My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1066

Vol 5 Chapter 1066: Undercurrent Surge Directed At Lin Chen

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Chapter 1066: Undercurrent Surging, Pointing Directly At Lin Chen

During Lin Chen's days in Zixia Wanggu, his news began to spread beyond the 36th domain! In the forces of all parties, waves of turbulent waves have been set off, which continues to spread!

Xuanyu, Qingyun City.

The little man in the city shouted and sold a copy of the jade jade scroll, which belongs to the sect "Yun Teng Zong".

This sect has cultivated a large number of Yunteng, and is good at collecting the voices of various parties into intelligence. It is one of the largest "intelligence traffickers" in the Holy World. Some heavyweight news is always learned from Yuntengzong in the first time. Outgoing.

"The breaking news is that the dark horse club Lin Chen slays 14 people, and enters the valley of the king of Zixia alone to avoid the sacred realm of all the sects to hunt down!"

"There is anecdotal evidence that someone in the Dark Horse Club is the illegitimate child of the owner of Zixia Wanggu!"

"According to a certain saint's mighty guess, the dark horse club is most likely to come from disciples of the Liupin family.

The information about Lin Chen can be described as flying in the sky and spreading to a wider area. The vastness of the Holy Realm, even if there is an information network such as Yuntengzong, it will take some time to fully spread.

The strange land, Bingxin Palace.

When everyone in Class 66 in Bingxin Palace received Lin Chen's news, they finally relieved!

"I knew that the eldest brother would be fine, even Kyushu's hypocrisy could not help him!" Bai Junhao grinned.

"Fortunately, this little guy is okay, Palace Master, these days, I'm more disturbed!" The owner of Bailongmen gave Bingxin Palace Master a fist.

Zhan Yi, the master of Bingxin Palace, smiled and said, "It's okay, everyone is in the same camp, and now the dark pavilion has been wiped out by Lin Chen. Most of them are good things for all of us, and there will be more contacts in the future."

"This little guy has something to do with Zixia Wanggu in the South Region. Gee, it seems that this matter doesn't need us to worry about. The group of people in Zixia Wanggu didn't take it. This boy Chen Chen should be safe now."

The second old man beside Yan Qianyun smiled at each other, and the female hearts such as Leng Yueqi and Shangguan Bihan sitting opposite were settled.

"Unexpectedly, the squad leader has slaughtered the holy, we still stay in the war emperor realm, no, don't work hard and let him throw us away!" Ying Liang stunned, surprised.

"Yes! The squad leader's growth rate is simply a monster. Our cultivation in the Holy World has been completely exceeded by him!" Yue Linlin spit out the lilac tongue, helpless in the wonderful eyes.

"Compared to Lin Chen's training speed, I'm afraid we can't keep up with him in our life." Han Ziyun smirked.

Everyone looked at each other and smiled in agreement.

Finally, the suzerains and saints took everyone away and said goodbye.

At night, Leng Yueqi was alone in the Bingxin Palace, and the Palace Master summoned him.

The master of the palace solemnly said: "Nizi, it's time to start your thorough opening of your nine cold veins and practice the second half of the mind."

Leng Yueqi nodded: "Yue Qi is ready, the palace master will do his best!"


Wanjin Chamber of Commerce, the headquarters has become a mess!

"The chairman fell off?"

"Even the two saints disappeared. It seems that this news is true! The president really died in the hands of Lin Chen in the Black Horse Club!"

The senior executives in the chamber of commerce have a bit of a messy taste. Some unscrupulous people have already begun to take away the inventory and goods of the chamber of commerce, and three saints are sitting there. This is a devastating blow to the chamber of commerce!

Qin family, in the lobby.

Qin Shaotian's cold sweat, such as sitting on a needle felt, almost scared to urinate pants.

Qin Zhentian acted because of him, and now Qin Zhentian fell, which directly led to the loss of a sword saint from their Qin family!

For a saint, for the forces below Fifth Grade, death and injury are all great losses!

The senior members of the Qin family gathered in the lobby, the atmosphere is unprecedentedly weird!

"Alas... nothing, this child has a relationship with the King Valley of Zixia, and even the Fifth Grade sect has failed to return, wanting to avenge this revenge, I am afraid that there is no end to the day!"

After a long time, the Qin family spoke, as if they were many years old.

Hidden Pavilion headquarters.

The dark and quaint hall looks more desolate than usual.

Two pairs of eyes opened in the dark night, and one of the pupils was angry, and the murderous intention rushed to Jiuxiao!

"The dark horse club... ruined my dark cabinet, this hatred is not reported, and I am ashamed of my past cabinet lords!"

"Even the ancestor and the patriarch fell into his hands. I am no longer an opponent of this son. I can only ask the adult to shoot!"

The voice just fell and there was silence.

"Really invite that adult?"

The sound of anger before, now becomes a little trembling and fear!

Another person said: "There is no choice. This child is cherished the secret of the ancient saint. Perhaps this can only impress the adult..."

The forces who turned to the Dark Pavilion were howling at this time! Their sect has fallen into a saint, the battle of Qiyun Island, the five saints of death are the people of their third-rank sect!

Three rank forces, there are only 3 to 4 saints, one dead and one less! For the entire sect, it is a big hit!


In the endless shadow void, a figure is wrapped around the cold magic light, like the dragon breath of the storm tornado surging from the dark!

He is holding Jin Bang, and the dark eyes of You Ruyuan are moving with magic light, staring at the name Lin Chen on Jin Bang.


He shattered the gold list! Such as shattering that dazzling, such as the name of the sky!

"It turns out... your name is Lin Chen... dare to seize the magical energy of this seat's swallowing the mirror, hehe..."

Laughter screamed like a night owl, echoing the void.


An island suspended in the sky, as vast as a continental plate, surrounded by mountains and palaces.

In the middle stands an ancient golden tower, such as an immortal sacred site, moving around every day, including the sun, moon and stars!

Inside the ancient tower, the highest throne emerged!

As the figure emerged, the windy breezes turned into a monstrous yinous devil bird, making this ancient tower like a sacred place instantly reduced to a creepy windy hell!

The people above the throne opened their eyes, and if there was a **** yelling at him!

His voice was hoarse, like his nails scratching the wall.

"This old immortal... hasn't died yet, and there are successors?"

"No matter what heir you are looking for, this seat will be bombarded! This seat has already broken through your secrets, and nurture top-grade crystals, just around the corner!"

Brush ~!

An afterimage emerged, kneeling on one knee and wearing a ghost mask.


The figure on the throne spoke indifferently.

"The burial holy mountain range is about to open, you go to see if you can fish in muddy water and get the old burial."

"In addition..." The figure above the throne flicked a fuzhao to the ghost-faced man, and said indifferently: "My body is still closed in Yunwaitian, take this to the General Pavilion, invite someone to take it, and bring the dark horse club. Lin Chens head came back to me."

The ghost-faced man took Fu Zhao, with a few simple characters engraved on it!

Cloudy rune!

"Subordinates lead the life!" The ghost-faced man flashed and disappeared.

The figure on the throne has a fixed gaze, and there is a breeze in the ancient tower!

The moment when the man burst into murderous air, his whole body shone like a star-like light!

It's a pity that no one can see this scene. If you observe carefully, many of the'starlights' on this person are actually a strange light!

A little starlight is a complete alien crystal!

This person is full of stars, which is terrifying!