My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1065

Vol 5 Chapter 1065: This Boy Is Too Ridiculous

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Chapter 1065 This young man is too ridiculous!

The two sackcloth old men in the Void Stand saw this scene on the ring, and they were instantly stunned by thunder!

shocked! The audience was dumbfounded!

When they saw Chen Ziyu's one-handed alchemy, they were simply amazed, and some admiring women even screamed.

However, the moment Lin Chen shot, they only knew how the word "outrageous" came from!

This Lin Chen is so outrageous!

Two fingers refining seventh-order top medicine?

Why don't you use the Dan furnace! How did he do that!

Li Xuesu's hands covered her red lips lightly, Qian Yan was shocked to hide!

Seeing that he used **** to move the alchemy handprint and use the clouds of water to make medicine, all the geniuses present as pharmacists were crazy!

"Fake, it must be fake!"

"I was wrong, tell me what a hallucination!"

"We also make a fart medicine! Grass!"

They worked hard to learn the medicine for so many years, and finally they reached the seventh-tier pharmacist, but they couldn't reach the **** at the end?

Even Chen Ziyu, who had a high concentration of mental energy, was frightened by this scene and made an owl-like whisper-like whispering sound, refining more than a dozen medicinal materials and making them useless.

Chen Ziyu hurriedly stabilized the one hundred kinds of medicinal materials that had been refined, cold sweat, and some hysterical voices in his heart.

"It's not over yet. The content of this competition is in my favor. Everything is determined by the final result. As long as my panacea is better than him, it is also an eighth-tier pharmacist. He can't win with only two fingers. Pass me, calm down, be calm!"

The two continue to melt other medicinal herbs out of thin air, but now, everyone shut up!

Individuals can see that Lin Chen has the absolute qualification to confront Chen Ziyu! Do it well, it is far better than the former!

But the question is, how did Lin Chen do it!

Lin Chen whistled to Chen Ziyu, jokingly-"Do you know what the supreme state of refining medicine is?"

Chen Ziyu's complexion was green: "You shouldn't talk about it, don't make yourself win. The final result is the quality of the panacea, what climate can your **** be!"

Lin Chen laughed: "Hahaha, you will understand in the future, I will prove to all the pharmacists, how can alchemy be shown in my dark horse club!"


The two sackcloth old men in the Void Stand were in a rare state of disorientation.

"His mental power control is very strange, and even this seat can't be as flexible and changeable as he is, so weird!"

"There must be top secrets of the spirit class on this child! Otherwise, it is impossible to do such a mysterious thing!"

"If you look at his alchemy handprint again, it is not a mortal thing! It can control pure power and mental power to synergize the medicine, which is simply incredible. This child is simply a devil to the sky!"

The red-browed man touched his chin and wondered: "It's a boy who is favored by the young lady. It's really against the sky! The dark horse club... interesting, very interesting! Hahaha! I'm afraid that the little guys in Neigu will come back and turn upside down!"

Under Lin Chen's magical "two-finger refining medicine", a few hours were just fleeting.

The first ten breaths of the golden sand flow of the hourglass are over, and both sides complete alchemy at the same time!

"Seventh-tier top-grade panacea, Fengying Lihedan!"

Chen Ziyu sweated all over, holding up the panacea in his hand.

However, at the next moment, everyone's eyes gathered on the pale blue elixir between Lin Chen's fingers.

Lin Chen aimed at Chen Ziyu with a single shot, blasted the panacea in front of him, and said with a smile: "The seventh-order peak panacea Xueshen Qingxin Pill, can refining the fighting spirit, solidify Peiyuan, and purify the battle. The effectiveness of Qi's origin comes with a 20% chance of breaking through the bottleneck of the Five Tribes and the Emperor. If you are not convinced, you can see clearly."

Many pharmacist geniuses once again smoked!

what? Tier 7 peak!

He has refined more than Tier 7 top grade co-stars with him, and is a Tier 7 peak-level panacea! Or two fingers?

Chen Ziyu fisted his fists, his body was trembling, his eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes, he was staring at the elixir in front of him, and the corner of his mouth twitched: "No, impossible..."

Lin Chen shrugged his shoulders and said indifferently: "There are so many people on the scene watching me refining, and under the supervision of the two eighth-level pharmacists in the void, is there any fake?"

"Who, then, prepare the crystal fragments. Then just remember Chen Gongzi's account." Lin Chen waved to the thin man, who respectfully handed Lin Chen a respectful ring.

Lin Chen took Najie, sucked back the elixir in his palm, waved his hand without looking back, and the cynical laughter echoed in the field.

