My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1053

Vol 5 Chapter 1053: 3. The Third Trump Card

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Chapter 1053, The Third Ace!

Lin Chen is very aware of this red woman. The moment when she suppressed Kyushu's magic eyes alone that day was vivid!

Did she come in person?

"Where is this woman sacred?"

"It's terrifying, is this woman already settling... that realm?"

All the saints in the audience were shocking!

"Yo, Lin Chen, I haven't seen you for a while. I didn't expect you to be desperate or desperate when you meet."

The woman of Shenyan smiled slightly at Lin Chen, and one of the dozens of saints giggled!

Both Mo Xieyue in the Sun and Moon Hall and Chi Hong in the Hongtian Hall exuded a deep fear!

Is it the backer behind the dark horse club?

If so, then there is no need to fight today!

Not to mention more than twenty saints, even if there are more than two hundred, they are not enough to kill them!

This woman alone can suppress all the holy places present!

"Senior, you are still so strong."

Lin Chen grinned.

The two of them face each other, and the woman of Shenyan glances through the eyes!

In this child's eyes she saw a strong monstrous fighting intent, staring at the world!

He did not expect anything from himself!

"Sister, you are finally here! Hurry up and help the master!"

At this time, a petite and exquisite figure rushed to the body of Shenyan woman,

The woman in the red dress smiled Yan Yan: "Did I tell you, there is no worry about life, you can not easily use that rung, once you use it, it means that the time in March has arrived, you have to go back with me."

Shen Lingshuang was somewhat wronged and hurriedly said: "It doesn't matter if Lingshuang goes back, but sister, you have to help the master, these bad guys chased the master all the way..."

"I won't help him."

The woman in the red dress interrupted Shen Lingshuang and frightened Xiao Nizi!

She looked at Lin Chen.

"Mr. Lin Chen, I am here for purely Lingshuang. It has nothing to do with you. I wont do anything about your life or death. If you cant even pass this level, dont say youre on the demon list, Not even qualified to see your woman."

A word arouses thousands of waves!

The geniuses of Qiyun Island sucked air, and the saints were stunned!

Seeing your own woman, at least have to be on the demon list? What the **** is this woman of Lin Chen!

And the holy realm of the encirclement and suppression Lin Chen unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, things have not yet reached the worst result!

"Relax, I never expected my predecessors."

Lin Chen smiled indifferently, "Senior go to the side and drink tea, I will take care of my own affairs."

The woman in the red dress gave him a profound meaning and looked at him and the "innate shadow" behind him, holding Shen Lingshuang in a flash.

Shen Lingshuang cried anxiously, her small eyes flushed: "Sister, you..."

The woman in red dress scolded: "Cry what you cry! This is the way your master chooses, no one can help him!"

"Lin Chen, you haven't really come to our world, and you never knew the cruelty on the other side of the Holy Realm. If you can't even solve these crooked melons and dates, then you may still be more happy with this long sleep."

The woman in the red dress stared deeply at Lin Chen.


With a loud noise, the Saints of Canghai and Ao Qing of the Wanqing Hall suddenly put their hands together!

Brush ~! Four ghosts appeared ghostly from behind Lin Chen, and the four holy killers such as Yingtai and Yingtianmo in the Dark Pavilion were waiting for the opportunity to attack Linchen!

With a sharp flash, the dagger of the Holy Light wanted to penetrate Lin Chen's heart, and the extinct palms should shoot Lin Chen's heavenly cover and other vital points.

Lin Chen's hand was cut with a knife, and 3 billion dragon power broke out, cutting the cracks in the space crystal wall! Split the dagger with one hand!

At the same time, Lin Chen turned his head down, the gunshot was stirred, he flew the crutch of Ying Tianmo, his legs were like a battle axe, and his life and death stamina was like a pan dragon twisted out, shaking the attack of the Four Saints!

[Consumes 13 talent points, triggers fatal bloodthirst, and obtains actual damage healing effect: 49%.

[Trigger attack, tear talent.

Tear ~! boom! boom! boom!

The Four Saints are repelled!

"One attack, take this one!"

Lian Wanjin burst into anger, Qin Zhentian suddenly drew his sword, and his sword pointed directly at Lin Chen!

Lin Chen avoided the sword, and the war gun swung violently, smashing the fog and cicada lurks in the void, and shot back!

Tear ~! Behind Lin Chen in the palm, is it an afterimage?

Lin Chen stepped into Dragon Flash and stomped away, shattering all his shadows like a dragon-like sword light, Lin Chens space for avoidance was getting smaller and smaller!

