My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1062

Vol 5 Chapter 1062: Someone Wants To Make Trouble?

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Chapter 1062

The old man's words made Lin Chen lost in thought.

"Little Dream Girl told me that her mothers former owner was Qingtian Warrior, who was good at swordsmanship, and fell into the depths of the Holy Mountain Range. Rainbow Island also gave me a piece of holy helmet when he parted, engraved him He can feel his position as long as he is within a certain range."

"According to Xiaomengs mothers last words, the warrior warrior Taiji was remnant in the past, which has not been thoroughly studied, and there are still fragments on him! This time its about "Taiyi Futian Jue", even if it is the eighteenth layer of **** I'm going to go!"

Seeing the strong fighting spirit burst out in Lin Chen's eyes, the old man in Tsing Yi smiled and said: "Look at you, you must be a little guy to join in. With your strength, you will certainly not return empty-handed."

"It's not too early, you have to take the time to recuperate, you walk in Zixia Wanggu, just use this sapphire order, put away the king order that the lady gave you, don't light it up easily, otherwise you will know Cause a lot of trouble."

The old man in Tsing Yi threw a blue token to Lin Chen, and Lin Chen solemnly clenched his fists: "Thank you, Senior, for your care!"

When the second elder left and Lin Chen recovered from his injury, he was pleasantly surprised to find that after experiencing the previous accumulation and the fierce battle in the holy realm, his spiritual strength broke through half of the way into the holy!

Half-stepping into the holy, ordinary pharmacists must at least reach this spiritual realm to be eligible to try to refine the holy pill. Of course, the success rate is still low, but Lin Chen who holds +15 "Tai Shi Bible" is an exception.

Lin Chenling avatar enters the cultivation state, and opens the system.

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Four Tribulation Warlords (Peak of Four Tribulation)-Advanced essence: 5.59 million

Ultimate Strength: 99.99 million Dragon Power-Advanced Qi and Blood: 6.88 million points

Advanced spirit attribute value: 6046 points (half step into the holy)

Advanced skill essence: 13011 points-advanced rune energy: 9641 points.

Intermediate Tiandao value: 14557 points-Intermediate talent point: 13602 points.

Blank attribute: 3.44 million points-enhanced points: 21.68 million points.

Advanced elemental energy: 5914 points in the fire system, 5311 points in the soil system, 5500 points in the wood system, 5566 points in the gold system, 5988 points in the water system, 5119 points in the thunder system, 5969 points in the wind system, 4155 points in the light system, 4951 points in the light system, and 4991 points in the dark system

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Passive talent bar (whether it is open)-nirvana bar (whether it is open)

Active talent bar (whether it is open)-characteristic rune bar (whether it is open)

Talent combination skills (whether to open)

Strengthen more than 20 million points! A huge sum! All of Lin Chen's non-growth attribute values are abnormally high!

Even if the godslayer would reduce the drop of non-growth attribute light balls, Lin Chen slaughtered 14 sages, and the attribute value dropped was still scary.

"This strengthening point is enough for me to increase the fighting power again!"

Lin Chen was very excited.

Next, Lin Chen consumed 7.7 million strengthening points in one breath!

"Ultimate Flying Sword" +15, "Yu Tian" +15, "Sword Fury" +15, "Tai Chi Bible" +15, "Mirror Bright Moon" +15, "Observation" +15, "Seven Powers" +15,

Lin Chen strengthened all the main exercises at this stage to +15!

Lin Chen in "Tears of Tears" has not yet practiced consummation, so it cannot be strengthened. Only the host can practice consummation.

In addition, although Lin Chen learned "God's Tears", he only had the opportunity to learn by taking advantage of the talents of God-killers.

With Lin Chen's current cultivation as "God's Tears", it is probably not the sword qi that shattered, but his meridians.

You have to wait for the Five Tribulations to be able to use "Tear of Tears".

Therefore, the half-orange-level exercises controlled at this stage are still Lin Chen's main means of combat. The next burial of the Holy Mountain Range is very important, and Lin Chen must not have any failure!

"My spiritual power has a taste like the sea! There is more than one level stronger than before. "Tai Si Bible" +15 and half-stepping into the spiritual power of the Holy Spirit have brought me transformation, and the art of alchemy will be improved. Three or four times more!"

Lin Chen was amazed by the changes in his spiritual power. The Taishi Bible gave him the spiritual power control of the Holy-level Alchemist in advance.

The Taishi Bible after +15 is particularly powerful, not to mention Lin Chens spiritual strength has also broken through...

Lin Chen is almost certain, as long as he thoroughly advances to the supernatural saint spiritual power, his spiritual manipulation will surely reach an extremely terrifying state!

