My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1046

Vol 5 Chapter 1046: On The Eve Of The War

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Chapter 1046

Time passed by day and night.

Lin Chen and his avatars have absorbed many attribute values!

"The best way at the moment is to increase the value of elemental attributes. God-killer talents can improve cultivation, but not elemental attribute values. This is my foundation. The better the foundation is, the stronger the god-killers will break out! "

Lin Chen exhaled, "The two talents of the Sky Rebel and the Extreme God Possession have not been collected. It seems that if you want to kill the encirclement of the Holy Realm, you still have to look at the combination of the God Killer talent and the God of War Bracers... "

Consciousness infiltrated the Taoyuan planting sac, Lin Chen placed the "Azure Blue Moon" and "Qingtian Sword" into a pile of silver Shengyuan coins.

The billowing silver airflow entangled like a cloud dragon and began to merge into the two holy vessels. Lin Chen piled a pile of gold holy yuan coins to the center.

Lin Chen, who has robbed many geniuses and holy beasts, now has 7290 gold holy yuan coins, used with silver holy yuan coins to restore holy items, and repair holy items as quickly as possible!

Then, Lin Chen suspended more than twenty eight-tier young pills next to the heap of Yinshengyuan coins, constantly absorbing Yinshengyuan coins and strengthening his body.

These young pill are carefully selected by Lin Chen, the best products, including healing class, auxiliary class, recovery class, etc. It is expected to be cultivated as a young pill of the first pill.

Lin Chen flipped his palm, a blue bow was suspended, the bow string was green, like a moon, the tip of the bow was inlaid with two bright jade, and the holy bow was like a thunder.

This holy bow is one of the treasures of the nine-color rainbow falling. It has the initial spirituality. After Lin Chen suppressed the holy beast, the holy bow no longer resisted when he fell on Lin Chen's hand.

Most of the secular spiritual things in the world are pursuing the strong. Lin Chen used his strength to gain the convincing of the Holy Bow.

Lin Chen bit the blood at the tip of his tongue and recognized the Lord by dripping blood.

Holy Bow did not resist much and accepted Lin Chen.

"The thunder bow of the thunder system, the azure royal thunder, and my "Jiguang film feather" arrow technique is a dual genus of the thunder system and the light system. This bow also meets my needs, and the arrow skills and power are doubled!"

Lin Chen looked at the'Azure Royal Thunder Bow' with great satisfaction.

"Fortunately, my spiritual strength is not what it used to be. It is not a big problem to barely bear another holy weapon. As for the armor of Ling Jian, it can only be temporarily stranded."

Lin Chen exhaled, and then buried all the'ground pith red crystals' under Long Qingshu, and pinched his handprints.

The ground pith red crystal is the lifeblood of the ground turtle.

This thing was born 90,000 meters below the ground, and it can only breed near the core of the earth and the core of the earth and earth. It has the energy of the earth system.

The sapphire-sized ground pith red crystals are worth a piece of St. Pill!

The ground pith red crystals owned by Lin Chen are two meters long, one foot wide, and their value is extremely high!

"These treasures are just right for my raw materials to cultivate soil crystals!"

After Lin Chen buried the "ground pith red crystal" under the Longqing tree, he chose a good place and planted the fourth Qi Yunling planted seeds he had planted.

"Yao Xiang had just arrived in the Holy World. How dare I ever think that I would have four kinds of Qi Yun Ling planting seeds!"

Lin Chen sighed from the bottom of his heart. The fourth seed of Qiyunling plant appeared blue-blue, which was quite mysterious.

Instead, Lin Chen didn't see its origin, and could only cultivate it until the seedling stage and take a first look at the phenomenon.

Then, Lin Chen ordered [fusion].

"System, if all the exercises I hold at this stage are all fused, what is the probability of merging the orange order exercises?"

[The system answers the host: The host currently has 87 kinds of top-grade purple top-level exercises, 18 kinds of half-orange exercises, and the probability of fusion of specified types of orange-order exercises: 21.72%. The probability of fusion random orange-order power method is: 33%.

Lin Chen was shocked!

So low? The sect that can produce 18 volumes of half-orange-level exercises is also among the top among the Sipin sect.

This is generally the strong foundation of the Fifth Grade sect, plus dozens of purple top-level exercises are only one-third of the probability?

"Wipe, aren't you pitting Laozi..."

Lin Chen is a little speechless. The probability of one third is too low. If the fusion fails, it is equivalent to hundreds of millions of silver holy yuan coins.

"Forget it, I'm still steady. Let's practice the orange-level exercises at hand first."

Lin Chen took out a roll of orange scrolls, his eyes flashed a bit fiery!

This is the orange-level exercises of the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge! I dont know, what would the legendary orange-order combat skills look like?

"The system consumes all the essence of the exercises. I want to learn this volume of orange-level exercises!"

[Consuming 1 point of high-level skills, is merging memory for the host. Orange-level combat skills have hard cultivation requirements. If the host cannot reach it, it cannot be cultivated.

Lin Chen was stunned!

What the hell? 1 o'clock?


Burial of the Holy Mountains, from north to south, like a winding dragon, running through millions of miles.

The Funeral Mountain Range is the junction of the South, Yan, and Yellow domains.

Two hundred thousand years ago, a holy war frightened by the holy world broke out!

A large number of saints set off wars here, the cause of which is unknown to the world.

The Saints of Three Domains are silent on this war.

Yanyu, Flame Mountain.

The flames burned like the sea, boiling between the mountains and burning.

The center of the mountains is a raging sun.

The scorching sun is actually the formation of a fighting spirit released by a figure!

"The burial of the Holy Relic will be reopened soon. I have foreseen that those geniuses who are aiming at the demon list have begun to gather near the Three Domains."

The figure sitting in the center of the hot sun spoke slowly.

"In the past, I went to the burial holy mountain range for the teacher myself, but I didn't expect that the large array of old things was still there. The human race holy realm broke into it, and the possibility of death was extremely high. Devour the Holy Spirit to maintain..."

The flaming flames appear in the scorching sun, seeming to be afraid.

"Well, what the Saint King left behind is not so easy to take. This old guy wants to provoke the battle of the Hundred Saints again, in order to absorb the blood of the Holy One and resurrect, acting against the sky..."

"Now that the great saints have seen the technique of the old thing, only the human race below the holy realm can enter to avoid the big formation, but the saint beast inside, and the holy realm can not compete with it. The ordinary war emperor enters, It's the same as dying, my disciple, can you be confident this time?"

The old man in the hot sun opened his eyes, and his eyes were burning like a pair of blazing sun.

On the opposite side of the old man, a handsome young man with sword eyebrows and his head resting on his head, leaning on the stone cliff, whistled.

"Master, if you say this, I'm embarrassed. After all, the Holy Realm is not the same as it was today. The current genius list is 10,000 top geniuses, which is equivalent to the end of the demon list ten million years ago. The existence of the imperial boundary is as strong as a group of monsters. I heard that some guys can fight the saints for dozens of rounds without being consecrated. Damn, its too scary..."

The old man nodded his head deeply"Indeed, times have changed, and the genius born from the birth of the Holy Realm is stronger."

Then he stared at the cynical handsome young man.

"You are one of those monsters..."