My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1054

Vol 5 Chapter 1054: Instant Light Splits Show Supernatural Power

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Chapter 1054, Instant Light Splitting Shows Divine Power!

If there are only two trump cards of Blue Rank Advanced Supremacy and God Killer, in the face of so many holy realms, Lin Chen has no chance to make a comeback!

Lin Chen clearly felt the difficulty of leapfrogging in the Holy Realm, especially the watershed of 21 Sacred Caves, the leapfrogging challenge is as difficult as going to the sky!

Lin Chen had a holy weapon, as did his opponent.

Lin Chens mentality is close to the orange level after strengthening, and others mentality is not inferior!

Lin Chen could explode the power of orange-level combat skills, but others' behavior also suppressed him!

Lin Chen has the spiritual power of "extraordinary sainthood" and the strength of the holy realm of 3 billion dragon power. And Mo Xieyue and other genius holy realms have an inferior crystal, blessing his cultivation ground has a large increase.

Chihong is a generation of sword sages, with pure swordsmanship, lethality and general horror at the same level. Lin Chens spiritual strength and pure power advantages have not played a decisive role in front of these two!

Even if single head Mo Xieyue or Chi Hong, Lin Chen may not be one of the opponents. This is also the case where they are involved in a part of their strength by nirvana!

This battle is not comparable to the war of pseudo-gods. When they played against pseudo-gods, they were seriously wounded. The offensive was limited everywhere and they dared not fight hard with Lin Chen. In addition, they had the talent of "Sun God" at that time.

The 16 holy realms are all in the state of prosperity except one Yingtian Demon!

The battle of the Holy Land, the leapfrog challenge, is as difficult as going to the sky!

However, Lin Chen still has a back hand!

"Now, it's my turn to attack!"

When Lin Chen laughed, he pulled the sword out of the sheath, the sword came out like a dragon, and the gun was changed for the sword!

The sword is crimson and overbearing, just like the sword of the king!

Lin Chen was infused with holy energy, and lifted his sword vertically! Orange Light Sword Rainbow rages in all directions!

Jianhong divides the sea, the sword cuts the sky, one sword transforms five swords, five Changhong qi penetrates the sky, one sword cuts nine skies!

At this moment, the woman in the red flames of Shenyang Palace who retreated to the sidelines stood bright!

"Interesting, Lin Chen, you really are not easy!"

Chihong's momentum is tremendous, the blood-light holy sword is cut across the sky, the sword gasifies the dragon, the blood-stained dragon swallows the sky, and the sword is arrogant!

"Blood Devourer!"

The power of Mo Xieyue's holy sword was soaring. When the holy light rolled like a dragon into the sword, it turned into a huge streamer sword, burning the sun's holy light all over the body.

"Burn the true sun sword!"

Mo Xieyue raised his sword with a swift flutter, and the Baizhang sword passed with rage!

Tear ~! boom!

The offensive of the two finally cut through the five sword sword rainbows, Mo Xieyue's burning Yang sword was suddenly'teared' into pieces, and 30% of its penetration power penetrated his sword gas defense for the first time!


Mo Xieyue vomiting blood! Mo Xieyue was wounded in the quarter-hour battle between the two sides.

Around him, there are more than a dozen attribute light balls, dazzling and clear, far exceeding the attribute value of the war emperor's drop!

More than 200 holy realms watching the battle are air-conditioned!

"What magical power is this? You can even divide the Orange Tier combat skills into five without losing power?"

The saints who are well-informed and have experienced all kinds of vicissitudes have never heard of such supernatural powers!

"Oh... a little skill..." The woman in red skirt raised her eyebrows, and she didn't expect Lin Chen to have this hand.

"My element attribute value is the highest in the two series of fire and water, then the winner will be scored before the nirvana is used up!"

[Consumption of 800 advanced rune energy.

Brush ~! Another two slow runes hit, and the space above them burst!

