My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1051

Vol 5 Chapter 1051: Fierce Battle

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Chapter 1051

After taking a punch from Xiong Sheng from Lin Chen and blasting the latter, all the holy realm came back to God with one breath!

"It's a terrible young man with such a hole card!"

"On one piece, did him!"

The battle experience of the All Saints is extremely hot, with fierce eyes, not frightened by Lin Chen, each side flashes to surround Lin Chen!

"You must not underestimate the enemy, take him down!"

Lian Wanjin's voice had just fallen, and the Chihong Saint of the Hongtian Temple burst into an energetic finger of the Holy Light that swept across the mountains and rivers, across the sky, and burst away!

Sigh~! A dozen acres of Holy Light palm shattered Holy Light fingers across the sky!

boom! boom! boom!

More than a dozen lights collided in one piece!

"Friend Lin Chen, the old man is the ancestor of the palace, and he leads three Holy Realms today!"

"Little Lin Chen, take the Black Horse Club, and leave it to us!"

The grandfather of Mo Qingsuan, the sovereign of Fu Shengguo, You Du Sheng, and so on, all heard Lin Chen!

Fu Shengguo and Youdu Sheng, a total of four saints, stopped Chen's four saints!

The Heavenly Ghost Palace and the grandfather, also the four sages, stopped the four sages in the barbarian territory, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, but at least the eight sages helped the war and stopped the other eight saints!

However, even so, there are still two Saints of the Profound Realm, the Saints of the Canghai of the Hundred Saints Gate, the Moxie Moon of the Sun and Moon Hall, the Chihong of the Hongtian Hall, the Three Saints of the Chamber of Commerce, the Four Saints of the Dark Pavilion, and the Wonderland The Five Saints!

There are still 17 holy places! There are 9 holy realms, 5 double holy realms, and 3 triple holy realms!

"Want to run? You don't have this opportunity, tie the rope!"

Lian Wanjin sneered, raised his hands and pushed sideways, three golden light lasing, like a dragon snake winding, bound Lin Chen!

"Huh..." Lin Chen was amazed that this golden rope could temporarily restrain his pure power and Nine Tribulation Holy Spirit!

"17 holy realms, this kid didn't have to fight!"

"Even the bundle of holy rope is used. These guys are so determined to catch this kid!"

The holy realms watching the battle sighed.

The moment when Lin Chen **** the holy rope, the vision was abrupt!

[The host launched 13 blue-level advanced nirvana skills, locked the target, and began to bombard. The remaining blue-level advanced nirvana: 39 kinds.

Yinlong thunder, like an electric dragon, was born and burst into the Four Saints of the Dark Pavilion.

The dark green gang wind tornado turned into a giant and swallowed the five sacred domains of Cicada Saint and Fog Saint!

The ice tide rises out of thin air, such as a series of ice dragons entwined to Chihong, Canghai Saint and others!

"Is this what the Dark Pavilion said is an unavoidable energy attack, it is really strange!"

Thousands of holy lights reflect on the sky, all the holy bodies, the holy cave of the steamed cloud, Xiawei, or the flying swords and tigers, or the heavy moon, or the sword light twists, resisting Lin Chen's nirvana!

The enchanting young man in white with the power of the nirvana instantly moved Lin to Lin Chen, the Moxie Moon in the Sun and Moon Hall!

His right arm shone with a candid star of the lower-grade Yang system, and the nine-fold sun wheel of the Holy Light above his head was nearly as strong as the sky!

He hardly resisted Lin Chen's 3 nirvana skills and could move freely!

"Different carving skills are not useful to me! A mortal who came from a humble background needs you first!"

Mo Xieyue holds the holy sword Cleft Abyss in his hand, the sword wind splits the sky as a blade, cuts a space abyss, and slashes towards Lin Chens shoulder!

"Evil Wind Cut!"


A burst of red gold brilliance emerged, the huangxiao from **** shook the sky, the spear swept out, the gun and sword collided, and the blast shot out of the air!

