My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1067

Vol 5 Chapter 1067: 4. The Fourth Strain Of Luck

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Chapter 1067

Zixia Wanggu's rules are extremely strict, and an outsider from Linchen came here in Zixia Wanggu and walked away. Only when he holds the ``Zixia Wangling'' after the little demon can he be so capricious.

In the thousands of miles outside the Purple Realm Valley, Lin Chen sat on the back of the dragon and closed his eyes to recuperate.

The Dragon Emperor spread his wings and flew into the sky, just like a shocked electricity glanced across the sky!

[Consume 24,992 strengthening points to strengthen the bloodline of Hong Yan Holy Phoenix...]

Lin Chen consumed another 6.3 million enhancement points this time, strengthening the blood of Qinglong and Yinglong to +15.

Hongyan Holy Phoenix bloodline strengthened to +14! The speed of the Phoenix Wings has more than doubled!

The Dragon Emperor's speed and bloodline supernatural power are also rising,

The light screen of the system keeps popping up, Lin Chens avatar continues to refine a large amount of silver holy yuan coins, and the essence of advanced fighting spirit has been surging!

"My pure power and Dragon Emperor's pure power have reached the bottleneck. Unless there is a major opportunity, the accumulation of Long Qingguo will take at least hundreds of years to enter the holy realm to refine the body. If the Dragon Emperor is promoted to the Holy Beast , You need more energy."

Lin Chen exhaled, the fierce beast promoted, the simplest and most effective way is to devour the fierce beast core, if this trip can find the eighth-order fierce beast core, the Dragon Emperor is expected to be promoted.

"Now I can use the Nine Tribulations Stars twice a day. It is said that this time there will be 10,000 monster-level geniuses in the top of the genius list. It is rumored that these monsters even have a degree to be able to play against the Holy Land."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed: "Without the God-killer, I don't have the fighting power to fight the Holy Realm, even a saint who opens a holy cave can crush me. This time I can only rely on the nirvana With the slow rune of high energy, if you encounter a genius who can confront the Holy Realm, I am afraid it is a hard fight! I can only see if the small shadow can take me off."

Four days later; on the southern boundary, a continental plate emerged.

A majestic mountain with no end in sight, such as a dragon lying on the ground, and the angzangwei shore, gradually came into view. The sky was filled with purple and black aerosols, and even the space could be corroded into a twist.

"Here is the burial holy mountain range. Only the holy realm can resist the ashen gas in the void. Below the holy realm, do you have to wait for the malaria to dissipate."

Lin Chen put away the Dragon Emperor, jumped in body, transformed into a shadow, and his breath disappeared.

After four hours, Lin Chen arrived on the side of the mountain, and the melancholy gas was as haunting as the poisonous mist that did not spread all day long.

"It seems that the miasma hasn't completely dissipated..." Lin Chen frowned, and suddenly, there was a rumbling dragon beeping around!

The radiant sword spirit condensed into a sword-light dragon, and a young man stood proudly on the dragon's eyes. His eyes were like a sword, and he was dressed in a green shirt.

Lin Chendun spread the sharp pressure, every ray of air seemed to become the sword of the Qing people!

"It's a genius in the top 10,000 in the genius list! Very strong, and it is not a level at all with Nangong Meili!"

When Lin Chen was surprised, the Nine-tailed Sky Fox, swaying the nine snow-white foxtails, stepped on the cloud and was born.

Above the sky fox, there are two slim charming ladies, with a strong breath, no less than the blue shirt people on the Jianguang dragon.

The eyes of the Qingshan people were like thunder and lightning, "Tianhu double charming, based on your little charm, also vainly trying to get a slice of soup in the funeral mountain range?"

The beautiful woman covered her mouth and chuckled: "Jianjun's words seem to be biased against our sisters. Would you like to try it?"

She smiled with a lot of charm, like flowers blooming, but there was a cold murder in her charm.

"Humph!" The Qingshan people snorted coldly, and the charm was broken. His eyes were still sharp, but he was a little more cautious.

