My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1055

Vol 5 Chapter 1055: Killer

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Chapter 1055

[The host gains 139 Rune Energy, 89 Intermediate Sky Dao, 80 Intermediate Talent Points, 20,000 Strengthening Points, 30,000 Strengthening Points,]

Lin Chen grabbed the attributed light **** dropped by the two to make up for the previous consumption. The two energy tragedies of the high energy delay and the "Blink of Instant Light" caught the two by surprise!

There is also a "spiritual shock" that is often hidden by the Tianyin runes, which perfectly triggers the "strike" talent!

At the same time, the two of them suffered a lot of injuries. Once the "Tear" talent is triggered, their offense must be defeated!

[Launch 13 kinds of blue-level advanced nirvana, have locked all targets, start bombardment, remaining blue-level advanced nirvana: 13 types.

Just as more than a dozen holy realms were about to break free from the nirvana, thunder and fire came, and the storm came again, and the saints scolded the mother on the spot!

"Damn it, it's endless!"

"How many hands does this kid have this kind of attack!"

"It's **** **** mold for eight lifetimes, the old man has been in the Holy World for so many years, so suffocated for the first time!"

All the saints stood in the space behind Lin Chen's body and couldn't help but scold.

Chi Hong and Mo Xieyue in front of Lin Chen were dignified.

"It was originally planned to wait for these weird attacks to disappear and win him in one fell swoop. I didn't expect him to have another round of bombardment."

"We don't know how many times he has made such an attack, let's just go all out with the attack!"

The two looked at each other and thought they had gone together.

Bang ~!

The top of Chi Hong's head suddenly burst into hundreds of dragons and fluttered blood, and rolled up a thousand waves of blood. His holy sword glowed with a round of ghostly blood moonlight!

Mo Xieyue's palm and blood touched the sword body, and the three thousand blazing suns were shining in the void, as if the world burning like flames suddenly came!

The face of more than two hundred Holy Realms changed slightly!

One eyebrow sage and wind spring sage are all in full operation of the sacred energy, and set up a triple light shield!

"Lin Chen even forced out Brother Mo's "Three Thousand Burning Laws"..."

"It is said that it was the Xeon Orange-order swordsmanship of the ancient times, and Lin Chen will definitely die!"

"I didn't expect that I would even have a chance to see Elder Hong's "Blood Moon Startled Dragon" in person, but this was the orange-level sword suicide that Hongtian Temple sacrificed several elders of the Great King, and he had fought to death from an ancient ruin several times... "

In Qiyun Island, the red robe of the Hongtian Temple and the surviving geniuses of the Sun and Moon Temple all emerged with shocks that are difficult to hide!

Orange-level exercises!

It is performed by a saint triple sword saint, and Mo Xieyue who holds the alien crystal, and its power may be swept by most saints of the same level!

More than two hundred Holy Lands are moving!

Among the three sages, those who have complete orange ranks are only a small part. It is still due to the fact that the two are born in the fifth grade sect!

In a certain respect, Lin Chen's leapfrogging challenge can still be one enemy and two, and he also forced the two holy realms to triple to the bottom of the box. He was already victorious!

Throughout this record, only the genius of the enchanted list can do it!

Regardless of the trick he can't take the next double holy, he is enough to live forever and be famous!

"Are you pressed for it, but just right, my talent points and rune energy are not much. Just, the time limit of the desperate life and death talent is almost the same. My orange-level practice cultivation memory has just been integrated!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the extremely calm Limang bloomed.

This is probably the most calm time since he used the talent of "Death and Life" desperately.

The desperate life and death has been burning for so long, his 21st virtual holy cave has a tendency to break through!

"Little devil, let you know what is called Orange Order Absolute Learning, but it is not comparable to your incomplete Orange Order Kung Fu!"

The bombardment of Mo Xieyue's infinite nirvana was swept up in a robe against the wind.

Lin Chen raised his hand, nine-color starlight gathered in the palm.

Chi Hong sneered; "I still wanted a live one. Well, if you die here, you can't turn me around."

Bang ~!

At the next moment, Double Saints move together! Mo Xieyue holds the sword and rises, a sword strikes like a sword shattering the world, pointed by the blade, rises thousands of blazing sun, and the center of the blazing sun twists at a fast speed with a split Changhong sword gas!

At that moment, the sky cracked like an abyss!

"Blood Moon Startled Dragon!"

The rolling knife is dying, the vast **** moonlight is condensed on a knife, and it swings out, and a dragon-shaped knife gas circulates in a round of thousands of blood moons, and the knife gas is thousands of miles away!

boom! boom! boom!

The sea surface exploded and rolled up the water wave tornado. The sea under the blazing sun mark is divided into a vast chasm, and the sea was cut in half by Jian Qi after rhyme!


"Far away!"

The more than two hundred saints watching the battle almost retreated subconsciously.

The Saint of Fengquan and the Saint of Brow tried their best to protect Qiyun Island.

The only woman in the red flame of the Shenyan Palace was the one who didn't change her face.

Her beautiful eyes stared at Lin Chen, trying to see through the Nine-Colored Star in his palm!

In the limelight, Lin Chen raised his palm and gave a slight smile; "Go."

Brush ~! The Nine Tribulation Stars turned into a nine-color aurora, falling towards the attack of the two, such as ants hitting a lion and a tiger.

A few pupils of Wei Miao Miao shuddered, as if they had spotted the nine-color aurora passing by, leaving a faint space abyss!

The emptiness trembles, and the nine-color star turns into five! !

Sigh~! Bang ~!

The five-star and nine-color starlight collided head-on with the Blood Moon Startled Dragon and Chiyang Jianhua, and the whole sea was shaken!

The sky-to-earth nine-color beam of light rises, and in the most magnificent and magnificent beauty, the waves of ruining the world are revealed!

The nine-color beam of light trembles, slowly disappearing in the endless storm of sword gas sword.

And Chi Hong and Mo Xieyue suffered different injuries in the energy shock spread by the nine-color beam!

Chi Hong retreated in a timely manner, but the sacred energy was consumed violently.

Mo Xieyue was "penetrated" by a little nine-color Holy Qi, and the corner of his mouth was bleeding!

"Take it! Lin Chen took the strongest blow from the two!"

"It's terrible! The leapfrog challenge, this is the real leapfrog challenge! Although the two of them were involved in some of their strength by those strange energy attacks, but they can still play at least 80% of their strength, he still took the orange rank of the two. Absolutely!"

"Although he is not one of the demon list, he is better than the demon list!"

The audience exclaimed that the terrible aftermath of energy shattered the three layers of energy shields of Qiyun Island.


A wave after another wave!

Lin Chens position suddenly exploded with shocking holy energy fluctuations, and a nine-color holy light rose!

A silver robe rolled like a fire, burning with orange-red flames, and Lin Chen, who passed through Chixiao Shenhua through the whole body, slowly lifted the knife out of the nine-color Holy Light!

"This... this breath is not inferior to that of Moxie Moon!"

"What's going on? This Lin Chen can even go to a higher level? My God! To what extent does he want to go against the sky, is his true cultivation not a Warlord!"

All saints are shocked!

At this moment, the woman's face changed a little, and she was stunned and curious, which was especially wonderful!