"I said, is the eighth-tier pharmacist very hungry? In my dark horse club, this is the most basic standard of the per capita metropolis. This time, just keep in mind, and don't get so disturbed next time."

Chen Ziyu lost his soul and was completely utterly unacceptable. His face was as pale as paper!

He can accept his loss, but he cannot accept that he will lose so miserably!

Many veteran masters of refining medicine outside the court looked horrified and could not calm down for a long time!

Lin Chen of the "Dark Horse Club" has refreshed everyone's understanding of "refining medicine"!

Refining pharmacists who can refine the seventh-level pinnacle elixir can also be mixed in the Holy Realm, and can gain a high status in the third-grade and even fourth-grade sect.

The strong men of the Holy Realm are like clouds. Cultivation depends on the accumulation of resources. Wherever the refining pharmacist is, there is a popular presence.

However, they have exhausted the state they reached in their entire lives, and it was even done by a teenager with two fingers?

Gazing at Lin Chen's back from leaving the bluestone ring, many genius tigers shuddered, their eyes blurred and marveled!

"It is said that this dark horse club has a unique style of acting. Today I have opened my eyes and it is too ridiculous..."

"It took **** to defeat our youngest eighth-order pharmacist in Zixia Wanggu's modern times, it's too much..."

"This...this is the number one leader of the Black Horse Club who commands the blood-washed genius list..."

The arrogant Wang Gu geniuses, no one disagrees!

This young man is terribly strong and ridiculously strong!


Looking around the Purple Realm Valley, Lin Chen sold a roll of holy artifact casting scroll and a roll of Eight-Order Danfang, and purchased 23 top-level Purple-Oriented Best Practices.

He needs more skills to integrate the second volume of orange-level combat skills.

At the same time, Lin Chen also used 150 Long Qing Guo, 100 bottles of Qingyao jade dew, plus 60 million silver holy yuan coins to purchase a large number of Tier 8 heavenly and earthly treasures!

"Master Lin Chen, you are really amazing!"

Lixue was like a chirping bird around Lin Chen, her eyes flickered with small stars, staring at him with adoring eyes-"You didnt see those unruly guys just now, you were all shocked by your son Well, this can only be done by Neigus big men in Zixia King Valley!"

Lin Chen said seriously: "It's not terrible. In fact, I have done my best."

Indeed, he did his best. Lin Chen used the semi-orange-level alchemy handprint "True Dragon Hand".

Lin Chen can double-finger alchemy this time, thanks to the +15 "Tai Chi Bible", so that his spiritual power control supernatural, with the mystery of "True Dragon Sacred Hand" with pure power refining medicine, complement each other.

And the limit of two-finger alchemy can only refine the seventh-level peak elixir.

In order to refine the eighth-order young pill, Lin Chen must work hard with both hands.

"I don't know if I can step into the spiritual realm of the extraordinary and the holy in the future, can I achieve the highest realm of alchemy that I am pursuing, it is worth looking forward to, ha ha ha..."

[Consume 788 intermediate sky value, decompose 188 8th-order celestial treasures, get attribute values: 54 wood energy, 39 gold energy, 29 light energy, 22 dark energy, 47 ignition energy

Lin Chen chose the simplest and most violent way to improve her strength, that is, breaking down a large number of eighth-order medicinal herbs!

Even if this is a waste of resources, but it is too volatile, he must go all out!

[Consume 466 intermediate sky value, decompose 79 alien crystal fragments, get attribute values: 22 water energy, 31 soil energy, 36 ignition energy...]

[Get special attribute value...]

"Is there only 79 pieces of alien crystals? It seems that not all business groups are willing to sell me. It is impossible for the business groups here to sell me all the alien crystal fragments. Their main target is the disciples of Zixia Wanggu If you sell them all to me, you will lose your future customers. However, there is no time to go to the Burial Mountain...

In the end, Lin Chen produced 14 kinds of blue-level intermediate nirvana and 9 kinds of blue-level advanced nirvana.

"Mr. Lin Chen, are you going to leave so soon?"

Outside the Purple Realm, Lixue is reluctant.

"Time is not waiting for you, it's for you."

Lin Chen smiled at her and gave her a shit, two jade bottles fell in Li Xue's arms,

One bottle contains the gorgeous and clear Long Qingguo, and the other bottle contains the Xuexin Qingxin Pill.

When the woman stayed for a while, she looked back suddenly and looked forward to it. The teenager had disappeared outside the Purple Realm Valley.