The laughter came out, and even Lin Chen felt a dizziness for dozens of miles away. It seemed that there was a woman's cheering voice echoing in his ear, forcing him to break the illusion with mental strength!

Lin Chen stunned, "Some words and deeds are like being in an illusion, killing people in paralysis in battle."

Standing back, Lin Chen sneaked into the barren forest beneath the bottom.

As if it was just the opening song, within half an hour, the situation is changing, the visions are different, one after another the powerful and frightening battle royal breath across the void, and a batch of genius list geniuses!

"There are more than one hundred geniuses gathered here, they are all ruthless! There are some hidden old monsters and war emperors, the breath is old and late, I am afraid to fight for the last chance of this life, if you can be buried If the Holy Mountain breaks through the Holy Realm, you can change your life."

Lin Chen breathed his mind and dived into the Taoyuan capsule.

In Taoyuan capsules, Longqing and Qingyao trees formed thousands of splendid veins, such as fire like crystals, which is the precursor of the birth of alien crystals!

Lin Chen's eyes crossed a line of fiery, "It won't take long for the first cultivated inferior fire system crystal to be born!"

And other prototype water-based crystals and soil-based crystals are gradually taking shape.

Lin Chens fourth luck planting, finally being in the growth stage with the nourishment of Jinshengyuan coins and purchased Tianyi Shengshui!

This Qiyun Lingzhi is very mysterious. It is not as huge as the first three Qiyun Lingzhi, nor does it produce a large amount of silver holy yuan coins, only a few tens of meters high.

Its blooming branches and leaves are gleaming with a silver gleam, like a silver-colored jade tree under the stars.

It produces lychee-sized fruits, and the surface is covered with a silver gauze, the waves are flowing, the aroma is restrained, and it is extremely strange!

The more Lin Chen observed, the more surprised he was, and finally recognized the body of this auspicious plant, and was horrified: "Isn't this the legendary wandering tree?"

Xia Pin Yun Yun Zhi You Shen Shu was born in the core area of the spiritual storm between heaven and earth.

If the area has a certain vitality, there will be a small chance that the seeds of the wandering tree will be born.

This kind of spiritual planting will not produce silver holy yuan coins, it will only produce a kind of fruit, wandering fruit!

Lin Chen took three of the wandering fruits and took them. When swallowed, a lot of spiritual power was injected into the sea of spiritual consciousness.

[Gain 7 spiritual power, 9 spiritual power, 6 spiritual power...]

When the system's light screen flickers, Lin Chen's spirit is mentioned, full of vigor and spirit!

Lin Chen couldnt stop the ecstasy; "It really is a magical thing known as a refining pharmacist, wandering fruit! Hahaha! Ive made a lot of money, this thing is called the Nine Treasures such as the Longqing Tree and the True Spirit Tree. The Qi Yun Ling Zhi is also a rare top treasure!"

Each Qiyun Lingzhi has a special treasure, a treasure.

Qingyao tree is Qingyao jade dew, which can purify spiritual impurities and purify the negative energy in the sea.

Chijinshu is Chijin vine, which is the best for strengthening body defense.

Dragon tree is a dragon fruit, which can increase vitality, energy is vast and gentle, and it is both a holy product for healing and a holy product for healing.

And this "Youshen Tree", youshen fruit, can increase mental strength, improve mental perception, increase mental acuity, make up for mental consumption, and even treat many mental traumas!

"The rumored tree is ruined in the Holy Realm! The value of a frugal fruit is comparable to the finished Shengdan. In the outside world, the fourth-grade and fifth-grade denominations, it is impossible to hold the Youshen tree. Its value is comparable to that of China. Good luck!"

Lin Chen trembles!

There is such a baby, it is only a matter of time before he advances to the spiritual state of Extraordinary Saint!

Even the "Alchemy Supreme Realm" pursued by Lin Chen is no longer empty talk!

If Lin Chen's luck and spiritual plant revealed at the Sifang Conference was not the Longqing and Qingyao trees, but the wandering tree, the Sifang Conference will trigger a saint war on the spot, and there is no chance of being spared!