My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1052

Vol 5 Chapter 1052: Wanqing Shenyan Coming To Qiyun.

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Chapter 1052, Evergreen Divine Flame, Coming to Qiyun.

Sigh~! boom!

Snow flake knife light and Geng Jin Changhong shocked together, smashing the void, unexpectedly everyone expected, Lin Chen actually took the knife of Chi Hong!

The aftertaste of Dao Qi was shocked, bombarded Lin Chens chest, smashing his Yu Tiangeng Jin Qi, shocking the bleeding of his mouth, and his body retreated!

Buzz~! The space was rippling, and a large hand of Holy Light that rolled up the tide of the misty blue sea mist smashed Lin Chen's heavenly cover.

There are 22 blooming sacred caves, and the saints of the Canghai Triple with the Holy Land have also shot!


Lin Chen had already been wary of clenching his teeth, and a beam of annihilating spiritual light hit him, shattering the handprint of the Holy Light!

The light blue aftershock of the Holy Light shattered Lin Chen's bone cracking sound!

"Taking the double repair of the Holy Realm as the sword method to take over this seat, I have to say that you are really a freak. I am afraid that this trick of shooting is already of orange rank."

Chi Hong sneered with a knife and sneered.

There is a whirlwind of sword-like storms above his head that strangles the energy of the nirvana, and it is not harmed at all!

The Saint of Canghai attacked the linen, his eyes were blue, and said indifferently-"There is also a body-building power comparable to the double peak, interesting young people, not to mention the other 14 people. A holy realm is randomly present on the scene, and one person is enough. To kill you. Just surrender and just surrender. Would it be okay to be free from these sufferings, maybe you can die happily."

All the holy realm watching the war shook his head slightly and sighed.

"This battle is too difficult to fight, there is no hope for the dark horse club."

"Unless he stepped into the fourfold of the Holy Land, it would be difficult to get out."

The holy places watching the war shook their heads.

Between the Holy Realm, there is almost no leapfrog challenge!

Especially in the larger realm, there are very few examples in the history of the Holy World!

At the beginning of the same holy realm, there is an absolute gap between the holy realm that opened one holy cave and the holy realm that opened two holy caves!

For each additional holy cave, the holy energy contained in it showed a straight upward trend! The difficulty of the Sacred Realm Leapfrog Challenge is too difficult, too difficult!

It's like having the same size and the same fighting skills. Your opponent is twice as powerful as you. How can you fight this?

To make up for this huge difference, only orange-level exercises and inferior crystals can be filled by a very few means!

Of course, this possibility refers to a heads-up situation.

But Lin Chen wants to hit 17 now, it is impossible!

11 and 21 sacred caves are also the watershed of the realm, and there are three people who are here to suppress Lin Chen by repairing to the realm!

Mo Xieyue, Canghai Saint, Chihong, and these three people can suppress him!

There is no saint who thinks that Lin Chen can break this dilemma!

Dark horse club, sure to die!

The only possibility is that the Eight Saints will protect each other. Lin Chen tries his best to break through. This is his only chance!

The other end

Between the vertical and horizontal collisions of the Holy Light, Xiong Sheng and Jiao Sheng rushed to the lord of the Holy Kingdom and others sneered.


The host laughed instead, "We never regret doing things. We have witnessed too many miracles along the way, and today is no exception. We believe that this little guy will not be brave!"

His state of mind was very calm, and Saint Man's fired with his fingertips grew faster and faster!

In addition, the ancestors of the Chen family holy realm in the battle circle were glaring and staring at the ghost calculation palace and others-"Go away, the old of the strange domain will not die, what is mixed in the southern domain, offend my Chen family, I can make you a palace!"

"Oh, let's see who is the last one! The Mo kid in our palace has never missed anyone. The old man also believes in his vision. No matter what the result is, we will witness to the end."

Yun Danfeng, the ancestor of the Heavenly Ghost Palace, smiled lightly and tried his best to block the other's saint.

The 16 Holy Realms were so dim and dark, that both the Eyebrow Saint and the Wind Spring Saint had to go all out to protect Qiyun Island!

The sun wheel above the head is under the bombardment of nirvana. Mo Xieyue holds the sword diagonally and 21 Holy Caverns shine!

"I see when you can stick to it."

Mo Xieyue Jianfeng picked up, hundreds of thousands of sword qi lotus flowers blooming in the sky, each one hides the peerless edge, and surrounds Lin Chen!

