My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1064

Vol 5 Chapter 1064: Can You Still Blame Me Lin Chen?

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1064 Chapter 1064

Purple Valley, blue stone ring.

Outside the blue stone ring, people are crowded.

Today we have a special duel!

Chen Ziyu to Lin Chen! One side is the top arrogance of Zixia Wanggu, 10001 genius list, the youngest eighth-order pharmacist!

On the other side, Lin Chen, the deputy director of the dark horse club of the blood-washed genius list, is in the limelight recently!

The content of the duel between these two people is actually alchemy without a single furnace!

The content of this duel has never been seen before!

But all pharmacists know the difficulty of this matchup!

Using Alchemy Fingerprints with both hands can deal with any situation that occurs when dealing with refining medicine.

Alchemy with one hand is like making it difficult for an ordinary person to walk on one foot. Supporting the ground with one foot is already the limit, and walking like a normal person is not as simple as two minus one!

Not to mention the need for a red furnace!

"That's Lin Chen? Hey, it's much younger than I thought!"

"It is estimated that only you in Neigu can suppress this Lin Chen. According to the rumor, it is said that this Lin Chen holds the Miss Zixia King Order!"

"What? How could Miss Wang Ling give him? Miss can say that only the men she approves will give Zixia Wang Ling..."

Tens and tens passed from one to the other, and the news that Lin Chen held the demon queen Zixia's order immediately spread to everyone's ears!

Then, the eyes full of jealousy and murderousness were thrown at Lin Chen in the field, and the genius of the tens of thousands of Zixia Wanggu clamored for Lin Chen!

Lin Chen hugged his chest with both hands and whistled: "What are you doing, your eyes are glaring like cow eggs, so jealous that I look handsome, don't you have to be so obvious?"

"Damn it! It's so arrogant!"

"Wipe, it's a pity that the geniuses of Neigu are not here, otherwise which round will get him arrogant!"

"Zi Yu cousin, torture him!"

Everyone blushed and shouted with thick necks, and they didn't know that they wanted to fight duel.

The Void Stand; three saints stand side by side.

A man in a red robe smiled and said, "This match is a bit interesting."

Two Xianyun Yehe's old man in linen laughed successively.

"I'm afraid that this kid is also an eighth-order pharmacist, but Zi Yu should be better."

"Zi Yu has set him up. The content of this matchup may not even be an opponent of Zi Yu. His alchemy fingerprint has a natural advantage."

The red-robed man looked deeply at the cynicism of Lin Chen in the field and smiled: "Yeah, I am more optimistic about this little guy, which can make the three holy realms hunt for four times, and Neigu can provoke This lineup is also rare!"


Bluestone Ring.

"Princess Lin Chen, you...reckless. I have heard before that Master Zi Yu seems to have inherited the "Lei Sheng Fu Yuan Seal" inherited from the family. This alchemy handprint is listed in the half-orange rank, still with speed and one hand. Synthesizing double seals and becoming famous, you are the son of Lin Chen.

Lixue sent Lin Chen anxiously outside the ring.

Unexpectedly, someone Lin Lin blinked at her with anger, and Lixue blushed with a heartbeat.

Lin Chen Chuanyin smiled and said: "Relax, since he provokes me, his pride, I will tread on!"

Chen Ziyu, who stood a hundred feet away from Lin Chen, said contemptuously: "Have you ever been ready?"

Lin Chen didn't speak, and waved a pair of scissors at him, his expression was very shocked.

"Humph!" Chen Ziyu ejected a fighting spirit and hit the hourglass beside the ring! start the timer!

Brush ~! He waved his hand, opened the abstinence, hundreds of medicinal materials suspended in the void.

"Thunder hands startled!"

Chen Ziyu's five fingers showed strong spiritual power, circling thunderous light like a silver snake. The lightning caught a hundred kinds of medicinal materials and a seventh-order fierce beast core!

Everyone couldn't help but hold their breath and watch. Alchemy duels are not uncommon in the genius Zixiawanggu, but this is the first time that one-handed alchemy duels don't use Danlu!

Chen Ziyu's five fingers became a seal, and afterimages became a film. Under the control of mental power, the silver snake thunderlight turned into a group of thunder shadows that shuttled among many medicinal materials, accurately picked out and removed the outer skin shell of the medicinal materials!

