My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1039

Vol 5 Chapter 1039: Master Is So Handsome

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Chapter 1039: Master is so handsome!

Deep in the siege, why did someone laugh?

Is it a sheep seizure, or an impulsive dementia?

Do not! It is desperate success!

There are more than 500 pieces of alien crystals in the na ring of the Nangong extinction!

He bet correctly!

These days, the harvest of their robbery of the Rainbow Bridge is placed in the Nazi Palace's extermination!

An uproar in the blood plain!

He actually did it, so did he admit it?

Before waiting for everyone to recover, Lin Chen raised his finger high and grinned: "Happy New Year."


A snap!

[The host launches the blue rank advanced killing, purgatory, and burns the sky twice. The target can be locked: 8. Start to lock the enemy closest to the host.

Bang ~!

A sea of hell and fire is like a raging flame, instantly covering all the holy beasts present!

Archaic golden eagles, sacred apes, sacred sharks, sacred tortoises, blood demon wolf king, two scorpions, holy beasts explode on the heads of purgatory flames, and the seven-headed sacred beasts have a crisis in their hearts. sense!

And the eighth goal happens to be Dongfang Yao!

"What it is!"

"Something wrong, there is a taste of robbery!"

The holy beasts were horrified and quickly released their holy energy defense.

Dongfang Yao felt a deadly killer and blocked herself!

With a bang, the sea of hell fire ignited thousands of purgatory fire dragons, burning through all the holy beast defenses!

Their sacred gas was burned and melted with the naked eye, and they could not escape, they could only resist it!

"Roar~! How can this king's holy body not resist this flame, what kind of fire is this!"

"Damn, what a weird thing, even the speed of this king can't be thrown away!"

The holy beasts were exposed by the Purgatory and Burning Sky nirvana technique, and a behemoth was standing in the sky and even rolling up!

The terrible heat instantly ignited the prairie fire in the blood plain, and many red-eye geniuses suddenly recovered from this scene and retreated in horror.

Seeing that the holy beasts were burning and rolling in the void, the ancient gold eagle, famous for its speed, couldn't even throw away the weird sea of purgatory, the geniuses looked at Lin Chen with incredible eyes.

"This... this is what the Dark Horse Club does?"

"It's terrifying! These powerful holy beasts seem to be unable to evade attacks!"

Lin Chen freed the Dragon Emperor to take away the attribute light ball, hugged his apprentice, calmly walked in the void, and his mouth rose wildly.

The gem-like beautiful eyes flickered, and Shen Lingshuang stared at the master with admiring eyes.

The master is so handsome! I also have to work hard to become such a master!

[Consume 6 points of intermediate sky path value, 10 points of intermediate sky path value, 4 points of intermediate sky path value, decompose alien crystal fragments...]

[Special attributes obtained: 11.19 million points in Biyan Qinghai, 30.2 million points in Yinque Thunder, 39.91 million points in Mofengfenggang, 29.84 million points in Qianzhen Township]

[Get attribute values: Advanced Lightning Energy 4 points, Water Energy 5 points, Wind Energy 10 points...]

[Consumption of 430 points of intermediate heavenly path value, start making blue level intermediate and blue level advanced nirvana...]

[Get 1889 Strengthening Points, 12 Intermediate Sky Value, 10 Earth Energy, 19 Light Energy, 11 Water Energy, 3199 Advanced Quintessence, 15 Advanced Skills...]

Lin Chen madly decomposes the fragments of alien crystals and quickly makes a nirvana!

The Dragon Emperor is also collecting the attribute light **** of the sun and moon palace geniuses that have fallen, and the attribute values are rushing all the way!

"Ah! No, don't! Lin Chen, forgive me, I will never go against you again, I apologize for the attack on your apprentice, don't kill me!"

Dongfang Yao was burned by the fire of purgatory into a human form, his flesh and blood were blurred, and he kept howling!

Normally, the body of the Five Tribulation Warlords cannot withstand the torture of the blue-tier advanced nirvana for so long.

But Dongfang Yao is a little different. The reason why he didn't die in the explosion of Nangong's extinction is largely because of his physical problems.

His flesh was fostered by a sword sage from adulthood! This holy sword merged with him and coexisted and died with him, making his vitality also a little stronger than the holy sword.

Lin Chen smiled coldly, "I said, your life, I will take it. From the moment you attack Lingshuang, we just endlessly, there is no way out."

[Open four orange crystal treasure chests and get: 999 intermediate talent points, 3 million reinforcement points, 500 advanced rune energy, and 100 advanced spiritual power.

Lin Chen's spiritual bridge has touched a limit, and once he surpassed this limit, he has a hunch that his spiritual power will be transformed qualitatively!

Finally, Lin Chen walked in the direction of the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge.

This time, no one dared to stop him!

Lin Chen first rushed to the seed of Qi Yun Ling, and countless days saw Lin Chen attack, and gritted his teeth!

But there are more than a dozen geniuses who have already killed their red eyes and go to Lin Chen desperately!

Lin Chen's palm turned a touch of nine-color starlight. "Nine-color stars" are thrown out!

The stars are divided into five, the nine robbed stars hit the dozen geniuses head-on, and several of them are super-class geniuses!

Regardless of their strong life-saving cards, under the rotation of five pillars of nine colors, everything is classified as still!

"His trick is better than last time and I do not know how many grades it is"

The geniuses who have seen the "Nine Tribulation Stars" are shocking!

Lin Chen stepped on the dragon flash and grasped the seed of Qi Yunling under the eyes of everyone!

Because of the seal, it is not yet possible to be included.

If it were before, whoever got the seeds would have to encounter a lot of genius attacks. Now, nobody dares to move Lin Chen!

This is the deterrent caused by absolute strength! This person has the means to suppress even the holy beast!

After seizing the seeds of Qi Yunling, Lin Chen smiled and slammed Shen Lingshuang: "Come on, help the master to hold it while conveying the fighting spirit to unlock the seal."

"Yes! Master is the best!"

Shen Lingshuang held the seeds of Ling Zhi in his hand, and was very happy.

Then Lin Chen glanced back to the Holy Vessel that was born, it was a green bow!

No one dared to disturb Lin Chen this time! He accepted the Holy Bow directly!

Finally, Lin Chen aimed at the battle circle of Orange-order exercises!

"Grass! He's coming!"

"Fuck, what should we do, do we really want to let him?"

"Orange-order combat skills! I have only seen it once in a few years. If there was no seal, Lao Tzu had already won the combat skills!"

Hundreds of geniuses roared inside, extremely unwilling!

"I only say it once, let go! Otherwise I don't mind killing you too!"

Lin Chen shouted a warning, all geniuses clenched their teeth.

Most of the people who participated in the Orange Order exercises are super first-class geniuses, and everyone is not willing to let go!

"Gambling! What if he didn't do anything?"

"Fight with him! We can't beat him if we are together!"

The geniuses were murderous, and when they kept close to the position of the orange-order power station, they launched a offensive against Lin Chen again!

However, there are some geniuses who are aware of current affairs and hurriedly retreat!

"Since you are determined to grab the orange-level combat skills with me, it means that you are mentally prepared, right? Then I will give you a ride!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the fierce light was revealed!

Orange-level combat skills represent the culmination of exercises, and Lin Chen will never let it go!

Lin Chen has never been a kind person! Other people's attacks have hit his face, ignore the warning, then kill!