My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1050

Vol 5 Chapter 1050: The Killing Of The Gods Reappears Heads Up The Group Saints

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Chapter 1050: The God Killing Reappears, Heads Up the Saints!

"I... did I hear it right?"

"He robbed the treasures of the Nine-Color Rainbow Bridge and robbed the holy beasts of the Rainbow Island? My goodness! How crazy is this!"

"Repair the appearance of the Seven Princesses of Fusheng Ancient Kingdom, take the fireworks of Chen Family's Purgatory Volcano Island, and cleanse the list of geniuses. My God, this dark horse club acted like normal, and it broke the sky everywhere!"

Then, the last few geniuses of the Hundred Gates even called on the elders of the Holy Land in the void.

"I urge Elder Xia to take action to get justice for Brother Dong! This not only framed Brother, but also took away the seeds of Qi Yun Ling Zhi Jiu Rainbow Bridge and the Orange Order exercises!"

As soon as this remark came out, the saints were so cold! Fiery glow and greed in the eyes!

The geniuses were all shocked and dizzy. Did the orange-order exercises and the seeds of Qiyunling plant out?

In the face of the people with extremely wonderful faces, Lin Chen laughed as always.

"No way, as long as I wave fast enough, death cannot catch up with me."

Haven't waited for the Holy Man of the Wind Spring to speak, terrible coercion came from the void!

boom! boom! boom!

The whole Qiyun Island was shaken!

The Four Saints of the Barbaric Domain, the Red Saints of the Hongtian Temple, the Saints of the Canghai of the Hundred Gates, the Holy Genius Mo Xieyue of the Sun and Moon Temple, the two Saints of the Profound Domain, the Four Saints and Four Pins Chamber of Commerce of the Chen Family The Three Saints, the Four Saints in the Dark Pavilion, the Five Saints in the Wonderland, and all the thunder wrath.

"What a dark horse club, Lin Chen imp, let your people get out!"

"My Sun Moon Palace has not been killed by so many geniuses so far. Want to challenge authority? I'll do you all!"

"Let Zhen Dexiu get out of the bastard, my Chen's Burning Flame Pearl is not something you can eat with your gang of stinky devil!"

All Saints were furious, and the geniuses in Qiyun Island were pale! The expression is full of pain!

The energy shield as strong as Qiyun Island is also difficult to withstand the anger of more than twenty saints at the same time!

"You guys, don't you want to violate the rules?"

One eyebrow saint and wind spring saint stopped before all the geniuses, scolding all the saints.

In fact, they also have a headache!

According to the rules, as long as they are still in Qiyun Island, they must protect all geniuses and prevent any private fighting.

But in history, there is no such crazy force as the dark horse club!

However, after leaving Qiyun Island, it is not their responsibility. So at least they have to protect Lin Chen until the ceremony is over!

More than two hundred saints in the void are holding a good play mentality. They are already retreating saints, and most of them will no longer intervene in anything.

At this time, Lin Chen talked and laughed and said: "Two seniors, one person does one thing, you don't have to fight for me."

The Saint of Wind Spring and the Saint of Eyebrow gave him a deep look and slowly backed away.

Under the eyes of all the people, Lin Chen stood up in the air and raised a **** to all the holy land that showed hostility towards him.

"Biety's quirky and crooked, your disciples are not as good as people and still hit me, can I not be killed by the neck? They were killed by me simply because they were looking for death! Kill, I am afraid that your gang of old dogs will also praise and praise them for being too late, huh, huh, you know better than me!"

"Respect is always built on strength. Dont **** talk about so much nonsense when you want to do things. A bunch of crooked melons that cant afford to lose! Isnt that the holy saint? I have killed more than one or two saints today. Dont mind more of your group!"

Lin Chen grinned sneer, frantic, and shocked the heroes!

Holy Tu! For the war emperor, this only exists in legends forever!

The warlord leapfrogging the saint and the saint is completely two concepts!

"I don't know what the sky is thick!"

A strong wind tears the space!

The "Bear Saint" in the Manchuria is several feet tall, the size of the eyes is basin-like, like a humanoid beast, the strength tears the space and flashes to Lin Chen's side, the five fingers break out and the power to smash the void, the fist wind shakes the earth and earth, one Fist hit Lin Chen's face!

No fancy skills, only pure to ultimate strength!

The fist is not coming, the fist wind has crushed the crystal wall of the Baizhang space near Lin Chen into a crack!