Then, Raymond coagulated and began to remove the impurities of the medicinal materials, crushed some of the medicinal materials, and pressed out the essence energy.

The whole process, flowing clouds and flowing water, is simply dazzling!

A series of ups and downs of breathing air and awe-inspiring sounds outside the ring!

"My God, I'm right!"

"This is a true one-handed seal, the cousin of the imperial palace, Jin Nai, the first refining pharmacist in Wang Gu's contemporary..."

"It's amazing! Without the Dan furnace, it is more difficult to stabilize the medicinal materials, not to mention the mental energy consumed by one-handed printing. Not to mention the combination of the two, the difficulty rises directly, and it can be so steady. Refining steps!"

Those arrogant Wang Gu disciples were also impressed by such mysterious means!

This hand alone is definitely a skill that only eighth-level pharmacists can use!

Moreover, the pharmacist who first entered the eighth level, has not yet been able to do as good as Chen Ziyu!

Looking back at Lin Chen, he didn't move at all, with a smile on his face, and commented on Chen Ziyu.

"Well, the hand speed is very fast, there are cocoons and protrusions, and there is a thunder and lightning between the friction. It can be said that it has its own paralysis effect. If it is introduced to other clubs, it can barely be a second-rate."

Lin's tone of guidance made Jiang Shan's genius out of the field, and he kept'spitting fragrance'.

"Damn, what do you dare to point the cousin?"

"Lin Chen, don't stand up if you don't have the ability, quickly roll down and thank you, Brother Yu Yu!"

Chen Ziyu ignored Lin Chen, but cast a disdainful look, regardless of whether Lin Chen was an eighth-tier pharmacist, under this condition, he could not win himself!

Without paying attention to the clamor of the crowd, Lin Chen reached out his hand and waved the herbs, and finally, he had to start refining!

He has no shortage of seventh-order medicinal herbs. The three peak luck plants will produce massive seventh-order medicinal herbs and silver holy yuan coins every day.

Most of the seventh-order medicinal herbs, Lin Chen will be used to refine the seventh-order elixir to feed the little shadow. Elixir, he will never be too much.

The small shadow is a living body that tends to be perfect, but the only disadvantage is that it is always greedy, consumes a lot, and likes high-energy things like immortality and silver holy yuan.

The medicinal materials were suspended, Lin Chen raised a cynical smile, and actually made a scissors hand coquettishly, hehe laughed.

"My hand speed, but it's very fast~ As the head of the dark horse club and the first handsome in the Holy Realm, I Lin someone can technically make the fairy go down and let the peach burst into juice."

After finishing the speech, Lin Chen also clipped his scissors hand, and said with a grin: "I live next door, my surname is Lin. If something goes wrong with your family, I will turn over the wall. ,feel good."

As soon as the words fell, the spirit of the blue flowing water condensed to Lin Chen's fingertips.

But seeing his fingertips lightly stroke, like the blue waves flowing across the void, there was a low turn of Long Yin echoing!

Brush ~!

The psychedelic medicinal materials began to gather quickly, and began to extract hundreds of seventh-order medicinal materials, peeling the shell, and removing impurities!

At this moment, the audience ushered in a strange silence!

But seeing the bluestone ring, Lin Chen's palms are constantly flipping, and his **** are rapidly changing. The composition of his handprints is not only spiritual power and fighting spirit, but how much pure power is hidden in it?

Sigh~! Pure power crushed more than ten kinds of medicinal materials, and the intensity was just right. Spiritual power extracted essence energy, purified, and flowed the water, and then refined more medicinal materials, without any errors and flaws!

The geniuses who clamored for Lin Chen to step down seemed like a ghost expression!

Many people are trembling in the corners of their mouths, and the scalp in the back of the head is numb like a blast!

"Two...two fingers?"

"Me, I'm not drunk! My goodness, he is using only **** to make medicine?"

"This is **** ridiculous!"

Is Chen Ziyu one-handed refining medicine amazing?

Lin Chen's two-finger black horse club refers to refining medicine, which is called outrageous!

Feeling Chen Ziyu's stunned eyes, Lin Chen on the blue stone ring slightly picked out a very elegant arc at the corner of Chen Ziyu's mouth.

"Can you still mess with me Lin Chen?"

A woman blushed and stared at Lin Chen, dreaming.

"His fingers are so flexible, so fast... bang bang."