My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1060

Vol 5 Chapter 1060: Zixiawanggu

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Chapter 1060

Lin Chen knew the location of Zixia Wanggu, and wanted to use the power of the token to use the power here to involve the other three people, and then try to walk away by himself. Unexpectedly, they were directly guaranteed to him!

Lin Chen took off the Bracers of the God of War, and a sense of exhaustion and strength came from him.

The wounded little shadow immediately dived back to Taoyuan for planting capsules and swallowed a large amount of Pills for healing and Long Qingguo.

The God of War Bracers are dim and less powerful than before. This time Lin Chen used it but did not allow it to absorb enough attribute light balls. It seemed to have a feeling of insufficient energy.

Lin Chen launched the harbinger of stealing without saying anything to the Five Saints in the void!

[Consume 1269 talent points, steal attribute values: 700 advanced water energy, 820 advanced wind energy, 2990 advanced rune energy, 2.8 million enhancement points, 900 advanced gold energy.

With a bang, Lin Chen's nine-color life wheel incorporates more elemental energy!


Lin Chen gasped slightly! It is worthy of being a master of the sage's fourfold, and the stolen attribute values are astonishingly high!

The trio looked somber.

The pink lady giggled and flickered a chill between her eyebrows: "People in Zixia Wanggu, who are so overbearing, let the concubine come to teach the two masters!"

Brush ~!

The sleeve robe waved, the fragrant wind swept, and the slender jade fingers ejected a ray of cold awn, tearing the void, and attacked the two straight!

In addition, the two played a silver bright moon, the fighting turned into a black dragon, and the two heads were hard!

"It's just three guys who have just entered the cave-increased realm, and they dare to be wild in my valley!"

The two sacredly flew into the sky, flashing into two streamers and fighting with the three!

Lin Chen stunned, the strength of these two old men is more terrifying than the three... Even he can only barely see a few afterimages.

The battle of the five did not lift up the power of ruining the world, and the holy energy surrounding the old Wang Gu's body flowed out the smell of moving the void, eliminating many aftermath of the battle.

This made the site of Zixia Wanggu not subject to any shock disaster!

But Lin Chen clearly saw that the space where the Five Saints fought each time shattered an abyss-like crack, which was particularly terrifying...

It was less than a quarter of an hour, and the two sides were separated. The three were in a state of embarrassment. Although not injured, the Holy Spirit consumed a great deal.

In the series of saints, it is a very serious matter to consume too much holy energy, and the channels for supplementation are limited.

Not to mention the cost of the injury, without the holy pill, it can only be cured by itself, so the general holy land will not fight in real combat.

"Wang Gu master, well-deserved reputation." The pretty face of the woman in the moon skirt was slightly pale.

"Oh, boy, today the master of Zixia Wanggu will protect you, but it will not be necessary in the future..."

The charming woman smiled coldly and shrouded in faint pink clouds.

"Well, arresting this kid is just an old man's task. Here is the home of Zixia Wanggu, there is no need to die..."

The old man in common clothes sighed in his heart and left. The most unwilling woman in the moon skirt scratched Lin Chen's eyes for a few moments before leaving in a flash.

"Little fellow, we have helped you to block the strong enemy. You should talk about your relationship with Qianjin in our valley."

Er Lao smiled and walked towards Lin Chen. When he was about to clenched his fist and Er Lao's guest set, the "God-killer" talent state was released, and the time limit had expired.


At the moment when the **** killer's talent state was lifted, Lin Chen was directly crushed and bleeding.

Immediately before the death passed, Lin Chen hurriedly swallowed a glazed bodhi, and urged the Dragon Emperor to assist in refining.


Qiyun Island.

"This little guy actually has something to do with Zixia Wanggu, hehe, it seems that he also has many chances."

The woman in the red dress opened her eyes and crossed a trace of surprise.

Shen Lingshuang anxiously said: "Sister, how is my master!"

She smiled: "It's okay, your master has gone to Zixia Wanggu, and someone has sheltered him. Although he was seriously injured, at least his life is worry-free."

As soon as this remark came out, the geniuses marveled again and again!

too strong! This Lin Chen is going against the sky!

One emperor battle group sage also killed 14 sacred realms, and escaped from the three sages quartet. From ancient times to the present, there are many legends in the sacred world. How many people can have this ability?

Lord Fu Shengguo was amazed-"Unexpectedly, Xiaochen Lin still has this relationship..."

Youdusheng smiled: "It's really powerful, whether it is Zhendexiu or Zhendeshuai, or this Lin Chen, this dark horse club is a group of monsters."

