My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1048

Vol 5 Chapter 1048: The Eve Of Change

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Chapter 1048

Tens of years ago, the genius at the end of the demon list can challenge the saints by jumping over the emperor! Famous mountains and rivers, shock 36 domains!

Leapfrogging the saints is no longer the representative of the enemies list!

Today, thousands of years later, the Holy Realm has ushered in a new era!

The thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm are brewing an unprecedented storm!

This storm, invisible, attracts the strongest geniuses in the genius list!

Those, as powerful as people call them monsters, are among the top 10,000 geniuses!

The shadow was about to move, and the demon recovered from the silence.

And a certain name, when the storm is brewing, stood in the most violent position of the tuyere!

Descendants of the Holy Realm are said to have been said in history: the eve of change.


After consuming 1 point of advanced exercises, Lin Chen was puzzled at the moment when the memory of practice was integrated into his mind.

"Orange Tier "Shen Tears": Shen Hui appeared out of thin air, and there were no traces of tears from the gods. The first tear: the broken air broke the sky."

"To practice this knife technique, you need to break the holy qi or war qi, and cut it with one knife, and smash thousands of qi..."

Lin Chen was stunned after fusing his memory!

Orange-level exercises are simply outrageous!

The first weight of "Tears of God" is to condense the whole body's fighting spirit or holy gas and pure power, and kill a sharply rotating sword gas!

But the difficulty is the next step!

"Blade gas, the user needs to crack the knife gas and explode the accumulating sharp awns at once. The knife gas is like a sky of rain and the broken awn is blasted. Each piece of broken awn is destructive and With its extremely flexible ability, it is extremely difficult for the enemy to react in the instantaneous burst of crushed mansions, and instantly crush his opponent!"

Lin Chen was terrified, his teeth trembled, and he couldn't help breathing air.

However, the orange order exercises are far more than that! If it is limited to this, I am sorry for the word "orange level"!

Explosively split a fighting attack into ten or even 100 times. Similar to this kind of exercises, there are also half-orange and purple-order exercises.

Even Lin Chen can do it himself.

However, none of these moves overcomes a difficult problem, that is, the destructive power of an attack is divided into several parts, and the power will be greatly reduced.

"Don't mention the power increase for similar exercises. It is extremely difficult to maintain the original one-third of the original power! If you compare with the numerical value, the attack of the ordinary exercises will produce a power of 100. After the fragmentation, the power of all attacks The sum can only be maintained between 10 and 20. This is not enough for top powerhouses."

"But in "Tears of the Gods", the moment when the sword is exploded, the power is not reduced but increased! It is enough to maintain the original destructive power. It also has a reverse promotion..."

Lin Chen asked himself, if he faced the enemy who had mastered this "tears of tears", the only possibility was to use slow runes!

But the problem is, you dont even know when your opponent will "break away" your attack and turn into a violent storm to surround you!

Lin Chen's eyes shine!

This is the Orange Step, which stands at the apex of the exercises! It can't be compared with the half-orange-order exercises at all!

The half-orange level is only slightly immersed in the power of the orange-level exercises, and there is a terrifying gap between the two!

However, the next system prompt made Lin Chen completely maddened!

[The system prompts the host that the hosts current level 6 charge rune, level 6 penetration rune, purple order talentultimate time, purple order talentstrike, purple order talenttearing, and is unable to combat orange order Be applicable. The bonus of Junlin's talents to the orange rank combat skills has been greatly reduced.

Isn't this Nima cheating?

All of his hole cards are not applicable to the Orange Tier combat skills?

"System, what are you doing to me?"

Lin Chen was completely angry!

[Answer to the host: The orange-order combat skills belong to the top level of the exercise method, and the increase is very difficult. Please host the emotions. In the same way, the host's own combat skills will also increase due to cultivation and strength, and the difficulty of increase will increase.

The systematic answer reminded Lin Chen of the previous use of "Nine Tribulations".

When it was clearly using level 6 charge runes, the prompts that jumped out only increased the power by 480%.

"It turned out that the Jiujiao Stars at that time were because my cultivation surged beyond the scope of the blessing rune blessing. I am afraid that I use the Jiujia stars now, although the power will exceed the previous, but the strength of the power rune increase But it will get smaller and smaller..."

Lin Chen asked between thoughts-"What if you continue to upgrade your runes and talents?"

[Tip the host: Some talents, recharges, and runes cannot be upgraded.

Lin Chen exhaled, and it seemed that there must be something to lose.

In the future, many of his runes and talents will help him less and less.

"I can only look for new talents and runes. Orange-level exercises are the most top-notch. Can't I use half-orange exercises in my life? Besides, the power of half-orange exercises in my hands has turned over. It took more than ten or twenty times to barely reach the height of the orange-level exercises."

Lin Chen quickly adjusted his mind, and his eyes were burning with a strong fighting spirit-"If the power of the orange-level exercises can be doubled or even doubled, tripled, the benefit to me is far more than the half-orange-level combat skills increased by 20 times. Now!"

Lin Chen began to dive into the main points of "Tears of God" and began to shatter the fighting spirit that he had killed.

On the other side, he released two avatars and started casting. He also had an eighth-order beast core, which was obtained from the robbing of those geniuses in the nine-color rainbow bridge, and was the beast core of Taiyou Golden Phoenix!

This phoenix is one of the top 100 holy phoenix races, famous for its invincible golden feather and sharp **** talent.

Any kind of magical power of its race is overbearing and extremely sharp. It is called the whole body is treasure by many casters, even a feather can be cast into a seventh-order weapon.

Lin Chen is about to complete his eighth-order gun embryo, and it is the last step to cast it into a finished holy weapon!

And his gun embryo just happened to lack a key material!

Time slowly passed through Lin Chen's many cultivation and preparation matters.

On the third day, Lin Chen's eighth-order gun embryo was cast into a complete sacristy. The finished product surpassed the first-grade sacristy and reached the rank of second-grade sacristy for the first time! Beyond the level of Optimus Sword!

This gun is the first holy artifact made by Lin Chen himself. Its name is: Youhuang!

On the fourth day, Lin Chen practiced the introductory method of controlling the fragmentation of the warcraft to the extreme. He waved a knife and could break into dozens of broken awns, but he still could not meet the needs of "Tear of Tears"!

The reason is very simple, Lin Chen's cultivation is insufficient!

His fighting strength needs at least one step further to be broken more thoroughly!

"At least it takes five robbers to be able to get a glimpse of this orange-level combat skill. At the moment I am still some distance away from the five robbers. Although there are silver holy yuan coins, it is not enough time to refining the power of the avatar. Well, its my mental strength, and its faintly like touching a half-step into the saint, um, doppelganger to cultivate spiritual strength!"

Lin Chen asked the avatar to take an eighth-order young pill with great spiritual power, and the three avatars formed the handprint of the "Tai Shi Bible", and the spiritual overpass differentiated tens of thousands of spiritual power to refine the young pill!

[Get 9 points of mental power, 13 points of mental power, 11 points of mental power...]

Although the finished product Shengdan is the most effective medicine for immortality, Lin Chen is running out of time now, and can absorb as much as he can!