My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1056

Vol 5 Chapter 1056: Taikoo Has A God And His Tears Are Scarce.

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Chapter 1056

Lin Chen, who walked out of the Nine-Colored Holy Light, shone with 21 hexagonal stars!

21 holy caves, the triple early stage of holy land!

Lin Chen, has actually crossed to the Holy Land triple?

All this is by no means a mistake, it has already been planned!

But even more serious is Lin Chen's state, his ever-evolving vitality, as if the last light before the polar star fell!

The "Fate of Life and Death" talent burns vitality and brings Lin Chen more than 100,000 times. His cultivation practice is second only to himself who entered the state of "Sun God" during the battle of the pseudo-gods!


Mo Xieyue and Chihong are mature, and secretly screams in their hearts. Lin Chen's appearance is to be desperately looking, when he is about to push the body through the void...

Sigh~! Bang ~!

Two gray-and-white rungs emerged, condensing the space extremely and slowly, and the two's movements were limited!

This is Lin Chen's strongest slow rune to date, consuming 1400 rune energy!

"not good!"

A moment of grief in the heart of the two, the moment when the runes burst slowly, the heads of all the holy realms rolled up many offensives continuously superimposed, the thunder light appeared, the wind was raging, and the dust storm raged!

[The host launches 13 kinds of blue-level advanced nirvana, the remaining nirvana: 0 species.

Lin Chen played the last batch of nirvana! Under the superposition of the two waves of nirvana, the movements of all Holy Lands can be said to be restricted by death!

Everything is so flowing! As if all planned in advance!


A blue and bright blade of light resounded like a dragon, and the boy stood with his sword!

With a single knife in hand, Lin Chen's domineering hurricane!

His eyes are extremely firm and fierce! Revealing the ambition of Tu Sheng, has not been shaken from beginning to end!

A violent knife surged from Lin Chen's body!

Everyone was shocked by his momentum!

[Activate Junlin's talents and accumulate energy: 500 million points, will increase the host's next attack.

"I have been waiting for this moment, what about the saint, what about the saint saint, what about the Sun and Moon Hall, and die for me!"

Lin Chen burst into shock, swiped his knife suddenly, and smashed it away!

Bang ~!

The azure and bright moon throbbed and trembled, and the blade of the sword split a blazing white awn across the sky!

The snow-white sword is rotating at a speed of 360 degrees, and the sky is broken!

The heaven and earth are illuminated by this dazzling brilliance and reflected in everyone's heart.

A heart-wrenching sad gas machine appeared in everyone's heart.

Sigh~! Daoman trembled, and actually split into five!

This knife is Lin Chen's strongest blow after entering the Holy Realm! God killer + desperate life and death + king's world + instant light split! Double purple double orange talent stacking!

Five extremely fast snow-white swords turned the sea and cut into the 16 holy places!

"Oops! This knife is far more powerful than any combat skill he has used before!"

"At least two times stronger than the Blood Moon Startled Dragon in this seat. What kind of knife is this..."

When all the saints are frightened, they madly urge the defense cards!

What everyone did not expect was...


A blast burst open!

The five extremely fast snow-white swords explode suddenly, bursting into the sky and breaking into tears, like tears and flying shadows! Hundreds of miles away, the knife is shrouded in light!

The 16 pupils of the Holy Realm...

They were involved in the attack of nirvana, and they had no chance to avoid this terrible attack!

The moment the terrible knife gas burst into pieces, the power exploded! Sword gas fragments are free from the void, such as the sky and rain, and the wind and clouds!

boom! boom! boom! boom! boom! boom!

Sword-like debris like a violent wind and a rain stormed into the Holy Light Defense of the Saints!

Everyone was dumbfounded!

Every piece of sword is broken, it can penetrate the body of an eighth-order holy beast!

Thousands of knives bombarded the 16 saints with their fragile awns and penetrated the colorful defense of the Holy Light!

The sages were vaguely flesh and blood, and fell into the void, letting them use many means, and they could not resist the violent wind and rain like an infinite sword, penetrating their bodies!

