My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1049

Vol 5 Chapter 1049: Got A Dog Day?

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Chapter 1049

Brush ~!

Lin Chen withdrew from the retreat, and the practice was handed over to the avatar. He rushed out of the water curtain hole alone.

"I knew you were the Lord who couldn't live."

Ning Qingxuan stood above the clouds and smiled, Fanghua peerless.

This smile seems to bloom for only one person.

Lin Chen dumbfounded, then smiled: "Hey, those who know my heart, Feining Fairy also."

"How about what to do this time."

The fairy fell beside him, as if knowing his mind.

Lin Chen: "It is rumored that the extreme south area of Rainbow Island is full of murderous beasts. I am going to hunt there for a large range of beasts. You help me to hurt the beasts, let me be my avatar or let me fight. dead."

Ning Qingxuan said: "What about the fierce beast nuclear."

Lin Chen: "It doesn't matter, you need to pick it up yourself, and don't need me to use it as inventory."

Thats right, the significance of Lin Chens move is to accumulate the energy value of the Jinglintianxia talent! Prepare for the final battle!


Hundred Holy Gate, Thousand Moon Holy Tower.

"For many years, there haven't been any young people who have dared to challenge me to the Hundred Gates."

"It takes a lot of energy to train so many young geniuses. This dark horse club is extremely mad..."

"If it comes from a fifth-rank sect, how dare you treat him, but it turns out to be a rankless sect? Huh, look for death!"

Inside the holy tower, in a vast dense room, the three breaths are as strong as the stars and moon, and suddenly shake and wake up!

"Ji Mei, please go and bring people back, we are going to live."

The voice just fell, the powder cloud rose, and the beautiful woman shrouded in the cloud, giggled.

"Last time I picked up the eagle St. Joe's old monster on the East Island, and died without playing for a month~ I look forward to meeting a good guy this time."

Hongtian Temple, a roll of storms destroys the world, and the sky is vast.

In the storm, an old man yawned.

"It's really killing people, going to the Yinlei Abyss, and asking the old man to catch a young man called Lin Chen, this group of guys will really make people call..."

The Sun and Moon Hall, the sea and the moon rise again, and the glaring sun falls to meet the beautiful woman.

"Lin Chen? It was the guy who washed the genius list some time ago? Did he kill my apprentice?"

Leng Chi shocked, the moon was dim, and the night came.

The beautiful lady in the fluttering moon skirt stepped on a ray of light from the night, like an arrow from the string passing through the void.

"Lin Chen, no matter what your origins are, the life of this prince will surely demand blood and blood from you!"

Qiyun Island.

Mo Qing looked at his ancestors and elders, and took a breath of air!

The elders came out!

"Qingsuan, you are the only person in our family who practiced the secret technique, and we believe in your vision."

His grandfather's grandfather's heartless smile, patted Mo Qingsuan's shoulder.

"This is too big a bet, Grandpa..."

Mo Qing is a little trembling, which completely overwhelms the entire sect!

"We also collected the rumors of the dark horse club at the fastest speed. This group of monster-like wizards is worth our bet!"

The grandfather master held the dust, smiled with whiskers, and his eyes showed the wisdom light of insight into the red dust.

Geniuses from all walks of life cannot help but hold their breath!

This lineup is terrible!

There are the chairman of the Sipin Chamber of Commerce, the Chen family of the Sipin family, the dark pavilion of the Sipin sect, the cicada holy and the fog holy in the strange domain, and the five holy saints from the fourth domain of the barbaric domain and the red sage from the Hongtian Temple. !

There were more than twenty saints who wanted to encircle and suppress the'Black Horse Club' on the spot! !

"Those ecclesiastical Sanpin sects who helped Mr. Lin Chen in the Sifang Conference did not come. I am afraid that they have been dragged down by the other secret forces of Qiyu, and there may be more saints in the future. This time, he How to get through this difficulty..."

Lan Ruoxuefang's heart palpitations, this difficulty far exceeds that of the Quartet!

The passage of time, until the fourth day, thousands of streamers have descended from the sky!

Geniuses hold their breath, many top geniuses are returning!

But as soon as the streamer descended, a large number of beams descended on the Qiyuntai.

Each light beam is a figure, or a skeleton and residual body.

What's more, there is a hair left when teleporting back...

However, the saints and geniuses found that all geniuses were decadent and sad.

The female portrait is overly lustful and listless. The man's image is like a kidney deficiency, completely hollowed out.

Everyone is stunned!

What happened?

Even Fengquan Saint and Yimei Saint were dumbfounded!

Shouldn't Rainbow Island have some chances to gain something?

In the past, the geniuses who came out of Rainbow Island had at least half a day before they were all achieved. They were all red and full of spirits, and they were also a face of perseverance.

How did you come to this session, one by one, like a dog's day?

Among this group of'withered' flowers, only one'rose rose' is particularly bright!

The women in the Heart Refinement Palace are convergent and strict. Only Lin Chen from the Black Horse Club is full of spring breeze and smiles, with a bit of lasciviousness in her anger, smiling like a rose flower!

"Well, how can this Lin Chen smile..."

"This kid failed to pick up a beautiful woman and smiled like a bridegroom just entering the cave!"

The geniuses are dumbfounded.

Lin sighed.

"Hey, Rainbow Island is so good! I'm so happy to come down this time. I will come next time. I have to bring the girls from our dark horse club to eat hot pot and sing songs together. Isn't it beautiful?"

Many of the geniuses on the court were so angry that they almost scolded their mother!

Good sister! Why did you drag your family to visit the mountains and water?

Does he still speak human language? You are happy, your special happiness is built on our pain! All the good things are **** you!

"I really want to beat him..."

"Brother, hold back, you can't beat him!"

"Why did Lao Tzu enter Rainbow Island with this **** of plague? I really owe whom his mother's last life owed, grass! After mixing for so long, I touched an eighth-order medicinal plant!"

Everyone saw that the geniuses who were sent back were staring at Lin Chen like watching their father's enemies. They couldn't help but wonder, what happened in this rainbow island?

Those surviving barbarian geniuses saw the giant lion bear in the void, and the unicorn fierce chick couldn't help crying and screaming!

"Ancestor, you can be counted! It is this kid who is killing my compatriots in the barbarians!"

"He killed 74 of us in one breath, and all our eight denominational geniuses killed him!"

"Yes! And he robbed us all, when the last nine-color rainbow bridge appeared, everything was robbed by him!"

A lot of geniuses were stunned when they saw the rough guys in Manyu who cried like a child, crying like a child!

What did they hear? Nine-color Rainbow Bridge!

That's the great chance that the legend has never been encountered for thousands of years! Every time someone appears to get his chance, he will surely cast a legend and a legend, even if the treasures with a little nine-color rainbow bridge can be used endlessly!

However...All things of the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge were robbed by Lin Chen!

What's wrong with this!

However, next...

"Ooooo, Brother Xieyue, you must make a decision for Nangong and the dying brothers and sisters!"

The beautiful lady of the Sun and Moon Hall was crying with pear flowers and rain. Everyone was still pitiful, sobbing to the evil youth in the void.

"Lin Chen, disguised as Brother Nangong, robbed the entire Rainbow Island holy beast as a brother and blamed us on the Sun and Moon Hall, resulting in our siege by multiple holy beasts, our brothers and sisters It was difficult to break through, and I knew that this child secretly attacked, and most of our people were killed by the Black Horse Club!"

Hearing this, everyone, even the saints, was instantly dumbfounded, and their faces were ashamed!