His refining skills will advance by leaps and bounds!

[Consumption of 218 points of advanced exercises and spirits, the fusion of the cultivation memory of the semi-orange-level alchemy handprint "True Dragon Hand"...]

"True Dragon Sage, combining dragon power with spiritual strength, spiritual power, alchemy, strength and material, nine days of gas, spirit reversal, if the user has the true dragon blood and strong enough spiritual power, the power of this alchemy handprint is close to orange Handprint..."

When Lin Chen merged the cultivation memory of this true dragon sacred hand, he couldn't help but sigh, this alchemy handprint has the magical effect of assisting alchemy with pure power!

You can also use the real dragon blood veins to make alchemy, but Lin Chen's Yinglong and Qinglong blood veins can only be regarded as the sidelines of the real dragon blood veins.

"It's extremely difficult to practice the purple top-level handprints. This half-orange-level alchemy handprint has 100,000 combinations of handprints! Each one is very mysterious, and it has a high auxiliary effect on the refined product. It is indeed a saint. You have to rob your scalp..."

Lin Chen and Doppelganger felt at ease to recuperate their injuries and merge their alchemy fingerprints to cultivate memories.


Qingyun Valley, in the lobby; a group of figures.

The first two men in white were cold-faced.

"Ben Shao heard that we Wang Gu came to a special guest, Wang Ling, who is a lady, or a man?"

"Miss is born supreme, how could Wang Ling be handed over to a man. I don't believe it either, I think it's a lie that this is a trick!"

A red-browed man slammed the table angrily, shaking the hall and shaking up,

"Well, this person He Dehe can hold the Miss Wang Ling, I will meet him!"

Qi Yuxuan, the young man in white in the first place, said indifferently: "Enough is enough, so quickly, the position is chaotic. What kind of system is there. There are young, dry, and two elders sitting in the town, do you dare to move him?"

Everyone's face was dreadful.

"He can't keep shrinking all the time. Wait, find opportunities. I'll let him know that Miss is not close to him like this!"

The young man in white has a murderous intent on his face!


The days of recovery, cultivation, learning, and Lin Chen's stay in Zixia Wanggu passed for four days at once.

On the eighth day of arriving at Zixia Wanggu, Lin Chen went out.

Zixia Wanggu, within the Purple Realm Valley.

Lin Chen strolled down the street, where many chambers of commerce and business groups were doing business, and disciples of Zixia Wanggu purchased materials here.

Although Zixia Wanggu has a great career, but cultivation is always burning resources, it will regularly enter the outside chamber of commerce to come here for business.

At this time, the young Wang Gu disciples on the street stared at the teenager in front of a shop in a daze.

The young boy even bid for 4 million silver holy yuan coins as soon as he opened his mouth!

The thin, monkey-like man nodded and smiled: "The son is so generous, he bought all the Tianyi Shengshui of our business group for 4 million!"

The gentle and charming woman in the snow next to her smiled and said: "How is it, Brother Lin Chen, I said that here is the place with the most treasures in Zixia Wanggu, don't lie to you."

Lin Chen nodded and smiled, "Well, it's really good."

The Snow Maiden beside Lin Chen was named Li Xue, a blue-rank disciple of Zixia Wanggu.

When Elder Qian confessed to looking for a disciple responsible for leading Lin Chen, she immediately took on the task.

Zixia Wanggu is not comparable to the outside world. Many forbidden areas are strictly prohibited for outsiders to enter, and the violators are directly executed! In order to prevent Lin Chen from entering the forbidden place by mistake, his family needs to lead.

Seeing that Lin Chen was satisfied, Li Xuejiao's face was as if she was irritated, and Lin Chen chatted with Lin Chen with a smile, a pair of beautiful eyes full of curiosity and admiration.

Since ancient times, heroes have loved beauty, as beauty has loved heroes.

Lixue was born in Zixia Wanggu and has a very high vision, but she has never heard of any man who dared to wash the genius list from ancient times to the present, and even the young ladys Wang Ling has got it. She is very curious about Lin Chen. !

"I use 30% silver holy yuan higher than the market price to purchase all the existing crystal fragments of your chamber of commerce."

Then, Lin Chen spoke amazingly to the thin, monkey-like man!

"Above the market price...30%?"

The merchant was stunned and thought he had heard it wrong!

"Okay, okay! Please wait a minute..." His face was ecstatic, and his attitude seemed to be to kneel down for Lin Chen when he was about to turn around and prepare for Lin Chen.

"I sold 50% higher than the market price, and the fragments of abnormal crystals, I have packaged."

A dismissive and proud voice suddenly interrupted all the shock!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed.

"Someone wants to mess up?"