My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1044

Vol 5 Chapter 1044: Set Function Magic Energy Into The Body

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Chapter 1044, the set function, the magic energy into the body!

[Congratulations to the host for obtaining the upgrade key. After the conditions for opening the upgrade key are met, the system version upgrade conditions will be obtained.

[Conditions for opening the upgrade key: advance to the Holy Land The next version of the upgrade key is expected to open functions: set functions, enchantment functions, etc.

[The God of War Bracers currently held by the host belongs to the Attribute Treasure that belongs to the function of the set. The gold God of War setParts-Ultimate ArmguardsRight Bracers-Absolute Strength, Extreme Attack, Extreme Destruction, After updating the next version , Can fully unlock the set function.

Lin Chen opened his mouth wide!

Package function?

Feeling his "God of War Bracers" was actually produced by the next function of the system!

"Well, this function is said to be a set function. Is there another part? For example, Ares Leg Armor, Ares Armor?"

Lin Chen was ecstatic!

"It seems that the secret of the Ares Bracers only needs to be updated to the next version to unlock!"

After suppressing the excitement in his heart, Lin Chen rushed to the deepest part of the underground world and witnessed the ten golems!

"These ten golems are pure demons!"

Lin Chen was shocked and urged Zijin Tong to spy on the secrets in the golems, but found that these golems could not be seen at all, just like the remains of the Mozu!

The spiritual power that penetrates into it is like a mud cow entering the sea, and it is impossible to see what material is cast into the essence of the Golem!

"These golems were made by the fall of the real top demon race!"

Lin Chen was shocked, and when he came to this conclusion, he was almost certain that the strength of these golems was at least comparable to the saints during his lifetime!

Perhaps, stronger than the average saint!


At this time, the underground world began to collapse, because Yu Wei of the nirvana spread around, the underground world was about to collapse!

"I can't move these golems and I have no time to study these things."

Lin Chen flashed across and took away the dark red ancient mirror placed on the ground.

This ancient mirror exudes a ghostly and terrifying magical energy, as if inhaling all the magical energy in the ten magic statues inside!

"That's what the guy said to swallow the sky mirror?"

The strange thing is that because of Lin Chen's palm demon seal, Lin Chen is not eroded by the evil spirit.

Lin Chen also found that this ancient mirror was too strong to be placed in Taoyuan's capsules and bow.

No matter where you put it, it will collapse the internal space!

Boom ~ boom ~!

When the boulder fell, Lin Chen broke into a boxing motion, flapping the holy phoenix wings and rushing out of the world.

However, the change is steep!

Lin Chen's "Swallowing Mirror" in his arms burst into a sudden vision!


Devil qi is like a wicked dragon that breeds tyranny, and it bursts out from the ``swallowing sky mirror''!

"not good!"

Lin Chen was horrified. When he was about to throw away the "Swallowing Sky Mirror", he found that the violent and fierce magic energy actually condensed into a vortex-shaped funnel and quickly poured into the ``Magic Seal'' in his palm!

When the magic energy is integrated into the magic seal, such as a dragon entering the sea, the whale swallows the magic energy! A wicked dragon-like magical qi burst into magical sounds, and shocked Lin Chen's spirit!

"Oops! This magic is so arrogant, how can I suppress it!"

Lin Chen's heart is a gimmick!


Ye Fengsen was as cold as a knife, and the dark figure sitting at the top of the hall suddenly opened his eyes!

He spread his palms, the jade broken like sand, and the wind blew away.

"Is Ling Jian still dead? Just look for a new servant. Eighty-nine of the swallowing heaven mirrors are taken by the boy. His breath has been recorded in this seat, even if he escapes to the end of the world. The palm of the seat, the problem is his origin...if he gave the swallowing mirror to those people..."

He was lurking in the dark, his eyes rising with the magic light of Sen Leng.

At the next moment, a wave of anger shook the sky, and the vast clouds of the outside world split a terrifying gap!

"Huh? What's the matter! The devil qi of the ten demon kings ingested in this swallowing mirror have been taken away? Isn't that kid still on Rainbow Island!"


Rainbow Island, outside the waterfall.

"Sister Qingxuan, the master is all right... that person seems to be very strong, and I feel that there is more than one person under that cave..."

Shen Lingshuang's pretty face is full of worries, she vaguely arouses a bad hunch.

Perhaps because of the blood, Shen Lingshuang repelled some of the existence of the underground world...

"Relax, if your master hasn't encountered any crisis, he can't help him because of the difficulties inside."

Ning Qingxuan smiled lightly, the voice just fell, and a ray of light flashed from the West, it was Lin Chen!

"Eh, Master, why are you here?"

Shen Lingshuang was pleasantly surprised, and Lin Chen smiled: "It's okay, I played hide-and-seek with the people underneath."

Ning Qingxuan passed a trace of worry on his beautiful cheek and smiled and asked, "Solved?"

Lin Chen nodded, "Well, it's a tough guy, but it's done."

After all, Lin Chenmeiyu showed a bit of bitterness.

The opponent is done, but the magical energy of the "Swallowing Sky Mirror" belongs to his "Magic Seal"!

If Lin Chen didn't use the "super-dimensional teleportation" to get away at the last moment, he had to be buried in it.

"Damn, those demonic qi are so terrifying, they are all absorbed by the magic mark left by the woman of the demon clan, even if I can't feel anything now, there can be no change at all... only the fastest Speed into the Holy Land and see if you can crack this thing!"

Lin Chen temporarily put down the concerns in his heart and smiled at the second daughter-"Okay, the threat here has been ruled out by us. Retreat here and practice well!"

The three of them dived to Shuilian Cave within a day, and each sought a place to start retreating.

Lin Chenshu didn't know that the outside world had been upset by him!


The time went back to several hours ago.

Qiyun Island, the geniuses and the saints were frightened again!

A large number of genius list names began to dim, and then many genius names rose to the top.

This proves that a tremendous change has taken place in Rainbow Island, which caused the geniuses to fight deadly!

"It must have been a drastic change in Rainbow Island, otherwise the geniuses would not be so crazy to fight each other, and more than a dozen geniuses have fallen!"

"The light of hundreds of names has dimmed, and many geniuses have been seriously injured!"

A genius suddenly caught his eyes and found anomaly, exclaimed in horror.

"No, you see! There is a widespread fall of genius!"

Brush ~! The Holy Light Gold List began to dim with a wide range of names, and even the geniuses of the Sun and Moon Hall began to fall!


The appearance of "Brother Evil Moon" in the Sun Moon Palace has changed suddenly!

Then, the name of the genius of the Hundred Gates is also bleak fast! Even Dongfang Yao's name is like a candle in the wind!

The name of Nangong is even dim and disappears as soon as the light trembles!

Many geniuses breathed heavily!

What's happening here? Even the genius of the Fifth Sect sect is falling fast? Even the celestial wizards like Nangong have fallen?

Is it possible to encounter the holy beast!

Buzz~! Buzz~!

Two new names replace the names of Nangong Mei and Dongfang Yao!

"10088 in the list of geniuses, where Linchen, the **** of heaven, belongs to the denomination: Black Horse Club."

"10099 in the list of geniuses, one sword venerable and handsome, belongs to the denomination: Black Horse Club."

Seeing this scene, countless days before opening his mouth!

And his mother is the dark horse club!