Jianguang collapsed, did that swordlight afterglow fail to cut into Lin Chen's body?

The aftermath of the collision caused both sides to retreat, Lin Chen retreated a hundred steps, and Mo Xieyue retreated fifty steps. The two crushed the space crystal wall into a paste!

Lin Chen's body surface circulated the indestructible Gengjin qi, even though he combined the pure power and the qi to take this sword, the aftertaste of sword qi still broke his strongest defense.

He holds a red gold war gun with a three-foot gunpoint. The body of the gun is carved with a golden phoenix feather. The blade is like a black gang, inlaid with a sacred beast core of a too golden golden phoenix, and he can be felt from a hundred miles away. The sharpness of this gun!

The pupils of the all Saints in the body tremble! Isn't this kid in the **** of the holy rope? How did he unlock it!

At this time, everyone only noticed that the bundle of holy rope has been burned off quickly!

Lin Chen lit up the orange brilliance, like a blazing flame, rising from the candlelight in the darkness!

What secret technique this kid didn't know actually burned his life essence!

[Activate the quasi-orange-order desperate life-and-death talent and begin to burn the hosts vitality. Based on the hosts original four-robbery and emperor repair, the power is increased by 13 times per second. Until the target dies, the talent cannot be removed.

This time Lin Chen made "Ying Tian Mo" the goal of desperate life and death!

"It's so strong! I used exactly two grades of the Holy Artifact after I was infused with the Holy Spirit and the Warlord!"

Lin Chen was shocked.

If the power value of using the holy weapon during the war emperor is 10, then the value of using the holy weapon in the Holy Realm exceeds 10,000! Cloud mud

"This kid's gun is actually a second-grade sacrificial weapon..."

More than two hundred holy places in the cloud exclaimed.

Withdrawing his mind, Lin Chen preached to all the saints: "I'm sorry, the Lord of the Fu Sheng Kingdom, and the predecessors of the Heavenly Ghost Computing Palace, today I have someone in Lin who has no plans to escape."

Lin Chen's murderous awe-inspiring-"This group of people is not yet qualified to eat me Lin Chen, today I will slaughter again!"

The geniuses in the genius list are stunned. Can Lin Chen use the Holy Realm to cultivate?

"When he was on Rainbow Island, he still had reservations..."

"If he uses this trick in Rainbow Island, he doesn't need to rely on those strange attacks at all, and pure strength can suppress us..."

"We, lost our hearts and convinced... really a monster, how old is he? If he could survive today, wouldn't he be on the list of evildoers?"

The geniuses who came from Rainbow Island were dumbfounded.

No wonder! No wonder he can teach Shen Lingshuang to wait for the Wizards of Heaven, he is as strong as a monster himself!

Ning Qingxuan and Shen Lingshuang tugged their palms, if Lin Chen could not pass this level, their future would fall into endless revenge!

The void; the thunder, gang wind, sky fire, and a large amount of energy envelope the seventeen holy realms, but only a single holy realm can move freely!

"Oh? Something interesting."

Mo Xieyue was hardly resisting the three must-have skills, and was a little surprised, then sneered: "Holy Realm is not comparable to your warlord cultivation, you still want to cross the challenge, idiots say dreams!"

Choke~! The sword came out of Long Yin, and a ray of light that cut the sky greeted Lin Chen like snow flakes!

It is Chihong of Hongtian Temple, he is a sword saint! The same as the triple of the Holy Realm, who can also resist Lin Chen's nirvana and move freely!

He came out with a knife and was about to suppress Lin Chen!

Lin Chen held the gun in both hands, and the Jiu Tribulation Sheng Qi was injected into the Holy Phoenix gun.

"Yu Tian!"

Lin Chen swept away, and billions of dragons burst into strength, and the energized and penetrating runes exploded!

The spear-pointed arrow-shaped Changhong Changhong looks like a long rainbow running across the sky!