My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1037

Vol 5 Chapter 1037: Black Horse Club All Monsters

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Chapter 1037, Dark Horse Club, all monsters!

A sudden burst of orange light broke everyone's cognition and expectations!

Everyone is still fighting for the holy vessel, the holy pill, and even the seeds of Qi Yunling to plant your life and death, a stream of light is born, and the orange-level exercises come!

"Orange order exercises are here!"

"My God, I can really meet in my lifetime!"

"How many saints can't have a volume of orange-level exercises after exhausting their lives, but now they have been met by Ben Shao? Ha ha ha! Kill! Who will block who died!"

All geniuses are like wild beasts, chaotic wars are getting worse!

Even those geniuses who were so suffocated in the face of Qi Yunling planting seeds were all dispatched now!

All the women in the Heart Refining Palace couldn't help but stop the attack, giving the genius of the Sun and Moon Hall a breathing chance.

Their eyes widened, and their breathing trembled slightly.

Combat skills are divided into yellow, green, blue, blue, purple, and orange. Orange-level exercises represent the apex! Really has the divine power to destroy the plane and destroy a world of heaven and earth!

"Some orange-level exercises were born..."

Jiang Yun gritted his teeth and was caught in a tangle.

"This time, there are orange-level exercises of the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge? Although they can't compete, Lin Gang's guys will definitely act. Fortunately, most of the people in the Sun and Moon Palace have their lives saved, and there is a chance to make a comeback... "

When Nangong is doing a good job and withdrawing everyone's legs, Bang's shot smashes him off guard and breaks the blood!

Nangong Jie's hands burned the ultimate sun and moon fighting spirit, and subconsciously shot a palm. After being repelled by the sharp gun, he looked up in the face, full of incredible!

Brush ~!

The holy phoenix flapped, Lin Chen was like a sea of turbulence. When pulling the gun, the shadow of the gun was like a storm of pears, and fell down like crazy.

"What a joke..." Nangong Mei hairy!

The orange meteor that surprised all geniuses was hundreds of miles behind Lin Chen, but he...

Not shaken!

Lin Chen's eyes did not shake at all!

His murderous force is coming to himself. Between the fierce shots, there has been no change at all because of the birth of the Orange Order!

Dong Yao Yao, who was holding the Liuli Holy Sword, was so cold that many geniuses had scalp numbness!

Even the Dark Horse Club is the same, none of them have paused!

Even at the moment when the orange-order combat skills were born, their offensive was still fierce, and even worsened!

Everyones first reaction is crazy!

The people in the dark horse club are crazy!

"Don't you even want the Orange Order exercises? With your strength and lineup, you have a chance to win the Orange Order exercises! Why? Could the people who killed me the Sun Moon Hall and the Baishengmen be better than the Orange Order exercises? Is Fa important? The orange-level combat skills that symbolize the apex of the power, can't you lift a trace of waves in your heart!"

Nangong's offensive slowed down.

To be precise, it was his fear!

The birthplace of the Nangong is born, and for the first time it produces'fear' compared to those who are lower in cultivation!

He was trembling with fear, and in the frantic afterimage, he faintly saw a pair of eyes.

It was a pair of dark, dark eyes, glancing across the golden light from time to time, staring at him from beginning to end!

He is like a remnant wolf in the night, like a cheetah who bites the target, as if he can't reach his last breath, and he will never let go!

But any moment of slackness may be swallowed by this monster!

Even Jiang Yun, who was a companion, felt terrified by the spirit of everyone in the "Black Horse Club".

These gangs are really special monsters!

No one was even impressed with the birth of the Orange Order exercises! Without blinking your eyes!

After a long battle, the geniuses of the Sun and Moon Hall began to collapse!

Lin Chen and the avatars used the Instant Light Shadow to attack without saving, and in turn triggered the tearing talent.

At the moment when the tear talent is triggered, with 30% penetration power, a genius will fall when the tear is triggered!

"Lin Chen, I admit defeat! I surrender, you win, don't kill me in the Sun Moon Hall!"

Nangong wailed and wailed with screams. He was beaten by Lin Chen's marksmanship, and he was unable to keep up with the spread of his injuries when he continued to take medicine.

His "Sun and Moon Holy Shield" has been used up, and the genius of the Sun and Moon Hall has fallen to ten geniuses. The life-saving tricks are really gone!

Fighting down again, he really could be killed by Lin Chen!

Lin Chen wielded a red gun with both hands, stabbing out a gorge of gold, and sharply crushed Nangong's defense.

Lin Chen sneered.

"Beg forgiveness? You are my three-year-old child? If you dont have these holy beasts under siege, after the Sun and Moon Hall robbed the Rainbow Bridge, I am afraid the first person you are looking for is Lin Chen? Its me who will die by then. , Do you still talk to me about surrender? Will I vote for you, and die for me!"

After the Ultimate Guiyuan took turns, the talent points have been exhausted at a rapid rate. After Lin Chen used a full shot of the "God of Gods", he penetrated the Nangong's defense and pierced one of his arms!

Exactly, in that arm, there is exactly the ring of Nangong's destruction!

Lin Chen stretched out his hand and broke into a dark robbery, attracted his arm and won Najie!

Before the time to check the situation in Najie, Nangong extinguished.

"Lin Chen! How dare you let my son suffer such a shame, even if I die, I have to pull you down!"

Bang ~!

Knowing that Lin Chen would not let go of him, Nangong, who had no chance to live, chose the most extreme way, and the whole body of fighting broke out, and his fighting life wheel, the Fourth Grade Holy Vessel, from burning to exploding, exploded in an instant. Come on!

Lianxin Gong and Shen Lingshuang and others immediately retreated!

"Not good! Nangong is about to explode, retreat!"

The nearest Dongfang Yao was stunned and was about to pull the younger brother and sister to evacuate. The avatar "Zhen De Ying" punched him with a punch of "life and death" and blasted him back to the direction of Nangong's destruction!

The avatars put away their weapons, fighting with bare hands, and procrastinating to delay the many geniuses of the Baishengmen and the Sun and Moon Hall!

"Damn, are you crazy?"

"Grass! Don't you die!"

When the geniuses exclaimed, the Nangong Ruo was like a round of sun and moon upside down and exploded in an instant. The terrible sun and moon wars formed a polarized energy explosion that enveloped most of the two geniuses.

The moment the energy storm was about to affect Lin Chen, his figure turned into a beam of space, launching the'super-dimensional teleportation' talent, and instantly jumped into space!

Di Mingxuan Saint Turtle's pupils tremble!

This trick?

Bang ~~!

The flames of Yang Yan and Yue Hua were exploded in a polarized manner, and most of the two geniuses were involved. Unless there is a life-saving card of the holy weapon, the probability of survival is extremely low...

Lin Chen watched the attribute light sphere in the storm continue to increase, and all geniuses were falling rapidly.

His avatar also fell, and the Thousand Illusions Mask automatically returned to the system space. But being able to hold many geniuses to be buried together is already very profitable!

The same is the five-robber warlord, but the Nangong self-destruction with the fourth-grade saint vein and the ordinary five-robber warlord self-detonation are completely different things!

Suddenly, Lin Chen didn't tear the spiritual seal of Najie for the first time, but pinched the handprint, and a terrible annihilated spiritual energy flowed out of his eyebrows!

"Want to escape with a mental body after exploding? Eat Laozi and annihilate!"