My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1057

Vol 5 Chapter 1057: A Strong Enemy Is Coming

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Chapter 1057

Lin Chen exhaled, and his heart was very happy, as if his mind had been sublimated and transformed!

And deeper in Lin Chen's pupils, it seems to have some charm.

To advance to the Holy Realm, it is necessary to consolidate a person's life-long potential and accumulation of accumulation. This accumulation is derived from the sharpening of the soul.

Lin Chen did not know how much benefit he would bring to him from his continuous slaughter in the near future. This kind of benefit, indelible, will burst out at the most intense and bright moment of life!

Several geniuses in the Sun and Moon Hall were dumbfounded!


Their almost invincible brother Mo Xieyue was actually beaten away alive? Just drop them regardless 1

What does this stand for? This means that Lin Chen has the ability to kill him! If he does not run, he will die!

In addition to Chi Hong and Mo Xieyue, plus an old antique from Xuanyu, the group Saints fell!

14 saints have fallen, only some large-scale jihad can happen in the thirty-six domain!

Become a saint no less than go to heaven! The genius list of the Holy Realm is one hundred thousand geniuses. I dont know how many geniuses who were shocked and brilliant in the end stopped at the gate of the Holy Realm.

Today, the genius they were present witnessed a young boy on the genius list who slaughtered 14 saints in a row! Three wounded two holy realms!

Everything is by no means a mistake, but Lin Chen has premeditated!

The energy accumulation of the "Jinlintianxia" talent was started by more than 70 geniuses who encountered Lin Man in the Manchuria.

He fought all the way to Rainbow Island, and the energy accumulated by King's Land has not been used. For this last moment! Bet on this strongest trick!

Originally, Lin Chen intended to use Nine Tribulation Stars as his final blow.

But after he entered the state of "God-killer", he accidentally found himself in the state of God-killer to reach the cultivation base of "God's Tears", and the killer was left to "God's Tears"!

He deliberately prolonged the fighting time, one is to let the "Fate of Life and Death" talent burn to the extreme, but to fight for the time for the avatar to integrate "Tear of Tears" to practice memory!

"Orange-order combat skills, so strong!"

Lin Chens eyes flashed with excitement, "Originally, I tried to use the half-orange power to increase to the level of the orange level, and I can only fight against a triple holy realm. I can use instant light splitting, but I can fight the double holy. Facing the bombardment. But they can't completely leapfrog their defense and can only rely on the tearing talent to cause damage to them."

"But Kingland has only increased the power by 1.8 times, and even failed to reach twice, but it can completely break the triple defense of the Holy Land and give it a heavy blow! The foundation of the orange rank combat skills is too strong!"

Just 1.8 times, it is so strong, even if the rune can not be applied to the orange-level combat skills, but Lin Chen can rely on [enhancement function] he can also increase the power of orange-level peerlessness by 2 times, 3 times or more !

At that time, how powerful will it be?

Lin Chen released the Dragon Emperor and frantically swept the attributed light spheres dropped by the All Saints.

[Gain 158 Rune Energy, 129 Heavenly Dao, 195 Strength, 20,000 Strengthen, 50,000 Strengthen, 40,000 Strengthen, 145 Talent...]

Even though the God Killer talent will reduce the drop of attributes, there are still hundreds of these attribute balls!

After all, it was bought at the cost of the 13 holy realms!

If the head-to-head battle, the 16 saints will not end so badly.

But they were delayed by Lin Chens nirvana. In addition, the strongest Mo Xieyue and Chi Hong had just released their strongest killing moves, and they were tired of parrying. Slow runes seal the strongest double saints!

It is a pity that there is no such thing in the world, Lin Chen's plan is perfectly executed, and this is truly a sacred holy one!

"How about you guys, don't you want to fight? The people in my dark horse club fight each other. I always look down on life and death. If there is any saint friend who wants to come, I will accompany you in the end!"