Fuck~! Bang~! Bang!

Above Qiyun Island, a mushroom cloud exploded!

The geniuses can't see clearly, but more than two hundred saints can see clearly!

In the very center of the mushroom cloud, Xiong Sheng's fist was stopped by the palm of the burning Chi Xiao Shenhua!

When Lin Chen opened his eyes again, the violent fighting intention shook the sky!

At this moment, the holy realm of more than twenty encircled and suppressed Lin Chen finally appeared in horror!

Lin Chen circulated the Chixiao Shenhua all over his body, his eyes were like the starlight of hundreds of millions of years, a pair of sword eyebrows ignited the flame of Chixiao, the spirit was as deep as the world, like a god!

His shoulders propped up the sky, like ghosts and spirits from hell, and released a little energy to break the sky and glance at the world!

His fighting spirit condensed into twenty'Hexagonal Star Mansions', shining brightly, and rapidly growing the world-famous Nine Tribulation Holy Spirit!

Lin Chen's five fingers clenched Xiong Sheng's fist, even faintly bending his arm down! Power will rule the world and suppress the ages!

All Saints are air-conditioned!

Catch Xiong Sheng's fist with one hand? Suppress pure power with pure power?


The geniuses have not yet seen what happened, Xiong Sheng was blasted thousands of meters away!

"What's the situation? The sanctuary of the barbaric domain has been beaten?"

"Lin Chen? What's the matter with Lin Chen? Why can't I suddenly feel his breath?"

Many geniuses panicked!

Only the sage can see clearly. Lin Chen hit the "seven strengths in one" with a simple and capable knee at a speed exceeding 100 times the speed of sound, and blasted Xiong Sheng with pure power!

"Twenty sacred caves? Is he also a sacred place? Or a double peak?"

"Impossible! How can he enter Rainbow Island if he is holy?"

"His physical training power exceeds Xiong Sheng!"

All the saints were shocked, and the saints in the dark pavilion even fixed their eyes on Lin Chen!

The ancestor of the Dark Pavilion who was wounded on his body, Ying Tianmo gritted his teeth: "It turns out that he has always reserved! He has not done his best that day!"

The Lord of Fu Shengguo looked ecstatic!

"Great! He still has this hole card, so the dark horse club has a chance to run away!"

[Launching the orange level (one-time) active talent God killer succeeded! For those who are hostile to the host, the five-tribulation war emperor repair is: 3711 people, and the Holy Realm repair is: 41 people. Including spiritual power, extreme dragon power, and fighting strength cultivation, a total increase in strength: 174596 times.

[During the God-killer's talent state, the host can't drop the growth-type light sphere when killing the enemy, and the non-growth-type light spheres dropped are reduced.

170,000 times!

This time Lin Chen used the God Killer talent to increase his power by nearly 175,000 times, second only to 300,000 times when he challenged the pseudo-god last time!

However, Lin Chen's basic cultivation and strength were very different from those at that time!

"Huh? I can freely control many changes in the Holy Spirit, and meet the basic conditions for practicing "Tears of God"!"

Lin Chen was very surprised and issued an order.

[Consumption of 8,000 advanced exercises and spirits, the fusion of the first reminiscence of "Tears of Tears"...]

Massive cultivation memory is integrated into the five avatars of Taoyuan Capsule, Lin Chen does not need to distract, just need to integrate cultivation memory into the avatar!

"I use the power of the God-killer's talent this time, second only to the previous fight against the false gods! This is... the holy cave!"

Lin Chen's heart was like electricity, and he instantly looked at the'hexagonal star' flashing in his body!

The war emperor became holy, only by opening up the holy cave to absorb the heaven and earth holy qi, and turning the war qi into holy qi, can he be called holy!

One to ten holy caves is a holy sanctuary. 11 to 20 holy caves are double holy realms!

Lin Chen, who used the God-killer talent, opened up 20 illusory holy caves, which is equivalent to the second peak of the Holy Realm!

Each Holy Cave is brewing a vast and vast space, such as a new world, containing a vast amount of brilliance. This is Lin Chens Nine Tribulation Holy Spirit!

His flesh and shell body seems to be latent in endless power. Lin Chen can use just one finger to explode hundreds of previous selves!

"Spiritual power is beyond the sanctuary, pure power is 3 billion dragon power!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the fighting intent of the world is blooming!

He just played, his first trump card!