hall, and making a lot of nirvana, even the holy beast can't stop me. Before that, even if the **** orange-level combat skills were born, I wouldn't grab it !"

Lin Chen's eyes flashed the fierce man who broke the ship!

When all the geniuses rushed to compete for the treasures of the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge in the competition circle, the Holy Beast battle circle was in full swing!

The holy beasts searched for the anger and killing intentions of Nangong and Dongfang Yao these days, and all vented and dumped.

Let the Sun and Moon Hall explain how they can't hear it!

However, the five-headed sacred beasts under siege guard against each other, and their combat power is limited.

However, the coordination of the two scorpions is seamless, so even if they are five or two, the three scorpions of the two scorpions show their bodies and fight with all their strength.

In addition, many life-saving cards from the Sun and Moon Hall and the Baishengmen are constantly being played, and there are "Babao Shenghu" who are good at defense.

There is a'dark shuttle' that is good at moving.

There are eight-sided exquisite mirrors that are good at reflecting attacks.

All life-saving holy tools, with the power of the geniuses barely using a little power, temporarily resisted the attack of the five-headed beast.

But a strange thing happened in the chaotic holy beast war circle.

That's the earth tomb turtle!

It suddenly gave up fighting, and it retreated to the side, the old beast eye crossed the thought.

"What's wrong, this is really their purpose? Even if they can't predict that the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge will be born, but after they have stolen all the holy beasts, they will either hide or start to be strong, and join two scorpions to take turns on us. Sneak attack."

"No matter what kind of choice, it will not cause the situation today...Nine-color Rainbow Bridge is born, they can completely return all the holy beasts. With the help of these two scorpions, they can still become the biggest winners in the game. , Why don't you do this...what's wrong?"

No matter how high the wisdom of the holy beast is, they are also transformed from the day after tomorrow. The fierceness and wildness in the bones often have priority over reason.

This has led them to never doubt their perception and think about the status quo, but instead think that they have an advantage and fight first to win the other side.

The only sacred tortoise is the rarest one. It is the oldest holy beast in its seniority. The ferocity and wildness are not as violent as the other fierce beasts. It is the calmest one.

It sensed anomalies, and no matter what choice it was, the Sun and Moon Hall should not cause the current situation.

But this is completely contradictory.

If it were not for them, who were the two who appeared that day? The breath and appearance are exactly the same, and even its holy beast has cheated.

"No! Although the two human races appearing on that day are the same as them, they are in control of a mysterious technique of traversing the void, and they can easily get rid of the holy beast. But now they haven't used it!"

A flash of aura, shocked the turtle turtle skull!

"Does not rule out the possibility of using restrictions on that trick, but if there are restrictions on use, this kind of life-saving cards should not be used randomly, the old man was tricked?"

The moment the Dimingxuan Saint Turtle realized the seriousness of the problem, something happened!

The two holy scorpions ripped off the offensive with all their strength, to make room for the geniuses of the Hundred Gates and the Sun and Moon Hall, so that the Nangong Jie and others could get away from the battle of the Holy Beast!

"Finally escaped!"

"Quick withdrawal, the two seniors can't stop it for too long!"

"Senior brother, that was the birth of the seed of luck!"

"Did you get it?"

Many geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall and the Baishengmen quickly retreated.

"Want to go?"

"Ugly human race, it is not so easy for you to leave!"

The four-headed holy beasts roared violently, trying to kill them.

Brush ~!

The two Bi Scorpions rolled up their scorpion tails and swept away the two holy beasts, poison hook stab, toxin blast, stab the ancient golden eagle and the heavenly holy ape!

Finally, all the 42 people at the Hundred Gates and Sun Moon Hall got away!

Bang ~~!

At this moment, Lin Chen suddenly dispatched! It was like a cheetah poised to the extreme, rushing to his prey!