Lin Chen laughed with a knife, even though he was bathed in blood, and the spirit of warfare was boiling. Although the "desperate life and death" was lifted and 20 holy caves were lowered, the warfare was not reduced!

This time, no one dares to fight again!

Those who clamored to make Lin Chen **** and **** were all counseled!

The Four Saints of the Manchu Domain and the Four Saints of the Chen Family, no one dared to speak out.

"Yeah! The master is great, I know that the master will certainly survive it!"

Shen Lingshuang waved a little pink fist in excitement, and the woman in the red skirt rarely smiled a little: "Well, it's really good, beyond my expectations."

Lord Fu Sheng shook his head and exclaimed-"My future son-in-law is really handsome, and he really fell under the door of a great force. I don't know if I can pull him back to continue to be my son-in-law..."

Sun Yueer, Yue Qingli, Yue Youlan have a trance...

Not only was it an illusion or an accident, they actually saw a little bit of "Zhende Shuai" in Lin Chen...

The Saint of Canghai glanced at Lin Chen and said, "Oh, the blue is better than the blue. The strength of the young friend opened the eyes of the old man, and the old man would not accompany him. I wrote down this account. ."

Brush ~!

After speaking, the Saint of the Canghai reached out his hand and took away the few geniuses left by his hundred holy gates, and immediately escaped the void and left Qiyun Island.

"The most intractable Holy Realm Triple has also ran away. While now, in conjunction with other Holy Realms, the Chen family and the Manchuria will be injured and disabled first. Let me talk about it! The **** killer state can not be maintained for long. One that can hurt one is one!"

Lin Chen looked again at the sages of Manyu and Chen's family, and his eyes were full of fierce light!

One of the hearts of the Eight Saints!

Damn, this kid wants to fight!

Bang ~!

A loud noise came and the vision changed dramatically!

A wave of hymns lingered, thousands of snowy white rays of light like the moon on the sea, bright, clear, reflecting Qiyun Island in all directions.

The sea breeze rolled over the woman's three thousand green silks, the moon skirt was pure white, her hands were jade fingers, the head of the worm was moth eyebrows, and she was like a bright moon.

"I want to see, who has such a big dog to dare to kill many disciples in the Sun and Moon Hall today!"

As soon as the woman appeared, the pupils of the Holy Land such as Lord Fu Sheng and You Du Sheng were trembling!

This coercion is much more powerful than the Holy Realm triple, more than ten times!

The Holy Realm is fourfold!

Still here! A holy realm is fourfold, and the threat is far more than all the holy realms present!

"Oops, Xiaochen Chen is fast..."

Bang ~! A violent tornado was dark green, blowing from the north to the south, rolling up the sea with a tremendous shock, and slamming the waves!

In the dark green tornado, a gap was cracked, and an old man in cloth protruded.

He coughed a few times.

"Cough cough..."

The clear penetration of the sound passed to everyone's ears, and the geniuses who were present seemed to be knocked on their heads, and they were instantly excited!

"Little fellow, you are Lin Chen of the Black Horse Club? Come with me, my genius in the Hongtian Temple, but you don't kill if you want to kill."

The old clother coughed a few times, and the pink fluttering clouds appeared from the west!

A cloud of pink rose slowly, and there was a graceful woman looming in the cloud. She seemed meticulous, her jade body was sculpted, and the cloud of powder cloud covered her.

Many male geniuses under Qiyun Island are dry, and the women in the clouds are hidden in the hazy pink clouds, which makes them look especially soul-stirring.

The charming girl in Yunwu chuckled at Lin Chen; "Oh, little brother is still a boy, come here and let my sister hug."

Lin Chen's eyes condensed, if he had extraordinary spiritual power to sanctify, he was already deeply trapped in this woman's charm, extremely powerful!

"These people are all super powerhouses with four levels of Holy Realm! They are much stronger than those of Moxue and Chihong!"

Lin Chen's heart raised a bit of hysterical desperation!

What about the fourfold saint, there is no surrender in his dictionary!