My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1063

Vol 5 Chapter 1063: One Handed Alchemy? Don't Need A Furnace?

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Chapter 1063 Don't need a furnace?

Lin Chen bought all the alien crystal fragments in order to make as many killer skills as possible before entering the Holy Mountain Range.

Someone depressed him with a price, and he had to buy all the crystal fragments of the merchant group. Normally, it is impossible for the saint to refine so many crystal fragments.

Obviously, the other party is in trouble.

Lin Chen touched his chin and raised his brows lightly: "The comers are not good, but this is the place of the little demon queen. As long as the other party is not too excessive, I can let it go."

The person who came here was dressed in white, Qi Yuxuan was a little bit like a handsome young man, and he followed four talented teenagers, each of whom was a five-tribulation war emperor.

Lixue whispered to Lin Chen: "It's Master Zi Yu, son Lin Chen. Be careful, he may be here for you, but he is ranked 10001 on the genius list..."

Lin Chen smiled and said nothing, he was cynical, and he looked steady in Sao.

That young master Yu came to Lin Chen, Jianmei staring, Li Mang in his eyes, coldly asked: "Are you the Linchen of the Black Horse Club?"

Lin Chen smiled and said: "The troubled son remembers the handsome name under him."

The four young geniuses behind Master Zi Yu were all glaring, and there was always a way to rush up and fight desperately with Lin Chen.

The corner of Zi Yu's mouth picked out a bit of disdain, "Don't talk nonsense, you want alien crystal fragments, I don't want to give it, Ben Shao is an eighth-order pharmacist, do you think you have the financial resources to compete with an eighth-order pharmacist?"

Zi Yu's words made many of the people's faces slightly changed, surprised and surprised!

"Is Master Zi Yu actually breaking through to the eighth-level pharmacist, my god!"

"I have heard that Master Zi Zi has been promoted half a year ago to enter the spiritual power of the Holy Class. I didn't expect to become an eighth-level pharmacist so soon!"

"This is probably the youngest eighth-order apothecary in the history of Zixia Wanggu!"

Hearing the worship and exclamation around, Zi Yu's arrogance increased by one point, "Lin Chen, don't say Ben Shao will give you a face, hand over the Miss Wang Ling, Ben Shao will not embarrass you and will send you 20 A piece of alien crystal. Otherwise, be careful not only will you not be able to purchase anything in the Purple Realm Valley, you may also encounter something unexpected if you go out of the Purple Valley!"

This young master was like a domineering one, and notified Lin Chen with a nearly charity tone.

Do you want to change the unique Zixia token after the little demon after 20 pieces of alien crystal? This young man is afraid not to live in a dream.

The atmosphere darts.

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled: "This son, I have no grievances with you. You can make trouble if you don't come up. I respect you as a person from Zixia Wanggu and give you a three-point face. I just want to buy something here and leave , I am already polite enough. Outside, people who dare to jump in someone like me in the forest start with a disability and die without corpses."

Lin Chen was not humble, he flicked his nails, and said with a smile: "Is the eighth-tier apothecary awesome? Is it an eighth-tier apothecary per capita in my dark horse club, and the technology per capita in our club, you are also embarrassed to take it out and force it? "

As soon as this statement came out, the faces of many disciples changed slightly!

Eighth-tier pharmacist per capita? You're so brave, you don't even get red at all!

The Holy Realm is extremely wide, and the fastest spread is only the record of Lin Chen's bloodbath genius list.

It will take some time for the performance of the Quartet to spread further to the Holy Realm.

For these disciples who have been practicing in Wang Gu and the Secret Realm for many years, they do not know more information about the Black Horse Club.

"You?" Master Zi Yu's handsome face was irritated.

The four geniuses behind him stood up and scolded!

"Dog things, show respect to Master Ziyu!"

"Huh?" Lin Chen narrowed her eyes and spit out a word "Go."

Bang ~! The sound of'rolling' with a terrifying spiritual power penetrated the genius's defense of the genius, and his mental power was shaken upside down and shaken, the eardrum burst out, the ears bleed, and the ears bleed, screaming Again and again!

The three geniuses were shocked and angry, but fighting was forbidden here, and they did not dare to use combat energy to shoot without permission. If they use mental power, it is Lin Chen's strength!

Master Zi Yu was startled: "He is half a step into the Holy Spirit?"

Lin Chen was too lazy to ignore the noisy guys. He said to the thin man: "I will buy all the crystal fragments of your chamber of commerce and even the nearby business group at a price of 70% above the market price. Hurry up, I will hurry."

The thin man suppressed his ecstasy and stooped down in tribute-"Yes... the little one will prepare immediately!"

Suddenly, that son Yudao said: "Then I will be 80% higher than the market price."

Lin Chen frowned, yes, this king and bastard's soul is not gone!

Although he has many silver holy yuan coins in hand, it does not mean that he can squander arbitrarily, he has to purchase other resources.

Zi Yu stared at Lin Chen, saying one word at a time: "Oh, you can let me not press your price. Do you dare to compete with me!"

Lin Chen clenched his fists and suddenly smiled and said: "How do you compare."

Seeing Lin Chen's human and animal harmless smile, Zi Yuxin was alert.

"This **** can be washed in the Rainbow Island blood genius list. Although it is very likely to have luck, it must have some killer skills. Although I am ranked 10001, I may not be able to eat him steadily."

Zi Yu thought a little and sneered, "It's better than alchemy. How do you say that you have an eighth-tier alchemist per capita in your dark horse club? Dare you gamble?"

Lin Chen was a little impatient: "I don't have so much time here to refine the eighth-order Holy Pill with you."

Better than alchemy? Lin Chen was not afraid, but he had no time right now.

Seventy or eight days are left until the ascending gas of the Burial Mountain Range is completely dissipated. Even if this time can be used to regenerate the Eighth Order Holy Pill with all the avatars, it will consume a lot of energy and mind, and it is difficult to maintain the state of prosperity.

"Naturally, it would not be the refining of the eighth-order Saint Pill, the level of a pharmacist knows the alchemy skills, and the competition of the alchemy technique is based on the seventh-order top-level pill medicine. If you can use five fingers with one hand, within three hours, whoever first refines the seventh-level top medicine will be considered as the winner. If both parties succeed, then which side wins by the medicine grade, how?

"If you lose, the lady's token belongs to me. If I lose, I will pay you all the crystal fragments!"

Zi Yu's words stirred up a thousand waves!

"My God, within two hours? Even if you can't use Danlu, you can only use one hand?"

"This... this is too ridiculous. One-handed printing alchemy, the mental energy and difficulty it consumes will increase several times!"

"Combining the two, the difficulty is rising! At least I dare not think about my alchemy skills..."

Many geniuses were shocked and shocked. What a ridiculous comparison this time!

Lixue was anxious, as if she knew what was going on, and was about to stop Lin Chen...

"Okay, that's it, whoever, go and get the crystal fragments."

Lin Chen smiled.

Zi Yu showed a confident smile that controlled everything. He laughed proudly in his heart!

"Stupid, ha ha ha! The new alchemy handprint that was less practiced is to use one hand to form a seal and then use the combination seal as the alchemy, boy, you lose!"