My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1042

Vol 5 Chapter 1042: The Mysterious Person

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Chapter 1042, The Mysterious Person!

"Your excellency killed me as soon as I met him, so I was jealous of Lin's handsomeness."

When Lin Chen smiled casually, he released all the avatars at once, instantly bursting the "eightfold changes" and the ultimate moment talent, protecting Ning Qingxuan and Shen Lingshuang!

"If you break into a place you shouldn't break into, you should die."

When the indifferent voice sounded, the other party stabbed again!

The white sword light is like the aurora in the dark night, and the moment I witnessed, death has come!

Despite Lin Chenxin's caution, he was shocked by the speed of this sword!

Lin Chen, who has a strong spiritual force, responded very quickly, and he instantly played a slow rune. While delaying the sword, he cut a knife in the air and cut the attack of the mirror, and the bright moonlight turned like a mirror!


Daoqi Jianguang collapsed, and both sides retreated.

"This man's swordsmanship is extremely weird, there is a taste of coming from the void, ordinary methods can't withstand it at all, even if the reaction comes, he can't keep up with his sword!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, this opponent was even more terrible than the Nangong's destruction!

At last, Lin Chen saw his opponent clearly under the scattered moonlight.

The young man of Maige carried a sword, staring at the eyebrows and staring at him, with a calm and dignified momentum, such as the hard-working swordsman in the red dust, but the murderous intention between the eyebrows at this time, he seemed a bit cold.

This young man in linen seems to be the mysterious swordsman who defeated the super first-rate genius with a sword in the top ten matches of the top ten, Ling Jian!

He is the only dark horse from the top 30,000 genius rankings to the top ten!

"It's him? I haven't seen him before when the Rainbow Bridge was born. Has this Ling Jian been here since he entered the island?"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed.

"Can actually pick me two swords, it seems that the garbage outside is not comparable."

Ling Jian was indifferent to the extreme, like a sword without emotion.

"Under the name of Lin Chen, Lord Ling Jian should have heard of my name. With your strength, why not go out and fight for the treasures? On the heads-up, no one is better than you. As long as you shoot, there must be Isnt that what you gained, why come to such a ghost place."

Lin Chenyun smiled blandly, backed two steps, and gave Ning Qingxuan a gesture with his thumb in his backhand.

Ning Qingxuan knew it, and it was second to none. The blue water droplets merged into Lin Chen and all the celestial covers of the avatars. The combat speed increased a few points. Then he immediately left Shen Lingshuang and the two avatars took cover.

Lin Chen could feel that even if Shen Lingshuang played against this person, there was little chance of winning.

His swordsmanship is very strange, and he cannot rely on the number of people to defeat him.

"Oh, my master is unparalleled in the world, why do I have to compete with the garbage, and you will be buried here! After killing you, I will kill the two women and others!"

Ling Jian sneered, pulled the sword awe-inspiringly, a sword thorn came, a black and white sword light angered Lin Chen!

His sword is an ordinary sword, a top-grade top-grade sword of the seventh order, not even the seventh-rank peak!

But this sword is still ridiculously fast! Like jumping into space!

Bang ~!

Two gray-and-white rungs were suppressed in the air, one was the sword and the other was the seal!

Dang ~! Lin Chen made a cross-cut, the blade was like a meniscus, and the knife light shattered the sword, and the knife's aftertaste continued to fly out of a mirror mirror!

boom! Hundreds of sword lights exploded from Ling Jian's body like sword rain, piercing the shackles of slow runes!


He waved his sword, his sword was like a dragon!

The faint rainbow shone in a flash, piercing the dragon's sword spirit!

Lin Chen's avatars!

He wasn't arrogant enough to single out with Ling Jian!

Orange Light Jianhong swung across, like Changhong running through the sun, forcing Ling Jian to hold up the sword front to block the sword.

Tear ~! Lin Chen held his sword and aimed at Ling Jian's Heavenly Spirit Cover, raging!

The half-moon-shaped blade illuminates the entire underground world!

Bang ~!

Dao Qi rolled up the dusty sky, Ling Jian was unscathed, Lin Chen and the three avatars formed a group, siege to Ling Jian in turn, sword light sword shadow, arrow light fast!

Suddenly, a dragon tail burst out! Lin Chen even released the Dragon Emperor!

Four people and one dragon attacked Ling Jian more than once, and he resisted it all with his strangely fast swordsmanship!

"No wonder he beat the super first-class genius with one sword, this strength is far more than 10,000 geniuses!"

Lin Chen's pupils tremble, and the more wars get more shocked!

He is now able to crush the superlative level of the superb genius Nangong without using Instant Light!

The doppelgangers are exactly the same as the body except that they have no Holy Phoenix wings.

Under the condition of seamless cooperation, even under the siege, even Ling Jian could not get it?

There is no doubt that Ling Jian, who is the same as other geniuses, has already achieved the level of the top 10,000 in the genius list!

His strength far exceeds all the geniuses who have entered Rainbow Island!

"Three Fantasy Ultimate Sword!"


"Hell is broken!"

"Jingyue and God!"

The fierce battle lasted for more than 500 rounds, the two sides showed up, the battle was brilliant, and the entire vast underground world was crumbling!

Ling Jian failed to win Lin Chen with all his strength.

In the same way, Lin Chen and the avatars used the "instant light split", and failed to break Ling Jian's swordsmanship.

But the power of penetrating the rune caused him a lot of injuries. Overall, Lin Chen had the upper hand.

In dozens of rounds, the two sides separated.

"You and your people are really monsters... The four robbers and the emperor repaired their actions, and used the power of the orange rank combat skills, and the stunt that turned into five..."

Ling Jian's indifferent face appeared for the first time!

This is the first time he has had feelings of suspicion for his peers after he obeyed his master.

"To each other, I think you are more like a monster."

Lin Chen smiled casually, his eyes became more dignified, a round of instantaneous parting failed to win the other party, he did not intend to waste talent points anymore.

"It seems that I can only use the blue-level intermediate nirvana. Although it is a bit wasteful to use one person, this guy is too special..."

Lin Chen was about to launch a nirvana. A ghostly cold voice echoed in the underground world, which surprised Lin Chen!

"Ling Jian, you used two quarters of an hour, this seat is already waiting impatiently."

At the moment when this voice appeared, Lin Chen's Taoyuan capsules experienced intense energy fluctuations!

It was the little shadow that woke up!

Ling Jian heard the sound, his whole body was afraid and trembling, and he had been indifferent and arrogant, immediately respectfully clenched his fists-"Master, wait a moment..."

"Huh? Has this little guy closed the door to practice? Is it better than before!"

Lin Chen glanced at Taoyuan Capsule, and the little shadow was awake. At this time, it was grinning at the outside of Taoyuan Capsule, like a violent beast!

"Little guy, calm down, you can't come out."

Lin Chen quickly retreated while appeasing the small shadow in Taoyuan's capsule.

A young man walked slowly in the dark. His face was pale and he was thin, like a scholar with no power.

But his pair of dark eyes, like a bottomless cave, is as vague as a hidden world, as if hiding a vast world.

Lin Chen only looked at him for a moment, almost fell into the eyes of the teenager, and was shocked!

However, what shocked him even more was that the purple and black shadow of the young man's body was like a wicked dragon entrenched on the young man's head!

This purple and black shadow exudes a noble sense of the dragon, mixed with the magic of the demons, and has the characteristics of shadows!

This is not the first time Lin Chen has seen this kind of creature!

"Don't... is he?"

Lin Chen's expression became more horrible!