"It's this trick again, this kid will block our space!"

Chi Hong was shocked, Mo Xieyue's face was horrified!

Bai Guanglong shadow flashed behind the two, Lin Chen clenched the "blue moon" this time and cut across the back of the two!

Bright moon-like sword light bursts, and the moonlight is cold in the fourteen states! Instant Light Split!

"Jingyue and God!"

Brush ~!

The sky and earth seem to be reflected by the moonlight in an instant, and all the saints feel the water and moon aurora flooding the world!

Chi Hong was breathing through the sky, slashing out a **** shrouded world, blood moon hung high, blood butterflies fluttering, and there was an infernal killer in the world!

Mo Xieyue sacrificed a blazing sun to burn the sky, slashing and bursting, and the blazing sun rolled from the nine days to the bottom, stirring the water moon sword awn!

boom! boom! Bang ~!

The sea is shaking, the space crystal wall breaks and spreads across the sky like a python.

Mo Xieyue exhibited his magical powers and showed up in abundance, and finally no longer retained!

They no longer regard Lin Chen as a junior who is far inferior to them, but regard him as an opponent of the same level!

All the saints were dumbfounded!

The geniuses were trembling their teeth, and witnessed this earth-shattering scene!

Lin Chen even confronted Mo Xieyue and Chi Hong head-on, and had a lot of fun!

He was one enemy and two, and still challenged by the leapfrog, he did not fall out!

Lin Chen either wielded with a gun, cut with a sword, shot with a bow, or danced with a sword!

Orange level! Orange level! Still orange level!

Lin Chen used no less than five orange-level exercises in one breath!

"It's terrible. Every move in this game is an orange-order exercise. It's just playing!"

"This is not the key, the key is that his orange-level exercises can be divided into five moves, and the power has no effect at all!"

"This is the first genius of the Dark Horse Club, the full strength of the **** Lin Xingchen!"

More than two hundred holy realms are very moving, and they are the first such holy realm they have seen!

Lin Chen was able to face one enemy with two enemies, thanks to the burning of the Desperate Life and Death talent. One second of vitality increased by 15 times the strength of the Four Tribulations, making Lin Chen more and more courageous!

The increase in the power of fatal life and burning life has exceeded 30,000 times! Lin Chen's 21 holy caves have the potential to break open!

And the most important thing is instant light splitting!

This is Lin Chen's only permanent orange-order talent, and finally blooms its peerless edge!

It is not like the talents of Sun God and God-killer that satisfy the preconditions and directly give strength.

The strength of the instant light split depends on the strength of the host itself!

This talent will be accompanied by Lin Chen's power and will eventually reveal its peerless power!

However, it is very expensive. Lin Chen has to spend more than 300 intermediate talent points for each of his combat skills blessing Instant Light!

The dozen saints trapped in the nirvana are shocking, and the strength of this child can be so terrible!

"The situation has changed, we have to act, don't let this kid get away!"

"How many hands did he hide? Such a young man grows up in the future, and we don't want to escape any of them! Kill, you must kill him in advance!"

Many holy realms communicate with each other or growl in their hearts.

Only Ying Tianmo parryed the nirvana while staring at Lin Chen with his eyes!

According to the information he received at the cost of serious injuries, he knew that Lin Chen had a more "killing trick"!


The change in the fighting situation started from the moment Chi Hong vomited blood!

After Chi Hong's sky-daggering light was torn, Ji Guang's gleaming arrows smashed his defense and rolled off many attribute light balls.

Mo Xieyue's face was pale and his spirit was hurt!

"When the attack to lock this seat slows down, this child must be crushed!"

Chi Hong gritted his teeth and swallowed a Shengdan to treat the wound.

The two must distract from the power of resisting the nirvana, and the battle power is limited in the battle with Lin Chen. If the defense is broken, they will also cause damage to their sacred body. The saints are injured, and the cost of treatment is often great!