My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1059

Vol 5 Chapter 1059: Life And Death

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Chapter 1059

Lin Chen's performance far exceeded the expectations of Hongshang!

Lin Chen's punch seemed to hollow out half of his strength!

He gasped for breath, and when he saw the Three Saints who had been repulsed for decades, the excitement in his eyes was hard to hide!

Once, he used this God of War bracers, the power of **** to explode, he can repel the seriously injured Lin Xingchen!

Not to mention this punch! Even the three saints joined forces in a quadruple fight back a long distance!

"God of War Bracers is really horrible. It seems that this is still a part of the suit system. If I let me collect the whole Ares suit, wouldn't it be possible to slaughter the God of Heaven?"

This idea is just to think about it. Lin Chen knows that this God of War Bracers needs a powerful body refining to withstand part of its power. Without a powerful body refining realm, everything is nothing.

"The breath of the three saints is still strong and strong. My punch only repulsed them without hurting them. They still have the surplus power, but I cant fight for a long time with the God of War Bracers. Although they can break their power, But if I fight hard, I will lose money!"

"It's time to run, the saint's quadruple will come, it really exceeds my expectations..."

Lin Chen's fingertips shattered the void, and ejected a golden horror of pure power.

Then, Lin Chen's figure retreated, and the small shadow wrapped his figure and fled through the void!

The woman in the moon skirt waved her hand, the sacred air was like a sea of ocean, and the moonlight was condensed and the fingers flew away.

Bang~! Lin Chen's finger was shattered.

"He's running away!"

The pink cloud woman's eyes narrowed and she chased away the pink cloud immediately.

The old man in common is uncertain: "Dare to compete in front of the old man, boy, you are not qualified."

He turned into a dark green storm, and the three immediately chased Lin Chen!

The woman in the red dress looked at the direction of the three people's departure and did not catch up, but slowly closed her eyes and frowned.

The holy realm such as the Heavenly Ghost Fortune Palace and other holy realms are powerless, and the speed of the four is so fast that they simply cannot catch up!

Shen Lingshuang was anxious next to the woman in the red dress...


"Hurry up, hurry up!"

Lin Chen urged, continually flapping the Holy Phoenix Wing, and the small shadow shuttled him into the space, jumping a long distance again and again.

But soon, seeing the three flashing shuttles in the sky approaching behind him, Lin Chen raised his hand again as a finger, and the pure power condensed and shot a golden glow streamer, exploding between the three saints!

Lin Chen is not a fugitive escape, but pointing in one direction!

At this time, the system pops up a light screen, Lin Chen's body style is soaring!

[Automatically strengthen "Dragon Flash" + 15 success, power increase: 90%, a total of 38 failures, a total of 970,000 strengthening points.

"Huh? The kid's speed has skyrocketed, it's his style!"

"A very fast speed... This kind of body method is almost the strongest level in the half-orange-level body method, plus the help of his pair of holy phoenix wings and innate shadows, with his cultivation ability to explode at this speed, only the orange level You can do it yourself!"

The old man in common clothes narrowed his eyes, and in the next moment, his expression was terrified!

"No, the direction of his escape is Zixia Wanggu!"

The second girl next to her face suddenly changed slightly!

Zixia Wanggu, that is a family of legends, the heritage far exceeds the fifth grade sect!

"It seems that I have to come up with a trick to press the bottom of the box..."

The oldest man in civilian clothes, who was riding the dark green hurricane, flashed at the same time, and immediately stepped on a whetstone-like "hole".

His sacred energy was quickly withered and consumed, the speed suddenly soared, his figure flickered, and he approached Lin Chen's rear with a speed visible to the naked eye!

[Consume 4000 high-level rune energy, launch 6 levels of slow runes.

A gray and white rung descended from the sky, bursting from the space behind Lin Chen, and the speed of the old man in cloth was a little slow!

The difference between the strength of the triple and the triple of the Holy Realm is great. Lin Chen consumed a third of the rune energy he had just obtained with one shot. The moment when the super slow rune was played, turning around was another finger!

Tear ~! Bang~!

The Jinhui streamer hit the old man who was unable to defend. Although he was blasted away, the holy light that could flow all over absorbed most of the damage and impact.

"Yes, why is there so many strange tricks for this kid?"

Old man in common is angry and angry!

The woman in the moon skirt and the beauty of Fan Yun immediately pursued.

The four formed a chasing line, wherever they passed, the sound exploded and the air flow rolled and screamed!

All the saints who perceive the existence of the four men dare not spy easily, and they are stunned and hidden by the four horrors of the saints!


In the southern region, a continental plate.

Ziqi came east, Yunxia Xiawei.

Ten mountains such as Wolong intertwined, magnificent and magnificent shores, towering pavilions, palaces.

The powerful space boundary protects all directions, and in the center is a valley where Zixia rises. The valley extends to countless layers below the ground. The sky is cast into a city, and the atmosphere is like an ancient civilization!

In an ancient tower in the center of the valley, the two old men suddenly opened their eyes!

"The space barrier between 30,000 miles from north to south is broken? Who is sacred to dare to break into my valley!"

"It seems more than one person, go and see."

The two elders flashed and disappeared.

Two clouds appeared high above the south.

Bang ~! A sonic boom came, and the two elders fixed their eyes and saw that a teenager was chased and killed by three holy realms?


When Erlao was about to stop the **** boy, he actually took out a lilac token and aimed it at Erlao.

The lines above clearly sculpt the word "King"!

"This... this is the token of the demon queen!"

"Seeing the order like seeing the lord, this order is only owned by the young demon, she actually gave this token to this boy? What is his origin?"

"Regardless of origin, save people first!"

In the eyes of the second old man, the perfect shot!

The relationship between this token is not trivial, and the seal of fighting has been unraveled. Obviously, its owner gave it to the young man, not the young man who took it or won it by accident.

If it is given initiatively, it can be seen that the relationship between the demon and his son is ambiguous!

What if Uncle Wang Gu is the future? That can't be neglected!

Bang ~!

The two old men are like a ray of light, the horizontal air is stopped in front of the three people, and the palm print of Zixia Liaowei is pushed, the eight wild and the six are pushed horizontally, and the three are stopped!

The woman in the moon skirt shattered her palms with her hands, and her face was cold and frosty-"Two, what do you mean?"

The old clothed man immediately clenched his fist: "The two, the old man Nai Hongtian Temple, the war of the sky, these two are the elders of the Great Holy Gate and the Sun and Moon Hall.

"You don't have to give face, this is our Zixia Wang Gu Bao. Move him, it is my Wang Gu enemy!"

Erlao is amazing! Actually, Lin Chen was protected in one face!

Lin Chen dumbfounded, is this too strong? Keep me safe without even asking about my origin?

"Awesome little goblin, is the token she gave me such a big name in Zixia Wanggu!"

Lin Chen did not expect that the goblin's token would play such a big role!