My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1036

Vol 5 Chapter 1036: Orange Level Exercises

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Chapter 1036

The moment before the action, all the avatars took a lot of seventh-order peak lost medicine.

The "Purple Charm Streamer Pill" with the blessing method, the "Xuanburan Pill" to increase the fighting strength, the "Tiankui Wuxing Pill" to temporarily increase the fighting power of the five elements, the "Wanlong Pill" to temporarily increase the strength, and so on!

The avatars don't need to worry about the sequelae at all, Lin Chen is full of firepower in an instant!

The holy phoenix wings pierced the sky, the white light dragon shadow raided like a submerged dragon, Lin Chen and all avatars burst into the "eightfold change" and the ultimate moment!

Shen Lingshuang was the quickest responder to keep up with Lin Chen's footsteps, followed by Ning Qingxuan, like a cloud-piercing arrow, slammed into the battlefield!

When the sudden murderous intention shrouded the Nangong extermination, his face was shocked!

"Jingyue and God!"

"Sword Fury!"

One sword and one sword, turning the moonlight into the sky and reflecting the world, condensing into the orange light sword rainbow, steeply splitting the Sun and Moon Hall and the hundred holy gates, one water and one fire, the killing intention is extremely extreme!

"Dark horse club?"


At the moment when Nangong Ruo and Dongfang Yao suddenly lost their voices, the geniuses of the two top five denominations immediately reacted.

They adjusted their posture and played a series of defensive combat skills or counter-attacks. The fighting gas turned into acres of black turtles, condensed water blue whale, fighting red armor, energy shield, colorful ancient mirrors, etc., and they came out in an instant. The strongest defense!

Bang ~!

The moonlight cuts the awn and the burning anger Jianhong is divided into five, the power soars!

Followed by five columns of azure spirit annihilation beams of light and five channels of golden awns, like a dragon passing through!

What is even more terrifying is the lore-killing swordmand that came out of the world. There are blue in the green and shimmering purple in the blue. The four swordmans are divided into twenty rounds. The twenty swordmans carry the killing intention and different attributes that destroy everything. The spirit of the war is cut!

[Host triggers passive talent: tear 2.

boom! boom! boom!

Flying knife streamer cut on the energy shield, the moonlight chop off the red armor of the fighting spirit!

Jianhong cut open the Qiqi water blue whale, Geng Jinhongman pierced the Qiqi black turtle, and almost instantly shattered the defenses of the two denominations!


The spiritual annihilation beam of light shocked many geniuses to vomit blood, pale, and confused mental consciousness!

This time; The Hundred Saints Gate and Sun Moon Palace barely attacked such offensives, and the endless 30% power penetrated, which shocked Nangong and Dongfang Yao!

The genius of the Baishengmen suddenly appeared four wounded people, and two more geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall were shocked and lost their consciousness.

There is another genius who even "defeated" his defensive cards and was "teared". He died under the aftertaste of the moonlight and was split in half!

"Lin Chen! How dare you kill my Sun Moon Hall?"

The Nangong extermination was furious and frightening.

Dongfang Yao is terrified, his strength is so strong?

What made him unacceptable was that not only Lin Chen but also the entire Dark Horse Club had a qualitative transformation!

Compared to the last battle, Lin Chens elemental attribute value has more than doubled! Not to mention the double breakthrough of pure power and cultivation!

In addition to taking the lost panacea and Ning Qingxuan's skill support, every clone of Lin Chen has the level to fight against such geniuses as Dongfang Yao. After launching the orange-level talent, the instant light splitting immediately suppressed the two majors. sect!

Roar ~!

Dragon Emperor turned into a humanoid to help the battle, and three kinds of bloodline supernatural powers were displayed in turn. Together with Ning Qingxuan, several geniuses could not be killed.

Shen Lingshuang is even more powerful, and as a single person, he has entered the center of the geniuses, and he has entered the realm of no one!

No genius is her one-shot enemy, and even super-class genius can't stop her!