Brush ~! Zheng Liang's blood gas knife ganged up against Lin Chen's head, the offensive came too fast! Lin Chen was running a Yutian defense, and the war gun was blocked, still being cut into the sea with a knife.

"Woo! Woo!"

The two fighting sage whales are hundreds of feet huge, jumping from the sea and crashing behind Lin Chen!

Lin Chen vomited blood and gritted his teeth. A brow of spiritual'annihilation' light swept out of my brow, shattering the two blue whales!

[Continuously launching the Ultimate Return, consuming 23 intermediate talent points, 18 talent points...]

Lin Chen was bathed in blood, and he was in the treatment state of "Limited Return" almost every moment. He even chewed Long Qingguo, swallowed the healing sacred product, Liuli Bodhi, and fought his life!

Roar ~! Roar ~!

Above the vast sky, the two holy realms of Xuanyu teamed up to attack, and the palms were shot, and the dozen acres of holy light handprints were suppressed!

Another saint got his handprints, his hands pushed horizontally, and three red rings enveloped Lin Chen, restraining most of his pure power!

Mo Xieyue ran a sword and cut seven swords, each sword was the ultimate half-orange-level swordsmanship, such as Hua Yunlong Fenghu, Yang Yan Wanjun, Yang system alien crystal to the extreme!

Lin Chen broke through the shackles of the red ring with pure power, and the spear greeted him, picked out the afterimage of the sky, and pushed forward layer by layer!

boom! boom! boom!

[Trigger tear talent.

The spear tears the giant hand of the Holy Light, picks up a few sword qi lotus flowers, and the flying sword tiger is crushed. The "Yu Tian" shooting technique is used to the extreme. Peerless power!

Lin Chen is taking a hard attack from the saints such as Mo Xieyue, a wisp of awns and knives like maggots with bones, splitting left and right towards Lin Chen!

The entire Qiyun Island was crumbling, the energy hood fluctuated several times, and the nearby sea area was upset!

too fast!

It was almost like a violent storm, and the saints' offensives all came towards Lin Chen's dead end!

Even with the speed advantage of the small shadow blessing, it is difficult to make up for the fatal gap of "two fists are hard to beat four hands"!

Not to mention saints, even the geniuses can see that Lin Chen is completely bracing!

In this way, even if he is the holy realm of physical training, spiritual strength, and morale of war, the "Three Saints" unity will also be consumed by life!

Not to mention the siege of 16 Holy Realms, only Chi Hong and Mo Xieyue joined forces to suppress Lin Chen to death! The attacks of other saints exacerbated this process!

"This seat recognizes your strength, but you are too early to fight with us! Unreal power will eventually be overdrawn, trying to challenge this seat by jumping over the ranks of orange-level combat skills. Whimsical, defeat it. !"

Chi Hong came again, the sky split open, and the terrible gas machine twisted the galaxy.

Sigh~! boom!

Sudden changes in the situation, the thunder cloud burst above the heads of the 16 sages, the vertical and horizontal electric waves, or the raging waves of the sea, or the yellow sand raging, rolling up the thousands of sandstorms, or the bombardment of the fire of the inferno.

[The host launches 13 must-have skills, has targeted, and begins bombardment. Remaining Blue Rank advanced nirvana: 26 times.

"How many of these strange attacks does this kid have!"

"Don't mess up the formation, he can't break it, defend first!"

Ying Lian and Lian Wanjin will stabilize the sacred hearts of the saints, because these attacks will not cause much hindrance to Chi Hong and Mo Xieyue!

Poof~! Poof~!

The sun-shaped sword on his head cut through the yellow sand storm, and continued to split a bombardment of purple electricity. Mo Xieyue and Chi Hong struck Lin Chen, who was surrounded by blood from left to right!

"Boy, you should know that these attacks are useless to me and so on."

"It seems that your limit is here, die!"

Chi Hong and Mo Xieyue each struck, trying to abolish Lin Chen!

Tear ~!

Two gray and white rungs were born, the ghost of the town was sealed, the space was frozen! The attack of the two became particularly slow!

Bang ~! Lin Chen's momentum is violently violent, a shot stabs the sky, Jin Hong flashes, and it is divided into five?

boom! boom! boom!

Jinhong penetrated the sky, the sword gas burst, the sword light collapsed, Jinguang Changhong hit the two people in front of them, and the Double Saints were blasted!

Many holy realms are incredibly looking at the double holy in the sky!

This is Chihong and Moxueyue's first offensive to be repelled after the war!

Lin Chen was holding the "Yihuang" war rifle, standing against the wind, grinning evilly, overflowing with madness!

"It's almost delayed, it's time to play my third and fourth trump cards!"