My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1040

Vol 5 Chapter 1040: Who Is In Favor Who Is Against?

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Chapter 1040, Who Approves And Who Opposes?

At this time, the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge has begun to dissipate.

[The host launches 20 kinds of blue-level intermediate nirvana, locks 76 targets, and starts bombardment.

Lin Chen flicked with one hand, soaring a slow rune, condensing the void, which slowed the offensive of the geniuses, pulled Shen Lingshuang, and turned like a dragon!

Bang ~!

The attack of the geniuses collided and exploded and emptied.

Then, raging thunderclouds, storm tornadoes, giant wind blades, and fiery seas of fire, many attacks overshadowed 76 geniuses who launched attacks!

Many geniuses were dumbfounded!

He even has a kind of killing tricks that can be involved in the Holy Land, and the number is very large!

Although it is not as powerful as the previous wave, it can still be a devastating blow to the creatures below the Holy Land!

Even more frightening, these attacks cannot be avoided! No matter what skills geniuses use, they can't avoid the lock of these attacks!

"no, do not want!"

"Brother Lin Chen, take away the magical power, we know we are wrong!"

Many geniuses frantically begged for mercy when they felt the breath of death.

Lin Chen was too lazy to ignore these noisy guys, stepped through the air, and under the eyes of all eyes, he grabbed the volume of dazzling orange light!

Orange-level combat skills, he is Lin Chen's!

From the perspective of exercises, Lin Chen does not have any kind of exercises other than the "Tai Si Bible" after the breakthrough of epiphany!

All of them are half orange or infinitely close to orange. All rely on Ultimate Moment, Charge Rune and other means to increase to the critical point of combat skills!

"Unexpectedly, the dark horse club is the final winner..."

"But I remember the laughter he encountered when he met the two kings of Scorpio led by the Sun and Moon Palace. At that time, he had already begun to lay out. He counted all the holy beasts including the Sun and Moon Temple!"

The geniuses witnessed the 76 geniuses gradually disappearing in the attack of many destructive energies, and could not help but hair and creeps!

"We are all too young to look at him, this boy's ambition is far more than all of us imagine!"

"But, why does he have such a strong hole card and he still has to keep it to the present? He even has to take risks to provoke so many holy beasts? Is it necessary to have the prerequisites to activate?"

"We all took it lightly! But he was able to kill Qiyun Island under the premise of chasing and killing more than a dozen holy realms! We all thought that he was so poor, and he couldn't think of his killer's pressure until it broke out now!"

In the blood plain, more than two thousand geniuses are sighing, who can think of, the last winner of this Rainbow Island is the dark horse club?

At first, almost everyone thought they were the most defeated! Suppressed by Sun Moon Hall and Baishengmen!

Next; Lin Chen made a more amazing move!

He was a genius in the presence of war.

"Everyone, I said that it is now the time for the black horse club to rob. You have just captured the nine-color rainbow flyover, all of them are handed over, otherwise, I dont mind bombarding you all. I believe, you know I have this ability."

A word arouses thousands of waves!

He even wants to rob everyone?


It must be crazy!

However, before the genius had time to escape and question, the holy beasts finally broke free from the nirvana.

And Dongfang Yao has been reduced to a pile of ashes and ashes suspended. There are also a large number of attribute light balls.

"Boy, return the eighth-order Holy Beast Core of the King!"

"Dare to play this king, die!"

Almost in an instant, the three giant beasts of Taikoo Golden Eagle, Blood Demon Wolf King, and Celestial Saint Shark killed Lin Chen!


Lin Chen is another snap.

[Launch the blue level advanced nirvana: Devil Wind Gang, can lock the target: 3, start bombarding the target.

Bang ~! Hundreds of feet of dark green giant tornadoes rose into the sky. The tornadoes surrounded the three sacred beasts, releasing the angzang force and sharpness of the broken mountains and rivers!

