My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1043

Vol 5 Chapter 1043: 3. The Ultimate Shadow On The Other Side ?

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Chapter 1043 The other side is the ultimate shadow! ?

With the life genes of the demons, dragons, and innate shadows, isn't that the "ultimate shadow" cultivated by Tuosheng?

According to Tuo Sheng's "hands", the ultimate shadow training program ends in the fifteenth period. The fifteenth period is Lin Chen's little shadow at hand.

And Tuo Sheng finally fell into the layout of the ultimate shadow of the "fourteenth period."

If there is any shadow in the Holy World today, besides the small shadow, which shadow can have the blood of the three races of the Dragon, Demon, and Innate Shadow, only the ultimate shadow of the "fourteenth period"!

"This guy is the ultimate shadow?"

Lin Chen's heart and soul were shocked. No wonder Xiaoying saw Ling Jian reacting at the beginning, and now the reaction is even more violent!

"You can't beat him, this is one of the few geniuses I have ever seen in this seat. The most important thing is that he has the means that he can't see through."

With a wave of his hand, the young man in the blue shirt led Ling Jian to retreat immediately behind him.

Lin Chen couldn't help going back half a step, ready to play a slow rune of high energy at any time!

If it is really the ultimate shadow of the "fourteenth period", Lin Chen knows that he cannot be his opponent at all!

Even the earth-shattering giants such as Lian Tuo Sheng were killed by its layout. After so long time changes, its strength may be more terrible than the outside world!

"Human boy, this seat is very interested in you. Do you want to be a servant of this seat? Becoming a servant of this seat will ensure that you will be sanctified in the future, even the orange-level combat skills and orange-level mentality, this seat can also How about providing you with cultivation?"

The pale-faced young boy in green shirt smiled slightly, and Lin Chen frowned a few times.

"Brother, do you think I can do it? You are now giving me Orange-level combat skills and Orange-level mindwork, and I immediately betray the Black Horse Club!"

At this time, Lin Chens avatar Zhen Dexiu deliberately tried to test him!

"Oh, naturally, this seat will not carry the orange-level combat skills and orange-level mentality with you, then you have to make you a servant before you talk."

The young man in a blue shirt sends a voice to the "Zhende Show".

He was very interested in Lin Chen and his team!

"Then there is no need to talk about it." Zhen Dexiu laughed jokingly.

Suddenly, Lin Chen asked, "You are the master of Ling Jian? Who are you? Orange-level mental skills and orange-level combat skills are the culmination of skill, how can I believe you will?"

Lin Chen remembered that in the records of Tuo Sheng, his holy body was taken away by the "ultimate shadow" before he died!

In other words, this teenager is most likely not his body! It may be just a body!

If it is an ontology, Lin Chen believes that even if he is a holy realm, he may not be his opponent!

"Who is this seat? Hahaha, this seat is the most honorable existence in this ancestor of the Holy Realm! Ling Jian's fortune was created by this seat. You have already experienced his sword art before, and its strength is exactly This seat has transformed his bloodline. You have only two choices. First, be a servant of this seat. Second, die here."

Lin Chen held out three fingers and smiled-"Three, I will kill you two and continue to be the most handsome man in the Holy World."

"Since the face is shameless, then die!"

The young man in the green shirt sneered, raised his hands with five fingers, and the purple and black shadow condensed into five fingers with an angry grip!

The moment when the ghost shadow spread, it actually solidified the space! Make Lin Chen hard to retreat!


A slow rune blasted out, and at the moment when this palm stopped the offensive, Lin Chen tried hard to throw out a "Nine Tribulation Star"!

The nine-color starlight is divided into five, which is far more powerful than ever! Like the five gorgeous aurora, bombarded face to face!

Bang ~! The five pillars of nine-color light suddenly bloomed. This time, it did not attract the earth-shattering momentum, but the speed and the shadow of the shadow shadow offset!

Ling Jian panicked deeply, if Lin Chen just made this trick, he would not be able to take it!

Even the shirtless boy was stunned!

Although this palm is not enough to cope with the Holy Realm, it is more than enough to crush some of the Five Tribulation Geniuses!


The young man in the blue shirt is about to give a second palm.

Bang ~!

Two Thunder clouds exploded from the top of the two!

"Huh? Not right!"

When the young man's face changed slightly, the cyan thunder burst into a sturdy python-like electric mang and slammed the heads of the two!

Ling Jian and the young man in blue shirt evaded, but they were shocked to find that this attack could not evade?

! Rumble~! Bang Bang Bang!

The fierce thunder boom echoed the entire underground world, and Lei Wei's after rhyme began to crush the entire underground world!

"What exactly is this attack?"

"The mystery of this seat can not be moved out of the thunder cloud attack range!"

The two immediately bathed in the bombardment of a lot of blue light and thunder, and allowed them to be powerful, and Lin Chen's blue-level intermediate nirvana Blue Lightning Thunder always followed them!

"Oops, this mortal shell can't hold on!"

Finally, under the bombardment of many green thunders, the face of the youth in the blue shirt changed slightly!

Although the strength of him is strong, this temporary body wont be necessary!

"Ling Jian, the breath of air remaining on this human race is about to dissipate! Be sure to keep swallowing the sky mirror, the mirror is there, the mirror is ruining!"

The flesh-shell body of the young man in the blue shirt burst, melts, and collapses at a rate visible to the naked eye!

Ling Jian was wearing a silver cloak and gritted his teeth very seriously-"Master, I will definitely take the Sky Swallow back!"


Ling Jian had just finished speaking, the young man in the blue shirt burst into a pool of blood, and finally annihilated in thunder and lightning!

The ray of shadow attached to the body of the teenager disappeared with the demise of the carcass body.

Just when Ling Jian saw that the momentum of Thunder Cloud was gradually decreasing, and thought he was about to overcome the difficulty, he was very happy!

"As long as Thundercloud dissipates, with my ability, even if I am seriously injured, I will have the opportunity to take away the master's swallowing the mirror!"

"You really think you can't survive."

Lin Chen smiled indifferently, and with a snap came another snap!

Thousands of wind blade-like gangfeng tornadoes swallowed Ling Jian like a giant beast, he looked terrified!

"You actually..."

Someone Lin grinned, "I have dozens of such inescapable attacks, Bao Jun is satisfied~~~"

Ling Jian's mouth twitched wildly, "What are you..."

"You can rest assured! I am a real person. If you dont die, someone from Lin will wash her head upside down! As for what swallows the sky mirror, I will take care of it for you, but if it cant reflect someones handsomeness. , I hit it with a punch."

Lin Chen's smiling face made Ling Jian angry.

Finally, under the torture of two blue-order nirvanas, Ling Jian finally fell and died under the cutting of the wind blade!

And Lin Chen, again won a holy weapon cloak and a lot of attribute light ball!

[Get 3290 points of the essence of fighting spirit, 34 points of merit, 11 points of talent, 13 points of rune energy, 9 points of spiritual power...]

Taking away the attributed light ball that Ling Jian dropped, Lin Chen opened the orange crystal treasure chest that fell after Ling Jian died.


In the orange crystal treasure chest, the glory falls and the light shines. When opened, an orange-red key actually floats inside?