Lin Chen's holy phoenix wings swiftly beat, Dragon Flash, a remnant of the Dragon Phoenix flashes one after another, the sword lotus shatters the remnant, Lin Chen looks to avoid it, shuttles the void, for a few tens of seconds!

"The holy phoenix's wings? The body is good, and he can't escape the palm of this seat."

When Chi Hong's sneer came, the blade of the sword split vertically, and the knife fell like a star, falling across the space behind Lin Chen, splitting the void!

"Boy, you have no chance."

The Canghai Saints condensed ten Holy Light Lanlongs and killed Lin Chen in all directions!

The offensive is too strong! Lin Chen will certainly lose sight of this, and he must do his best to attack from either side!


The sage of Canghai Saint and Chi Hong collided with each other, and actually hit a void!

The group stunned.

But seeing the dark and dark shadow covering Lin Chen's purple-red phoenix wings, a pair of stars-like eyes opened from the wings.

"Innate shadow?"

"By the way, it is said that this kid can run to the present because of a young inborn shadow."

"Something wrong... this shadow always gives me a weird feeling..."

More than two hundred holy realms were surprised and stunned.

"Little guy, it's time to work." Lin Chen smiled at the little shadow behind him.

The small dark shadow exploded the purple electricity on the top of his head, condensed into four words-fuck fuck

God-killer skyrocketed Lin Chens pure power, and the speed of the Holy Phoenix Wing rose up, but this does not mean that Lin Chens speed could suppress the triple triple of Holy Realm! Can only avoid part of the offensive in their hands

None of the three is inferior to Lin Chen, let alone their realm crushes Lin Chen, and the speed advantage, Lin Chen still has to rely on the small shadow to raise a grade.

Sigh~! Thunder and thunder cracked, the wind dissipated, the sky fire extinguished, and many holy places of the Dark Pavilion and the Wanjin Chamber of Commerce were liberated from the tide of nirvana.

The first round of bombing was over, and the entire Holy Land of the other party caused little harm.

The 17 Sacred Realms and Lin Chen are far away from each other, and the murderous shot!

Bang ~!

Change again!

A long green cloud rose from a high altitude, and a green cow stepped on the cloud, and a sackcloth old man sat on the back of the cow.

"Nice Qingxuan, my old bone is useless..."

The old man in Mai was holding a straw, and his eyes swept the holy land present-"There are quite a few old friends here today."

"It's the old ghost of Ao Qing in Wanqing Hall, is this old immortality coming?"

The Wind Spring Saint was surprised.

Ning Qingxuan stepped up in the air, anxiously preaching-"Master, please help Lin Chen!"

"Old man do his best..." Old Mai, Ao Qing nodded and came to Lin Chen beside the green cow.

"Senior, are you?" Lin Chen was curious, and the old man did not seem to be hostile to him.

"The old man is an old guy in Wanqing Hall, you are Lin Chen."

Ao Qing looked at Lin Chen's situation and couldn't help but sigh; "It's really desperate, even life is burning..."

Lin Chen relieved that it was Qing Xuan's reinforcements!

Sigh~! A sword qi Changhong cut towards Ao Qing, the old man's eyes stricken, one-handed grasp, crushed sword qi!

"Don't die, don't hinder." Mo Xieyue screamed: "Otherwise, kill you!"

"This old guy is extraordinary, let me hold him back, you go to capture the kid."

The position of the Canghai Saints corresponded to Ao Qing, and the two glanced at each other, "The old opponent at that time..."

"Maybe there is still a chance... The triple combat power of the Holy Land is now reduced by one. If Lin Chen can make another kind of unavoidable energy attack, and then forcibly break through with the innate shadow, maybe he can escape the disaster..."

When more than 200 holy places watching the battle attempted to see through the situation, the situation changed suddenly!

Bang ~!

A mass of scarlet flames, like the fire above Jiuxiao, descended on Qiyun Island!

Amidst the scarlet flames, she slowly walked out of a red woman, beautiful and fascinating.

A pair of flaming eyes, looking around the audience, only revealing a faint remnant, then the hundreds of holy places in the field were calmed down!

This is an almost invincible existence!

Lin Chen's pupils tremble!

This woman is the one who personally suppressed all the magic eyes of the mainland of Kyushu on that day and took away the woman of Shenyan Palace from Bai Ruoyan!