My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1047

Vol 5 Chapter 1047: Storm Clouds

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Chapter 1047

Heavenly Star Forest, where the power of stars is extremely strong, it is a great place to borrow stars.

The youth sat here, and when they opened their eyes, they glanced at the faint golden glow, which gave rise to the supremacy of the sword. Everything in the heavenly star forest moved at once, as pointed by Hua Jianfeng!

"By using the Star Stone and the Undead Phoenix Feather in the Starry Palace, my injuries have not only recovered, but my strength has improved slightly."

This young man is exactly Lin Xingchen after playing with Lin Chen!

"I don't know when I can find the remaining Chishen Qiling..."

Lin Xingchen spread his palms, and there were two pieces of red satin.

Seeing the two pieces of red silk, Lin Xingchen had a trace of tiredness and fatigue between his eyebrows.

If Lin Chen saw the red satin in Lin Xingchen's hands, his face might be very wonderful.

Because these two pieces of red silk, Lin Chen also has!

And Lin Chen still holds three pieces of red silk! There is one more piece than Lin Xingchen!


Sword domain, sword stele sea.

Thousands of stone tablets are like swords in the sky.

In front of a sword monument; sitting a girl.

The cold wind blowing across her bright red hair, her eyes closed tightly, her eyes stricken and her wild geese, but the killing between her eyebrows seemed like no emotion.

The sword behind her burst into a whisper, causing the woman's cold eyes to open.

"Burial of the Holy Mountains... Master's last wish of the year, I will finish it, this sword, I have practiced for thousands of years..."

The woman got up, bright red robe, and the afterglow of the sword light.

"Hopefully this time I will find an opponent worth drawing."


There was fluctuation in Najie, and the woman frowned and mobilized Najie.

"The Gold List has never had such a violent reaction. Is it a change in the talent list?"

When the woman turned the list, hundreds of names quickly dimmed.

"Huh?" The cold and ruthless eyes slightly fluctuated.

Several brand-new names replaced the front of the bleak name.

"Lin... Chen?"

The woman murmured in doubt.


Yellow field, a desert.

Sandstorms raged, and yellow sands were everywhere.

It is strange that a body covered by wind and sand was lying in the desert.

"It's so tiring. I have to fight every time. The head of the team still keeps Lao Tzu from dying. Anyway, he can't get the top spot in the genius list. What does it mean to be wrong?"

The yellow sand was shaved, it was a young face with rolled eyes, and even spit out yellow sand from his mouth.

"It's time to go again, the most annoying to enter the gloomy places other than girls."

The young man grabbed the yellow sand beside his hand, and the desert was shaken violently. Hundreds of millions of tons of yellow sand rolled up a torrential sandstorm, condensed into ten yellow sand dragons, and rolled up the youth.

He stepped on the dragon and lifted up the bangs, revealing his lazy eyes without losing their charm.

"It would be nice if I met a few beautiful female geniuses this time."

Suddenly, Huaizhong Jinbang changed.

He turned around curiously.

"Dark Horse Club? What kind of wonderful power is this?"

Southland, Xingdao.

The young man standing proudly on the cloud closed the gold list, with a sarcastic smile on his lips.

"Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club? Interestingly, it seems that this time the Tianbang was born with a bunch of guys who are looking at it."

"If the Sacred Mountain Range is not open, I really want to ravage him and punish him now. The feeling of slaughtering a genius is not fun, hahaha..."

The youth stretched out its dark wings and turned into a black meteor flashing eastward.

In the Yanyu, above the clouds, a sky gate rises.

Tianmen hung the three characters Peer God Gate.

Tianmen is at the front, youth is at the back.

He was dressed in a snow-white robe, his eyebrows were spotted, and his cold eyes were like swords, and the arrogance of indifferent people in the world was hanging between his eyebrows.

"The burial of the Holy Mountains is approaching. Hey, although the saints are at great risk of entering death, Ben rarely cleans up the trash of the genius list that came out of it, and it is impossible to find the clues of that year..."

After all, there was a shadow after the youth.

When the afterimage disappears, it has flashed to thousands of miles away!

Just after the young man left his forefoot, there were a few young and delicate young girls who were sinking into the mist.

"Yes, Senior Brother ran out to play again! Without taking us again!"

"Really, Brother hasn't stopped since he was on the list of evildoers!"

"Wrong, it was the brother who saw the woman in the Shenyan Palace before he stopped, hee hee, this is a mistake for a lifetime?"


Holy World, a certain area, Tianqi Mountain.

Lonely cloud , peak Jiuxiao.

A pair of smart eyes like Yuehui Xingcan quietly opened.

The man stretched a lazy waist, perfectly highlighting the slender figure like Chunyang willow branch.

Its style is peerless, its silver hair is light, its skin is better than snow, its face is like snow jade, its bright eyes are bright teeth, its collar is like a grub, its facial features are flawless, and it transcends countless handsome men and women in the world.

The eyes of human beings reveal the deep and vast spiritual fluctuations. It seems that as long as you stare at the eyes of the moon, they will be lost forever in the endless spiritual world, making people irresistible and intoxicated.

The gentleness between the eyebrows reveals the shyness of the teenager, and the smile reveals the bleak beauty of the woman who is even in the country.

The delicate and beautiful jade-like snow fingers held the gold list, and when they glanced a little, they exclaimed.

"Great, the monitor really came to the Holy Realm..."

"Dark horse club? Hey, the squad leader seems to have killed a lot of geniuses. Isn't this... the blood-washed geniuses helped? Will this provoke a lot of power? It really looks like the squad leader's style..."

People are astonished, with a look of anticipation and excitement.

"I don't know what kind of expression the squad leader will see when I see me today. He seems to think I am... hee hee~"

"It's almost time to go through customs, squad leader, don't you have an accident..."

If there are 10,000 geniuses in the top of the genius list here, you might cry out and recognize this peerless person.

In the thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm, human races have reproduced countless eras, and the most indispensable is genius. Legends are endless!

This man is like a legend who shocked countless powerhouses in the Holy Realm a year ago, and the son of surprise who turned out to be the first person on the top genius list!

Genius List #1: The Son of Amazingness!

However, he still has a louder title.

The first son of the Holy World.

This number one is not only number one in the genius list, but also appearance first!

Battlefield, Void Plaza.

Thousands of golems, four heads and eight arms, towering in the field, the golem face is ugly, like the evil ghost of hell.

A young man who knelt on his knees was covered with dust, and the floor at his knees was recessed with a perfect fit.

Thousands of years, like a snap.

The young man got up and his body was covered with dust.

The magician knocked the head for three thousand years, and suddenly returned to the first king.

His eyes were as fierce as the night owl.

Late night could not hide the darker darkness in his eyes.

The young man's hoarse voice showed a fierce and violent fighting intention.

"God has vanished, and the devil will save all beings."