She has been able to fight against Dongyao in the four robbers, and her in the five robbers may not even be her opponent!

The female disciples of the Heart Refining Palace also arrived. They swallowed the Elixir, and their temporary combat power surged. The cards that had been hidden for a long time were finally played.

The magical thing is that instead of snatching many treasures, they help Lin Chen and others.

The whole sky suddenly became a chaotic mass.

The two denominations that Lin Chen and his party forced to take one face to face again used the "Eight Mirrors" and Treasure Holy Gourds to defend parry!

"Quickly use the dark shuttle to escape!"

Nangong's anxious rush to drink, a genius took out the dark red boat shuttle, biting the essence and blood to urge, a huge dark red giant ship hundreds of feet was born!

Many geniuses have withdrawn into the giant ship.

"Want to escape with a space holy weapon? Slow rune!"

Lin Chen sneered, instantly 200 points of advanced rune energy, hit a slow rune across the sky, solidified the dark red giant ship in mid-air.

His avatar furiously drew his sword and wielded his sword, struck his bow and shot! Daoguang sword shadow, arrow light soaring into the sky.

boom! boom! boom!

Many attacks were bombarded between giant ships, but they were blocked by eight glorious ancient holy mirrors!

"Attack together!"

Jiang Yun led all the women in the Heart Palace to attack together, Ning Qingxuan read the tactics, and the slender jade fingers ejected two pure blue water droplets into the body of Lin Chen and Shen Lingshuang, and the power of the two surged!

Shen Lingshuang hit the cabin with a punch!

Many attacks finally shaken the defenses of the'Eight Mirrors' and beat the'Dark Wave Shuttle' back and forth!

"The space has been frozen by him? Can his secret technique achieve this level!"

Nangong's pupils were terrified. Standing in the first place in the cabin, he witnessed Lin Chen flapping the fuchsia wings.

Lin Chen held the gun over his head with both hands, swept the arc like a half moon, and swept it down with one blow!

Dang ~! boom!

Lin Chen exposed the "Yu Tian" marksmanship to the extreme. One shot hit the "Dark Shuttle". The five-strength golden mansions strangled the hull violently and were lashed back by Lin Chen with one shot!

Then, the dark red giant ship shrank quickly!


The super-genius genius holding "Dark Shuttle" suddenly vomited blood, not because the holy weapon was not good, but he was overused!

In the struggle of the holy beast just now, he has tried his best to manage the holy weapon, and now there is no such spare power at all!

"damn it!"

"They will suffer heavy casualties in this way!"

The two hundreds of giant kings of Scorpio broke through, but the four beasts suddenly attacked them in turns.

"The tribes are killing each other, don't let them support them in the past."

"Hey, those little **** are dying. I will wait for them to get back after they die."

The minds of the holy beasts coincided with each other, and madly blocked the two kings of Scorpio!

Only the Xuanxuan Holy Turtle was deeply concerned about the battle of Lin Chen and others.

When the Andusuo can no longer be used, only a last piece of defensive holy weapon "Babao Holy Gourd" remains in the line.

Lin Chen and the avatars and the women in the Heart Palace were attacking violently, and they did not intend to let them go and attack in turns!

The geniuses of the avatars either flew after the sneak knife copying, or flicked before and after the spiritual shock, the Baishengmen and the Sun and Moon Hall, there was no chance of getting out!

Even Dongfang Yao and Nangong Ruo were in a fierce battle. Lin Chen blasted Nangong Ruo all the way. It was completely different from the previous decadence that he would vomit blood when he hit a bomb. He can already fight him!

"He can only fight against me with four robbers? The potential of this child is far more than me, which I hate, there is no first time to kill him!"

When Nangong extinguished in her heart, the vision changed dramatically!

Bang ~!

What everyone did not expect was that a dazzling orange meteor that seemed to light up the whole world fell from the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge!

The center of the light is actually a volume of exercises! Its energy fluctuation and mysterious ripple seal are far more than the half-orange-level exercises!

All the geniuses who are still fighting are breathing air!

Orange-level exercises?