My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1041

Vol 5 Chapter 1041: A Fast Sword

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Chapter 1041

This is probably the most suffocating battle experienced by the holy beasts of Rainbow Island!

Lao Di was copied by others, but people were afraid to move in front of them, but they were a kid who could not even reach the Holy Land!

But that kind of unavoidable attack is a nightmare! In addition to the strongest defending Underworld Mysterious Tortoise, no one can be sure that he will be able to resist four or five attacks without being injured.

Sacred beasts are not in harmony, coveting each other's beast core, if they are seriously injured, they will naturally become the prey of other saints!

The holy beasts knew this to each other, and they chose to retreat!

After an hour; the blood plain returns to silence.

The genius broke up, and the Holy Beast retreated.

"Mr. Lin Chen, I can't afford this gift in the Heart Palace!"

When Jiang Yun took Lin Chen's acceptance, he was shocked and returned to Lin Chen in a hurry.

"If you don't want it, you won't give me Lin Chen face."

Lin Chen smiled and pushed Najie back.

There are five volumes of eighth-order pill, four sacred pills, as well as many exercises and skills, eight-step strange mines, and several top-level alchemy handprints, two rolls of holy weapon caster scrolls, the value is too high!

"If you feel uneasy, then I will tell you a secret. My killer tool just now has to be taken away from the Nangong ruin before it can be used. Therefore, in the battle to win the Sun and Moon Hall, you have to do well and be worthwhile. Get this reward."

Lin Chen's resignation and all the women in the Heart Refining Palace accepted it with pleasure. Having seen Lin Chen's means of suppressing the holy beast, it is difficult to make people feel that they can help him...

Lin Chen also gave some second medicine to Shen Lingshuang and Ning Qingxuan.

Of the five sacred objects obtained from the geniuses that had fallen in the Sun and Moon Hall, four women and two women were given away!

Shen Lingshuang's pair of Saint-level boxing gloves "Nine Heavy Barbarian Dragon Boxing Boxes", plus a pair of "Flaming Kyushu" Hot Wheels, can bless body style and attack power, which will play an important role in Shen Lingshuang's future.

Ning Qingxuan's "Babao Holy Gourd" has many auxiliary effects, plus a "eight-sided exquisite mirror", which has a powerful role in searching for the enemy and defending.

While inventorying this harvest, Lin Chen couldn't wait to open the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Four Tribulation Warlords-Advanced Essence: 4.81 million points

Ultimate Strength: 97 million Dragon Power-Advanced Qi and Blood: 5.48 million points

Advanced spirit attribute value: 4129 points (close to half-step into the holy)

Advanced skill essence: 8911 points-advanced rune energy: 3881 points.

Intermediate Tiandao value: 3227 points-Intermediate talent point: 5411 points.

Blank attribute: 700,000 points-Enhanced point: 1.39 million points.

Advanced elemental energy: 3724 points in the fire system, 3211 points in the soil system, 3500 points in the wood system, 3666 points in the gold system, 4386 points in the water system, 3299 points in the thunder system, 3344 points in the wind system, 2665 points in the light system, and 2997 points in the dark system.

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Passive talent bar (whether it is open)-nirvana bar (whether it is open)

Active talent bar (whether it is open)-characteristic rune bar (whether it is open)

Talent combination skills (whether to open)

The element attribute value has skyrocketed by more than a thousand points! This value is put in the past Lin Chen did not dare to think!

This time he robbed many geniuses, which is equivalent to obtaining the attributed light ball attached to all the treasures of the Rainbow Bridge.

Counting the Sun and Moon Hall, he also killed more than one hundred geniuses, most of which are super first-class geniuses! Obtained attribute light ball is inestimable!

In addition, Lin Chen also decomposed the hundreds of pieces of abnormal crystals collected by the Sun and Moon Hall, and harvested unprecedented richness!

"Dongfang Yao is a leader among super-first-class geniuses, and Nangong Ma can crush any super-first-class genius at will. Although I just played against Nangong Ma, I still have to use the power of Orange rank talent."

"But now, maybe I don't need instant light splitting, the ultimate moment and the power to penetrate the two runes can also positively contend with the genius of the Nangong extermination level!"

