My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1045

Vol 5 Chapter 1045: The Turbulence All The Saints Gathered

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1045 Chapter 1045

"Oh my god, he's really not afraid of killing, even the geniuses of the Hundred Saints Gate and Sun Moon Hall dare to slaughter, and kill a lot of them..."

"This Liangzi is concluded. The Sun and Moon Hall and the Baishengmen are very far away from the southern region, and the ordinary holy land cannot reach Qiyun Island for ten days and a half months."

"It depends on the attitude of the holy land brought by people. I feel that the dark horse club will be killed by the group holy when it is out of Qiyun Island!"

The discussion among the geniuses exploded!

The storm is like a wave after another, the Nangong is extinct, and then more than seventy genius names disappear and dim in a very short time!

The Zhende show, Zhendeying and others from the Black Horse Club have all made the list!

Countless days suddenly felt scalp tingling!

Really, this dark horse club is really crazy!

The faces of the saints are even more splendid. The Holy Realm hasn't seen such amazing talents who have challenged the rules for years!

As if the violent winds raged before the storm, the three holy lights flew like arrows, traversing the sky and reaching the sky above Qiyun Island!

Did the three saints arrive together?

Among the three saints, there is one of the old ancestors of the Chen family who was almost vomited blood by Lin Chen before!

"Oh? The Chen family are here too."

Lian Wanjin laughed.

The headed tiger-headed man Meiyu was cold and overbearing, indifferently saying-"This son destroys my Chen family's million-year-old deposit. The burning flame beads on his body must be returned, and my Chen family will also have to share the secrets of these children. A cup of soup! To compensate for the loss of my Chen family!"

"Hahaha, no problem, we only need his secret technique and Qi Yunlingzhi..."

Lian Wanjin laughed pretendingly, and there was a trace of dread in the eye sockets.

The dark pavilion and others exchanged glances, but felt that the more people encircling and suppressing the dark horse club, the better!

After all, there are too many ghost tricks on that kid!

Brush ~! There are two more sacred glows like a crescent moon, and suddenly came to Lian Wanjin's side!

The two Tsing Yi men approached with flying swords, and one of them nodded to Wan Jin.

"President, the bundle of holy rope has been brought."

Lian Wanjin applauded-"Well, very good, those little kings and **** can't fly!"

Many geniuses suffocated, these five saints actually came for Lin Chen?

However, the storm has just begun!

A giant bear, a fierce dragon, a unicorn, a Tianshi, tearing the clouds and sky, and the sky is full of anger!


The beasts screamed in the sky, shaking many young geniuses and shaking their eardrums. The waves are even more shocked by infinite waves!

There was a figure standing on top of each giant beast, with a brutal bloodthirsty breath, as if the ancient wilderness came.

"Ben Sheng would like to see it today, dare to rag out and kill my barbaric genius!"

The eyes of the genius are more horrified!

"These giant beasts seem to be condensed with holy spirit..."

Another four holy realms! The holy land from the wild domain!

"The momentum is too strong, it is worthy of being a saint in the barbarians, too cruel!"

"It is said that the strong man of the barbarian territory has been fighting with some powerful holy beasts on the front line for a long time. If there is no space enchantment protection in Qiyun Island, the roar of that voice just now will be enough to shock countless of us!"

When the teeth of many geniuses were shaking, the faces of Fengquan Saint and Yimei Saint became more dignified!

There are more and more saints in the "Black Horse Club"! The scene may exceed their control!

Moreover, there are more than two hundred old sacred realms in the void.

Although most of them are behind the scenes, they basically do not shoot, but it is difficult to guarantee that these old guys are desperately shot because their sectarian disciples have been killed more!

"The situation is not good. If there is a war next, it will be difficult for us to keep the little guys in the dark horse club!"

The sovereign of Fu Shengguo looked dignified.

The Venomous Saint nodded, and his old face was full of serious words-"This is not the most serious. The most serious is the Baishengmen and the Sun and Moon Hall. Although the location of the two cases is very far from the southern region, although the general saints cannot be short The time is over, but if it is the strong man of the fourfold cultivation of the Holy Realm, it will be different!"

Yue Qingli asked anxiously-"Father and Emperor, what's the matter with the fourfold Holy Land?"

"The four levels of the holy realm..." An elder of the holy realm of Fu Shengguo took the conversation, and the words were full of yearning and awe; "Nizi, the saints are also divided into strong and weak, and in the holy realm, almost There is no leapfrog challenge!"

"The fourfold of the Holy Realm is one of the most important watersheds among the saints. Even if there is only one, Zhende Shuai's gang will surely be suppressed! No matter what he has!"

The Lord nodded-"Yes, now there are more than twenty saints in the Black Horse Club, but these saints are not able to withstand a saint who has been rebuilt in the holy realm!"

Brush ~!

At this time, the Holy Light came again, and the saints outside Qiyun Island added again!

However, this time the comers are a few idle clouds, wild cranes, and elders of the immortal wind. They are not murderous. They seem to be the enemy of the dark horse club...

"Grandpa, you are finally here!"

Mo Qing bowed deeply!


Shenyan Palace, in the back garden.

The glamorous lady in the red robe tilted Erlang's legs, and picked out a great interest in the corner of her mouth.

"Blood-washed genius list? Ha ha, a bit interesting, Lin Chen, if you can't even pass this level, you are not qualified to talk about being a contemporary genius of my Shenyan Palace!"


When the outside world was turbulent, Lin Chen felt at ease in the Shuilian Cave.

[Consume 1620 points of intermediate heavenly path value, decompose 312 of eighth-order odd ore, 588 of eighth-order heavenly material and earth treasure, obtain attribute values: 1612 points of thunder energy, 1701 ignition energy, 1799 gold energy, 1743 water energy , 1882 points of wind energy, 221 points of spiritual power, 1092 points of dark energy, advanced fighting spirit essence 80,000 points...]

Lin Chen completely decomposed the eighth-order odd mine and eighth-order heavenly material and earth treasure obtained from the nine-color rainbow sky bridge!

The speed of its element attribute values can be described as shocking, and the value of the major element attributes has been surging all the way!

If it had been in the past, he would not do this kind of blood loss.

With the strength of his holy-level caster and holy-level pharmacist, give him enough time, he can play the best value of these holy-level strange mines and eighth-order heavenly resources.

Casting several pieces of excellent sacrificial objects and finished holy pill, it is a matter of course!

But now he does not have this time, a large number of saints and other saints already waiting for him!

He doesn't think that these saints are fools. They didn't take them down with their previous pursuits. People like the ancestral ancestors of the Chen family will definitely not let go, and the saints will continue to call for helpers!

The scale of this war will surpass any previous one!

Lin Chen must go all out and do everything he can!

If you lose, you wont do anything!