My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1061

Vol 5 Chapter 1061: The Field Of Saints.

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Chapter 1061, The Realm of Saints.

The reputation of the Black Horse Club is now only truly introduced into the interior of such behemoths such as Zixia Wanggu!

Lin Chen's achievements in the past were not enough to attract attention from these super families!

Although Lin Chen took it in some details, this old man in Tsing Yi is not easy to fool, at least it is also a life-long friendship with the demon queen!

Tsing Yi old man said: "Now your realm is your true cultivation."

Lin Chen nodded: "Well, the juniors made a secret trick to barely possess the power of the Holy Land and the saints."

The old man in Tsing Yi smiled and said, "If you are really a saint at this age, then that is the real evil spirit... But, in this world, strength is king, at least you have this trump card, and this alone, you Will not be inferior to any genius on the genius list."

But my trump card can only be used once. After a bitter smile in Lin Chen's heart, he then asked, "Senior, how long have I been in a coma."

At this time, the door of the room was pushed in, and another old man in linen came in and said seriously: "Three days and three nights, your boy's vitality is quite tenacious, and the speed of recovery is almost like the cubs of the ancient relics."

Mai old man has been listening outside.

He was afraid that the relationship between this kid and the demon queen is that relationship. If this is the future Aunt Wang Gu, I am afraid that Zixia Wang Gu will instantly turn the sky!

"Fortunately, but if these little cubs know that Miss Wang Ling gave a young boy, I am afraid they will be crazy one by one? Hahaha..."

The old man of Mai Mai lost his smile, but his expression was serious: "Little fellow, you are kind to our young lady. You don't have to worry about resting with us for a while. There are not many people in Nanyu who dare to move you when we sit in town."

Lin Chen nodded and said: "Then thank you senior, the younger just needs some time to recover from the injury..."

After being able to cultivate the demon who appeared on the list of evildoers, it was enough to see the horror of the inside of the Zixia King Valley. Lin Chensi did not doubt his safety here.

Lin Chen swallowed a few pieces of Long Qingguo, and seemed to remember something, and asked, "Yes, two seniors, the younger ones have something to ask."

The old man in Tsing Yi nodded and smiled: "You're welcome, please."

"What is the realm of the saints? What is the difference between the four levels of the saints and the previous saints?"

The second old looked at each other, and the old man in Tsing Yi smiled.

"The warlord's sanctification requires the opening of the holy agglomeration with life force, or spiritual training, or mental tempering. The more difficult and desperate the temper, the more the potential of people can be stimulated, so that the foundation is strong, and the impact of the sanctuary The odds increase."

"Open 1 holy cave for sanctification, open 10 holy caves for the sage's fullness, 11 holy caves are double for the sage, and the double-level realm contains double the holy energy for the double-level realm! All of them are more than double the amount of double cultivation, so it is extremely difficult for the challenge of the Holy Land to have the leapfrog challenge."

The old man of Mai Mai nodded solemnly: "The opening difficulty of the 31st holy cave is no less than that of the war emperor's sanctification. 31 to 40 holy caves are the fourfold of the holy realm, and they are called saints in the expanding cave realm. The space of subsequent sacred caves will contain more sacred gas, and the expanded sacred cave capacity will increase by multiples."

The old man in Tsing Yi smiled and said, "Taking the old man as an example, my 31st holy cave is 4 times as wide as the expansion hole, so the capacity of my 31st holy cave is 4 times as large as that of one holy cave when the sanctuary is triple. The first hole expansion in the cave area is extremely important, because the multiple of the 32-40th holy hole expansion in the future will almost never exceed the first time, at most it is flat."

"The common sages' hole-expanding environment is 3 to 5 times that of expanding the hole, and the top genius is more than 6 times. And there will always be some people beyond the common sense who can break the shackles of life, and the subsequent hole expansion will exceed the first time. The point-expanding multiple, such a series of geniuses, can either be in the top 100 of the genius list or the devil list."

Lin Chen suddenly realized!

Each holy cave on the second level of the Holy Realm can contain more than twice the amount of holy energy. The holy acupuncture of triple cultivation is more than double that of the double.

The Holy Land is fourfold, and the capacity of the Holy Cave is determined by people!

"Assume that I entered the cave-increased realm, opening 31 to 40 holy caves each time is 6 times, then it adds up to 60 times! My day! The saint quadruple peak and the saint triple peak are not on the same level. !"

Lin Chen secretly talked, no wonder that the four appearances of a saint made the hundreds of sacred places on Qiyun Island frightened by the wind and their faces changed!

Lin Chen also asked about the holy realm of refining the body. The two seniors had a more polite attitude towards him, which benefited him a lot.

The second elder told him that the holy realm refining and controlling every 100 million dragon powers is equivalent to the holy realm opening a holy cave.

The Holy Realm is twofold, with 200 million dragon power approximately equal to one Holy Cave. When Lin Chen opened the God Killer, it was 3 billion dragon power, so it was the double peak of the Holy Realm.

Holy Realm is triple, 500 million dragon power is approximately equal to a holy cave, for example; Lin Chen wants to use pure power to conquer the Holy Realm triple, he must control 8 billion dragon power!

"Little guy, you have a very good foundation for body refining, but the old man advises you to open the holy cave with the main focus of combat. The sanctification of the flesh has a natural disadvantage in the human race. It is the first time that it is extremely difficult to impact the state. Reaching new heights, the ways of refining the body will become less and less. Secondly, even if you are in control of the pure power equivalent to the saints in the same realm, it is difficult for you to be the opponent of the other side."

"Because our human race is not like an orc, the orc can awaken the blood and supernatural powers, and transform pure power into many kills. While the human race opens the holy cave to obtain the holy energy, it can practice many skills and combat skills, but the human race in the human race Fighting skills are extremely scarce, and the lack of flexibility in combat. The only advantage is that it is better than lasting. However, if the lasting battle is stronger, others will be killed and killed."

Tsing Yi old man persuaded.

Lin Chen nodded and said with a smile: "Xie seniors advised that the juniors understand that our human race is always a human being, without the inherent advantages of fierce beasts, physical training can only be the icing on the cake.

The old man's advice, Lin Chen can understand, but that only applies to ordinary people!

He has a picking system, as long as he has qi and blood attribute values, there is no lack of physical training! More to say that he also has a dragon emperor with many blood lines, and physical training has a vital role for him.

If you practice the holy cave and the body, none of Lin will fall, he will do it all!

"You can understand the best. Recently, the Sacred Mountain Range is about to open, and we two still have a lot of things to deal with..."

The old man in Tsing Yi rubbed his temple.

Before he finished talking, Lin Chen got up excitedly and was sore with sore wounds that he had to ask-"Senior, what do you mean, bury the Holy Mountain?"

"Oh? Don't you kid? Don't you know? The holy mountain of Burial Mountains is near the time of dissipation of the miasma, and within half a month, the miasma will dissipate for a while."

"There have been too many saints in the previous jihad, and many saints dare not enter. This time I am afraid that the old guys will send a lot of monster-level geniuses to explore inside."