The sages of the Dark Pavilion, the Patriarch Lord should be destroyed, the ancestor Ying Tianmo and other sages will die in the destruction of the Sword Qi fragments.

Before dying, their eyes were horrified and unbelievable...

The two saints of Lian Wanjin and the Chamber of Commerce, wearing a series of defensive sacred objects such as the'Eight Gate Xuan Dun ``Seven Star Treasure Armor', only withstood the first wave of offensive, and were penetrated by blade gas fragments, flesh and blood exploded. Light broken!

The five sages from the strange land, the fog sacred, the cicada sacred, etc. are even more unbearable. Most of them are only 8-10 sacred caves. Under the premise of being affected by the nirvana, one face is annihilated by blade gas fragments. Nothingness!

The sword saint of the Qin family, Qin Zhentian, performed the lore sword technique only for a moment, and was crushed into blood mist by the bombardment of the nirvana and the blade gas fragments!

[The desperate life-and-death talent locks the target and has died, and the talent state is released.

The Saints of Canghai present an undisguised fear and happiness!

Fortunately, his opponent is Ao Qing of Wan Qing Dian! If he gets the knife, he will be crippled without dying!

Ao Qing's old face twitched slightly, and said with a trembling voice-"It's true that the old master of the palace has told him to make good friends. With this knife, this son is enough to compete in the list of evildoers!"

After a while, the sea was rough.

Qiyun Island ushered in a strange silence.

For the geniuses in the Genius List, this is destined to be an unforgettable scene forever!

The sea surface was full of flowers, and the terrible waves once made Qiyun Island crumbling. Qiyun Island did not turn over because of the desperate suppression of Fengquan and Yimei Saint.

In the void, the silver-robed young boy stood upright, and when a ray of dawn illuminated the Qiyun Island, he spilled on the young childs immature face. He flowed all over the sky, standing with a knife, majestic, majestic and light. , Revealing the domineering world, like a god!

All the battles in the Holy Land have stopped!

The Sanctuary of Manchuria swallowed hard, and Xiong Sheng shuddered: "This... what kind of knife is this..."

No one was shocked by this knife, as if it were one of the gods, slashing for nine days and ten places!

"Huh, my eyes..."

The geniuses found two clear tears on their cheeks!

Not only the geniuses, but all the people who witnessed the knife, or tears were drawn, or a heartbreaking feeling of sadness and sorrow emerged from the bottom of the heart, and the tears flickered in the corners of the saint's eyes.

"What the **** is this..."

Some saints murmured like dreams.

Lin Chen smiled in the void-"There is a **** in ancient times, and his tears are not scarred. This knife is called God's Tears."

Orange Order Sword Technique "Tear of Tears"!

The woman in red dress fell into deep pondering.

"Double? No, it's almost twice! Undoubtedly, this is an orange-level knife. The moment of the beheading, not only is divided into five, but the power of the five swords is nearly doubled. !"

The woman in the red flames of Shenyang Palace was astonished"Great, I thought that the nine-color stars were the killer of this little guy, but I didn't expect him to even have this hand. Such swordsmanship, such as the swordsmanship, is also in my Shenyan Palace. High quality."

Several old ancestors of the Chen family stared staring staringly ahead, and their hearts were chilling and creepy!

At this time, there was no saint in front of Lin Chen!

The Four Saints in the Dark Pavilion, all destroyed!

The Five Saints of the Wonderland, all destroyed!

Wanjin Chamber of Commerce Three Saints, Sword Saint Qin Zhentian, all destroyed!

Xuanyu Shuangsheng, one dead and one injured!

Hong Tian Dian Chi Hong, Sun Moon Hall Mo Xie Yue, fleeing seriously! Not even my own genius!

Horrified! Teeth can't stop the trembling shock!

Kill the Ten Saints with one sword?

No, to be precise, kill 14 Saints with one knife!

World War One!

The ancestor of the Chen family murmured: "This is, the gods of the dark horse club are down... Lin Chen!"