My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1038

Vol 5 Chapter 1038: The Situation Is Reversed The Target Lin Chen

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Chapter 1038, Reversal of the Situation, Target Lin Chen!

Lin Chen sneered, the fingerprints changed suddenly, and the azure spiritual beam erupted at the center of his eyebrows, striking directly above the energy storm!

"Do not!!"

The azure spirit shone, and the screaming screams dissipated under the pillar of spiritual annihilation.

Wisps of illusory spiritual bodies disappeared in smoke, dissipating the world, and scattered a large number of mental power attributes, light **** floating in the void.

In addition, there are four orange crystal chests floating in the void!

[Junlin world talents accumulate energy: 950,000, 400,000, 1.2 million points...]

The system's light screen flicked, and Lin Chen launched the "Junlintianxia" talent from the first day he entered Rainbow Island, in the encirclement circle of geniuses who broke through the Manchuria!

The current world of King's Land, after so many days of accumulation, its accumulated energy has reached a terrifying number...

Brush ~!

Lin Chen exploded a large amount of golden light on his head, and his ranking in the genius list instantly rose to the rank of Nangong, 10088!

The spiritual seals in the two Nahuas that are destroyed by the Nangong Palace are automatically lifted away and dissipated, and they can be arbitrarily explored.

When the Yuehuayang flame storm gradually disappeared, there were only seven people left!

The geniuses who survived are all on the verge of death. Dongfang Yao is even flesh and blood, like a peeling skin, bones are in good shape!

The seriously wounded geniuses plus those luckily ran fast, there are nine people left in the Sun and Moon Hall, and only four geniuses at the Baishengmen!

The starlight of the Nine Tribulation is condensing, and Lin Chen is planning to add another hand to the "Nine Tribulation Star".

"Be careful!"

Jiang Yun exclaimed, Ning Qingxuan's teeth rushed towards Lin Chen's behind!

Bang ~! A force like Shen Ruoqianwanyue immediately suppressed down, crushing Lin Chen to death, the bones and limbs of all limbs heard the squeak of bones!

More than a dozen feet of tortoise claws tore down, very heavy, and they were so open to tearing Lin Chen!

The holy beast shot! Dimxuan Holy Turtle's supreme blow!

Everyone witnessed this moment but did not react!

But there seems to be one exception!

A pink skirt swings slowly, and a faint divine power lingers between the eyebrows. It is a tall, slender and charming woman, such as the rose on the battlefield.

The woman didn't know when she rushed to Lin Chen's side, he closed his fists and clenched his fists, the powder fists shook gently, and the snow arms like sheep jade burned the arrogant and fierce flames of fire and robbery, wandering like dragons in the slim fingers. Fist burst into the sky!

The woman actually sternly shook the mysterious tortoise?

Sigh~! Bang~!

The terrifying aftermath twitched, bursting the mushroom cloud between one claw and one punch, sweeping the aftermath of strength, tearing the ground in the plain, and shattering like tofu pieces!

Both sides retreat, Dixuanxuan Holy Turtle was repelled?

This scene aroused the attention of the holy circle of dogfights!

Click! Click!

There was a cracking sound from the snow arm of the charming "Yu Jie", and the lips of the cherry blossoms were bleeding!

The pressure suddenly diminished, Lin Chen's body flashed, caught the woman, and had time to speak in the future.

"Lingshuang! Is it you?"

Lin Chen looked at Xiao Nizi vomiting blood in her arms, dumbfounded!

How did this Nizi grow up like ten years ago!

What is even more outrageous is that she actually beat the holy beast with one punch?

Lin Chen is very clear about the difference between Warlord Realm and Holy Realm! The power of the punch just now definitely exceeded the level of the warlord!

"Nizi, how did you do it? Are you okay?"

Lin Chen hurriedly concerned, sent a ray of fighting into Shen Lingshuang's body, stepped into the body, and quickly retreated.

"There is such a strange human race..." Diming Xuan Shenggui looked at Shen Lingshuang in amazement.

"I... I don't know, it becomes like this after activating the bloodline. It seems that when the bloodline is activated, there is no usual sense of crisis when facing the holy realm..."

Shen Lingshuang said suspiciously.

Lin Chen was shocked!

It must be that the blood of Nizi was awakened by him in advance! If not, the gap between the Five Tribulation Warlords and the Holy Realm will not die even if he slams hard, even he can't do it now!

After Shen Lingshuang served a few pieces of Long Qingguo and confirmed that she was okay, Lin Chen said seriously-"Then you can't shoot any more and give it to the master."

"Human race, it was you who disguised as the two human races and infiltrated the old man's den that day!"

Diming Profound Saint Turtle growled and questioned.

All the geniuses and even the holy beasts appeared a trace of consternation!

"The secret technique of space shuttle you just used is exactly the trick used by the thieves who dived into the old man's lair that day. The old man will not admit his mistake.

A word arouses thousands of waves!

The words of the holy tortoise made the holy beasts of the chaotic war suddenly stop.

"What did the old ghost just say? Anyone else who sneaked into his den?"

"Speaking of this, when this kid just avoided the human thief detonating himself, it seemed that he wasn't using the human race body method, it was more like the speed that only travels through the void!"

"Damn it, the kid who took the eighth-order beast core of the king!"

The heavenly holy shark appeared with doubt and viciousness.

The eyes of the holy beasts are locked on Lin Chen!

The remaining geniuses in the Sun Moon Hall and the Hundred Gates retreated at the same time, and they were shocked!

Dongfang Yao is unbelievable: "What a joke, is it said that these holy beasts were brought in by him?"

Some geniuses who withdrew from the **** battle heard this news, and they were stunned.

"No...these holy beasts are provoked by the Dark Horse Club?"

"Holy tortoise has lived a few epochs without knowing its age. Its words are not groundless, and things may not be as simple as we thought!"

Those wounded geniuses are also wondering why, so far, Lin Chen has not participated in any odd treasure battle of the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge!

Bang ~!

The murderous soaring into the sky, the two shares turned into a real murderous envelope around Lin Chen.

Hundreds of feet are huge, wielding giant pincers, poison hooks hanging high, and the blue scorpion flashing like blue jade surrounded the two Chen Chen!

"Boy, you killed the descendants of this benefactor! Can you do it well!"

The women in the Heart Refining Palace were in a hurry and said anxiously.

"Sister, what shall we do..."

"Don't act rashly, the siege of the Holy Beast is no longer a battle we can join."

Jiang Yun's mind is extremely heavy!

Mr. Lin Chen, what killing tricks can overcome the anger of the holy beast living on the field?

Under the premise of all sides singing, Lin Chen suddenly laughed!

"Hahaha! Cool, cool! With the bachelor gate and the Sun Moon Hall wage earners, my plan is perfect, very good. Next, it is my dark horse club!"

Lin Chen's laughter made many geniuses look dumbfounded, and even the Holy Beast became more and more wrong!

He still laughed in this situation?

When Dongfang Yao and others heard wage earners, their mouths twitched...

Lin Chen looked around with satisfaction, strolling leisurely in the void.

In the face of the many different complicated eyes of the audience, Lin Chen grinned and maddened!

"That day it was my dark horse club that stole all the holy beasts, but there was no reason to spit out what I ate! Someone in the forest announced that it was time for the dark horse club to rob, male on the left, female To the right of the station. The holy beast went back to his home and looked for his mother. The holy beast who didnt want to leave, I hammered it until I left!"