Lin Chen exhaled for a long time. Such strength is so different from before entering Rainbow Island!

Those below the saint can threaten him, only the top 10,000 geniuses in the genius list!

Those geniuses called monsters!

At this time, Jiang Yun spoke curiously.

"The Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge should be the last rainbow flyover. According to the rules of the previous Rainbow Island, the transmission exit will probably arrive in seven days. What plans does Mr. Lin Chen have?"

Lin Chen nodded-"I plan to find a place to repair my holy artifact."

The clear blue moon, Qingtian sword, and eighth-order gun embryo that Lin Chen had at hand were not completely holy tools.

He now needs to repair these holy objects, let them return to the heyday or cast into a complete body!

With Lin Chen's strength, even a finished holy weapon can barely be controlled.

After leaving Rainbow Island, there was a big battle in Bibi. He has buried the seed now, and its time to bloom.

"We happen to be refining some of the adventures we have recently obtained, and heading to a blessed place suitable for the retreat of our teachers and sisters, then we will see you again at Qiyun Island. After all, with our current strength, we can help you, Mr. Lin Chen. , Very little."

Jiang Yunzhan smiled, Lin Chen nodded, and the two reached out with a friendly grip.

"Then see Qiyun Island bye!"

The two sides parted ways.

At this time, Lin Chen glanced at the system.

[Orange Tier Active Talent God Killer: Those who are hostile to the host, the five robbery war emperor repair: 3105 people.

[Purple Order Active TalentJunlin's world accumulated energy: 274 million points.

The corner of Lin Chen's mouth rose slightly.

In a valley on the north side of Rainbow Island.

The geniuses in the remnant Sun and Moon Hall were very angry, and when sitting on the mountainside, the genius of the Baishengmen was full of decadence and powerlessness!

"The matter is not over yet, Lin Chen, our Brother Xieyue is still waiting outside! You dare to kill Brother Nangong and many brothers and sisters, Brother Xieyue will not let you go!"


After an hour; Lin Chen arrived at a quiet and beautiful waterfall.

He was planning to refine his loot this time, and the sudden change appeared!

The magic mark on Lin Chen's palm began to flash slightly faintly.

"this is!"

Lin Chengui sent the **** to look at the direction of the waterfall.

He felt the breath of the demon!

"Huh? This waterfall looks like Shuiliandongtian?"

Ning Qingxuan also felt mysterious. The waterfall was covered with a dense mist of water, which made people unexpectedly just an ordinary waterfall.

"Hey! Maybe there are treasures, Master, I'm coming!"

Shen Lingshuang smiled with a grin, the fists fought openly, the dragon force stirred, and the fist wind exploded!


In a vast underground world.

There are ten golems standing here, such as a generation of demon sages, dominating the world, and immortality!

In front of the golem, sat a negative sword young man.

In front of the youth, there is a dark red ancient mirror. What is strange is that this ancient mirror is actually absorbing the breath of ten golems, making the magic of the ancient mirror more powerful!

The dark red ancient mirror exudes an atmosphere like Youyuan, just like the'Eye of the Devil' on the mainland of Kyushu that day!


When the deafening shock came from outside the world, the youth opened his eyes.

"Where is the idiot, not to **** the treasures of Rainbow Island, come here to find death?"

Between the young men's eyebrows, there was a trace of indifferent killing intention.

"Under the water curtain cave, there is an underground world?"

"It's amazing, what is this place..."

When the woman's astonishment came faintly, the young man in Maige raised his sword, and his figure flickered and disappeared.

Lin Chen came to a vast underground world, like a man-made underground world.

"There is the devil's breath in front of me. The magic mark left on me by the powerful demon clan has been felt more and more strongly!"

Lin Chen was more shocked, and suddenly, a very faint murderous glance flashed.

"Slow rune!"

The gray-white rune blasted in the air. When it exploded, a snow-white sword awn was stopped by stagnation. When the sword light slowed down, Lin Chen quickly pulled out the ``azure blue moon'' and cut into the sky!


Jianmang collapsed, Lin Chen stepped back, and the master who initiated the assassination slightly startled.

"Quick sword!"

Lin Chenhan Mao handstand!