My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1058

Vol 5 Chapter 1058: God Of War

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Chapter 1058: The God of War Punch!

The atmosphere in the void is extremely depressing.

The newly emerged three saints are fourfold from the Hongtian Temple, Sun Moon Hall and Baishengmen!

Each one is enough to suppress Lin Chen!

Ao Qing in Wan Qing Dian flashed to Lin Chen's side, his face bitter.

"Oh no"

The sages of the Holy Poison Saint and the Heavenly Ghost Computing Palace secretly called bad!

"The fourfold of the Holy Realm is the cave expansion. Every opening of the Holy Cavern will expand the space of the Holy Cavern, and the number of Holy Qi contained will increase by multiples! Even if we can't stop them on one piece!"

The sage is fourfold, a watershed in the holy realm!

The direct descendants of Sage Triple can become the top 40,000 geniuses in the genius list, but the sacred fourth-grade Saint Veins of the Sage can produce the super first-class genius in the top 20,000 genius lists!

"Oh, this little guy is in a little trouble. I can't think that these denominations will send the saints in four."

Shenyan Hongshang woman smiled, and Shen Lingshuang kept talking beside her.

She smiled at Shen Lingshuang: "Relax, your master's performance has exceeded my expectations. I will save him when necessary. After all, with his own strength, it is impossible to compete against any sacred realm. Not even the guys on the list of monsters are able to achieve leapfrogging of this magnitude."

"Elder Qingyue! You are finally here! It is him, he is the scourge of wounding Brother Mo Xieyue and killing Nangong!"

The woman in the Sun and Moon Hall was sobbing.

The woman in the moon skirt heard the rumor, if her face was cold and frosted, her fingertips were flowing to Yingying Yuemang, and Meiyu was extremely cold.

Lin Chen was in a state of imminent danger and laughed. "Everyone, you have to catch me. But I have only one person, how do you want to divide?"

The charming girl hiding in the powder cloud giggled: "Little boy, don't play such a low-level countermeasure against us, it's useless, now you're abandoning your arms, you still have a chance to live, otherwise your sister will start. Very ruthless."

"Oh?" Lin Chen raised his eyebrows slightly, hehe smiled: "How ruthless, I like cruelty, my sister is afraid that the more ruthless, the more I like it!"

After talking, Lin Chen's palm clenched the God of War bracers.

"It seems that this little guy doesn't understand the rules, it's a waste."

In the dark sky, a crack was torn, and the old yellowed palm was caught and grabbed to Lin Chen. It was strange and disappeared. Even Ao Qing was only able to react, and it was too late to shelter Lin Chen!

"Life and death!"

Lin Chen took all his strength and was able to penetrate the runes blessed with seven powerful powers. He had just reached the orange rank, and Lin Chen punched away!

Bang~! Fists of palms intersect, and the sound of broken bones comes from Lin Chen's left arm! Lin Chens pure power like a billion-dollar dragon is like being hit in the endless sea of stars, all the strength is unloaded!

"Oh? It's a little monster, a little skill." The old man in common clothes was a little surprised and was about to take a second hand. Lin Chen urged the body method and the small shadow to go through the void at full speed, barely avoiding retreating to the side.

"Yes, this old guy's terrifying strength, can suppress my full strength with a single blow. If he fights seriously, I am afraid that I can't even withstand three rounds!"

Lin Chen was shocking, the strength of the four levels of the Holy Realm was several grades stronger than that of Mo Xieyue!

Even if he can break out "Tears of Tears" once again, the power can reach the previous sword that beheaded 14 holy realms, I am afraid that it is difficult to cause real damage to this old guy!

The woman in the red dress shook her head and smiled. "Sure enough, the opponent of Holy Realm Quadruple is too early for him."

When the lady of Hongshang was about to take action, she suddenly found that Lin Chen's face had not yet given up!

"How about the sage's quartet? Today, you guys forced me to want my Lin Chen's life.

Lin Chen laughed wildly, wearing the bracers of God of War to his right hand!

Buzz~! Bang ~!

Billions of magical golden lights emerged from Lin Chen's body!

A spirit of God of War enough to rival the heavens and the world is exploding from Lin Chen's body, like the God of War, the world is unparalleled!

Lin Chens pupils turned into gold, revealing the fighting intent and domineering of the heavens and the world, and his pure power was violently soaring!

The woman in the red skirt suddenly squinted, as if she wanted to see through Lin Chen, and her lips flared with a smile of excitement: "What is that?"

The faces of all the holy places present changed abruptly!

Does he even have a hole card?

God, how many hands did this Lin Chen hide!

3 billion dragon power, 6 billion dragon power, 10 billion dragon power! Still rising!

Lin Chen's power broke through the sky in just half a breath!

Shenhui shines, and the golden light bursts out. Lin Chen was wearing an endless golden glow, circling a golden flash like a dragon, surging, and Shenhua Chongxiao!

The endless power that emerged from the bracers of the God of War shook the earth and shook it, and the sea shook, and no one moved it!

"What it is?"

"Halloween? Not right! When he took out his bracers, he had no vision. It could not be a holy weapon!"

This time, Lin Chen was finally not as embarrassed as before! He can barely control the strength of the increase in the God of War Bracers!

He is in the talent killing state, he is much stronger than the war emperor!

"What is the level of my pure power..."

In the end, even Lin Chen couldn't see what level his power had reached!

"This kid is weird!"

"Shoot, destroy him!"

Four senses of the three holy realms felt Lin Chen had a bad sense of crisis and launched an offensive!

The woman in the moon skirt waved a moonlight, and turned into a moonlight net to cover Lin Chen. The pink clouds filled the room, lasing three pink arrows. The old man in the linen pointed at the void, and a wind dragon rushed to Lin Chen!

The offensive of these three people does not seem to be as vast as the previous saints, but if you look closely, the space near the three offensives seems to have been extinguished into nothingness...

"What about the fourfold saints, break me!"

Lin Chen, regardless of three, seven, twenty-one, this time, Chaotian is just a punch!

When the fist passes through the sky, when the golden light flashes, the pure power of the domineering heavens is shocked!

Sigh~! Bang~!

The wind dragon exploded, the moonlight holy net shattered into nothingness, the pink arrows annihilated into ashes, and the three people's attacks were smashed by a punch!

The golden afterglow exploded, and the terrifying golden afterglow was turned upside down!

The face of more than two hundred holy realms changed dramatically, and they retreated in shock!

Lin Chen's fist is changing rapidly, and the world is stirring!

The whole sea area is divided into two sides of the Abyss, and huge waves are rolled up on both sides, as if the world is overturned!


The terrible aftermath of the energy completely shattered the energy cover of Qiyun Island!

Fengquan Saint and Brow Saint vomit blood at the same time!

"Oops, we can't protect these little guys!"

When Shuangsheng's face changed slightly, a charming red shadow flashed to Qiyun Island, and the long and tall snowy white jade legs shook gently.

Bang ~! The beautiful lady took Shen Lingshuang, stomped suddenly, and Qiyun Island, which was almost overturned, instantly stabilized in the rough sea!

Many genius lists stared at the woman in red clothes with extremely shocking eyes.

Between the world and the world, you can stabilize the upside-down space by just stomping!

What a terrifying power!

"Sense...Thank you for your shot..."

A horrified and grateful punch from Shuangsheng.

The woman in red dress ignored the two and stared at the void.

"Interesting, interesting! Ha ha ha ha, Lin Chen, I look forward to your future more and more!"