The dark green storm enveloped them instantly, and began a new round of torture! They have to use their full defense even if Lin Chen is not close!


Seeing this scene, let alone geniuses, even the other four-headed holy beasts dared not act lightly!

The remaining more than two thousand geniuses were shocked to stay in place!

No one dares to escape! Everyone was restrained by Lin Chen's hand!

This method is terrible!

How many moves does he have?

A powerful attack may not be terrible.

But the unavoidable attack is a real nightmare!

Even if you have a space holy weapon, you cant escape the nightmare, which means that the presence of both means death!

You geniuses dare not bet on their own lives!

"Now, I say robbery, who agrees, who opposes?"

Lin Chen teased and laughed, and he alone controlled more than two thousand geniuses and four holy beasts!

"Oh my god, am I dreaming..."

"It's too evil, and son Lin Chen is really the first person in the ages!"

"What an overbearing attitude, who could rob all geniuses in the past, even the treasures of the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge must be taken away by him!"

All the women in the Heart Refining Palace stared at Lin Chen's back with fanaticism and worshiped eyes!

In addition to the sound of a lot of energy bombardment, the rest of the audience was howling of 76 geniuses.

"Now, I can tell you clearly. Not only the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge, but also the treasures you have won before, I will have them all!"

Lin Chen appeared a harmless smile of humans and animals, but his voice made everyone fall into the ice cellar!


Too ridiculous!

Lin Chen, what a big appetite!

Does he want to eat all the treasures of Rainbow Bridge from Rainbow Island alone!

"If you don't turn it in, you die. If you don't believe it, you can try it."

Lin Chen raised his "finger of death" again, and everyone shivered! Those geniuses who wanted to take advantage of this opportunity immediately dispelled their thoughts!

Life is more important than what is on your body...

Then, all the women in the Lianxin Palace witnessed an unforgettable moment of eternal life!

Lin Chen pointed out more than 500 geniuses from more than 2,000 geniuses!

These geniuses are all treasures that have won the nine-color rainbow flyover!

Even more mysterious is that some geniuses tried to hide, but all were discovered by Lin Chen!

The reason is simple. Each treasure of the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge is not a mere thing, and all are accompanied by attribute values.

However, all attributed rays appearing in the gifted ring of genius are grabbing the treasures with the nine-color rainbow bridge, all of which were dug out by Lin Chen accurately!

"Did Mr. Lin Chen pay attention to the battle for treasures in the battle just now?"

"Or does he have the ability to see through the ring?"


The women were astonished.

[Acquired 3810 advanced essence of war spirits, 2909 advanced qi blood, 7 advanced fire energy, 5 advanced water energy, 1299 enhanced points, 11 intermediate talent points, 18 advanced rune energy...]

Lin Chen robbed all the geniuses and obtained a large number of attribute values from the treasures in the nine-color rainbow.

In addition, of the 76 geniuses bombarded with nirvana, 71 fell on the spot, and the attribute values dropped are more complicated!

Especially Dongfang Yao, this person's sword is present, and the sword is destroyed.

Lin Chen lived the sacred sword that was "parasitic" in Dongfang Yao with the burning of the body, until it broke and destroyed, and a large number of attribute light **** were dropped.

And Dongfang Yao, just before the torture of death, Lin Chen's avatar "Zhende Shuai" gave him a happy sword!

Baishengmen's strongest genius in the contemporary era has fallen!

Lin Chen also launched the genius of the thief to the two Saint-level Biwang Scorpions, stealing 30,000 points of advanced energy and 300 points of advanced rune energy, respectively.

The remaining geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall are protected by two holy scorpions. Lin Chen did not intend to die with them. There are also a large number of holy areas waiting for him. Lin Chen saves his skill.

The essence of advanced fighting spirit, all the way! Lin Chen has begun to approach gradually from the five robbers!

At this time, Lin Chen did not know that the outside world was upset by him!