"Ah! Chen Wuming, the muddy boy, why did I bring this **** of plague to the Chen family!"

"Well, look for opportunities again. As long as the kid is not truly sanctified, we still have a chance. If he is sanctified, we will have no chance to catch him!"

The sacred realms of the Manchuria and the ancestors of the sacred realms of the Chen family left in a trance!

In today's battle, they have thoroughly seen this young man's demise! Without the fourfold foundation of the Holy Realm, he is simply not qualified to hunt him down!

However, the sacred realm is fourfold within the Sipin sect, and it is still very rare. Even if there is, it is also the last sitting figure. It is extremely difficult to mobilize, let alone go out for a teenager...

Provoking this child's end, they can see clearly!

The Dark Pavilion is basically destroyed, and the Dark Pavilion has eight holy realms, and six have fallen due to the pursuit of Lin Chen!

The same is true of the Wanjin Chamber of Commerce. The presidents have died here, and the Chamber of Commerce will be hit hard! The remaining forces behind the Five Saints from the forces of the odd domains are no exception!

This declining number of holy realms can only happen through some ancient holy wars or eternal wars. No one expected that this will come from the hands of a young boy on the genius list!

"I want to see the master..."

"No, you should go back to the palace. I can't leave the palace for too long. This time you should also practice well. Only when you are strong can you help your master."


The woman in red dress has never seen any saint on Qiyun Island from beginning to end, but she only took a meaningful look at Ning Qingxuan and took Shen Lingshuang away.

"Oh, we're not wrong in betting on the gods, let's wait for this little guy to be sanctified!"

The ancestor of the Heavenly Ghost Fortune Palace smiled.

Lord Fu Shengguo and his entourage stepped into the air and smiled at the people in the Heavenly Ghost Abacus Palace: "My Excellency, the mathematicians of the odd field, since everyone is helping Lin Chen, it is considered a chance to get acquainted. The next is When I bury the Holy Mountain Range in the Southern Region, will I go to see it together?"

The ancestor said with a smile: "Master Fu Sheng, you have long admired your name. You have heard of the funeral mountain range, since you have come, then go."

Yue Qingli pursed her lips-"Father and Emperor, don't you go to see the handsome German son..."

The proprietor shook his head with a smile: "The Xeon woman said that they had sheltered from the Valley of the King of Zixia. The area was not accessible to ordinary people. Without the concession, even I could not enter. And, I I have a hunch that people in the Black Horse Club should go to the Burial Mountain..."

"What you see is the same, Lord, please."

The two forces looked at each other, and the geniuses of Qiyun Island fell into the curtain with a sigh and exclamation.

After this battle, Lin Chen and the Black Horse Club will be famous for the younger generation in the Holy Realm!

The geniuses were rhythmically and began to leave one after another.

"Qingxuan, let's go too."

Old man Ao Qing took Ning Qingxuan.

But she said seriously: "No, I'm going to bury the Holy Mountain to wait for him!"


I don't know how long he was in a coma, Lin Chen opened his eyes.

I am in a closet.

After sensing his injury, Lin Chen smiled bitterly.

It seems that the cost of using the God of War Bracers, unless he really has 20 holy cave repairs, or is to endure the sequelae during the God-killer state, otherwise he will involve himself...

"It's a pity! Most of the dozen saints' precepts were cut into pieces by the tears of God's tears! Mother, I'm afraid that it's not a loss of 100 million. How can the saint's baby be simple..."

Lin Chen was a bit annoyed. His knife God Tears swept through the 14 Saints, but he also exploded all the precepts held by the Holy Realm!

The things in the ring are basically turned into powder, even the attribute value has not dropped much!

At this time, the old naughty laughter sounded.

"The little guy has a good vitality. Although there is a glass bodhi, you wake up in a few days."

An old man in Tsing Yi already sat in the void in the secret room, and looked at him with interest.

Lin Chen was grateful: "Thank you for your help."

The old man in Tsing Yi waved his hand: "This also said, the old man asked you, how did you get your Zixia Wangling, and what is your relationship with Master Wang Ling? Who are you?"

Lin Chen pondered for a moment, telling about the process of getting acquainted with the goblin.

Of course, Lin Xingchen did not say anything about it.

The old man's face changed from time to time, and finally he was relieved when he heard that the "little goblin" was in shock.

He looked at Lin Chen and smiled with a lot of interest.

"Good boy! You are the dark horse club Lin Chen of the blood-washed genius list? Can't think of you and the lady having this kind of friendship!"