My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1068

Vol 5 Chapter 1068: Genius Gathered Goodbye Mysterious Woman

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Chapter 1068

According to rumors; the news that there were four ranks of sects in the Yanyu area that got the wandering tree spreads wildly. In only half a month, that sect was completely erased from the Yanyu map plate...

The wandering fruit is the supreme saint sought by the pharmacist.

The effects of unlimited growth of mental power and improvement of spiritual acuity will affect the accuracy of the alchemists use of alchemy handprints and will directly improve the alchemy skills of the alchemist!

"In the future, I have to keep the news. You Shenguo can only be enjoyed by myself, and I can never see the light. Long Qingguo is only a holy relic of the body. For some old monsters in the Holy Land, Long Qingguo is mostly used for healing. , So as not to let them go out to deal with me personally, but if the news of the wandering tree is exposed, I will not have enough life even if I have nine lives."

Lin Chen laughed at the heart while eating all the wandering fruit.

Everyone is not guilty, he is guilty!

Not to mention Lin Chens current strength, even if he is promoted to a sage, it is impossible to protect the You Shen Shu!

At least, the four-fold cultivation of the Holy Realm is above!

Lin Chen used the congenital shadow recipe to dispel the breath, and while cultivating, lurking like a stone in the forest.

Three days passed, and occasionally horrible sonic booms came from the void, and genius gathered!

There are thousands of geniuses on the southern side of the mountain range where Lin Chen is located!

All are the top 10,000 geniuses in the genius list, almost all are the fifth-grade sect from the 36th domain, and some are even more. The genre on the genius list belongs to the word unable to display. The origin is extremely scary...

Lin Chen was suspended in the air, and the miasma in the mountain range had already dissipated a lot, but the miasma above the tens of thousands of altitudes still gathered and did not dissipate. What was dissipated was only the part that enveloped the surface of the mountain.

"You can enter soon!"

Lin Chen is ready to prepare for the "ultimate moment" and the eightfold change.

Different from Rainbow Island this time, he must enter the Burial Mountain Range for the first time. He can't let go of the whereabouts of Qingtian Warrior. If he is found by other geniuses first, it will have nothing to do with him.

Suddenly, a vision that everyone didn't expect happened suddenly!

Bang ~!

The sky dome torn an abyss-like crack, and the breath of deterring heaven and earth swept the outer area of the Holy Mountain Range!

All the geniuses' faces changed slightly, and they evacuated back a distance.

Lin Chen's eyes are dignified and dignified: "This is the sage's fourfold breath! More than one? The Holy Realm is here?"

I saw the fissure giant abyss above the sky suddenly killed a **** slender black robe figure, rushed into the burial holy mountain like a flash of light!

The magical energy is like a mad dragon, and it goes straight, no one dares to block it!

The black robe was wearing a cloak, and he could not see his true face. The moment he rushed into the sacred mountain range, the ghost turned his head and looked in one direction!

In that direction, it was Lin Chen! !

Lin Chen seemed to feel something, and the magic mark on his palm was slightly purple!

"It was the mysterious strongman of the demon clan I met when on the mainland of Kyushu!"

Lin Chen's heart set off a raging wave! Was she actually injured? Also broke into the burial holy mountains?

boom! boom! boom!

The moment the black-robed woman broke into the burial holy mountain range, the ceiling was falling, and nine hundred and ninety-nine Daoqi holy lights rose, as immortal holy signs descended to the earth and earth, but a group of saints came at the same time!

"Damn, let the witch break in!"

"She fell in love with the old man's Jiuyin Holy Spirit, and if she can't hold it for long, her last breath will be left!"

"Don't worry! It's a sacred mountain range. There is a defensive ban specifically aimed at the holy land. The higher the holy land is, the more likely it is to be countered and targeted by the ban. I will be in danger when I enter!"

A group of saints talked to each other, and they did not break in. After a long period of jihad, many saints understood how horrible there was a person buried in the saint mountain range!

The higher the saint's cultivation base is, the more dangerous it is to enter it, unless the cultivation base can exceed the one who was buried and fell in the mountains!

"The witch is immensely involved and most likely related to the events of that year."

"I would rather kill a hundred by mistake, don't let go of any hint of possibility, you must kill her at all costs!"

Several holy realms seem to raise the belief of breaking the ship and sinking into the holy mountains!

Lin Chen's pupils were trembling, he was almost certain that each of these saints in the high-altitude space crack was stronger than the three holy realms that chased and killed him!

At least, it is also a series of two elders of Zixia Wanggu! Very strong!

"You are confused, we go in now, but instead the witch's words."

"It's not as good as this. She was seriously injured. She was besieged by us for a long time, and she fell in love with the old man's Jiuyin Qi. After two days, Jiuyin Qi will corrode her body. I am afraid that she will have no strength. Even the saint in a holy cave can kill her, how about letting these little guys go out?"

"Yeah, these young people are all 10,000 small monsters in the top of the genius list. They are extremely talented. Some little guys can barely play against the saints for dozens of rounds. The shots by them are enough to kill the witch!"

"There are geniuses in the siege inside, and we are waiting for the siege outside, just do it!"

"There is not too much capital to impress these little guys. Let us all use resources to impress them!"

After making up his mind, a young boy in black robe headed by the group of saints appeared in the air. His face was like a crown jade, but his eyes showed through the vicissitudes of the red dust, and he said quietly.

"The geniuses of the thirty-six territories, the old men and others come from the six-ranking family and sect of the Southern Territory, the Eight Wild Dragon Palace, the Tianjue Sword Gate, and the Leiyue Pavilion."

The geniuses looked at them, and their voices spread all around the burial holy mountains.

Lin Chen's heart sank, was it actually from the Sixth Rank Sect of the Big Mac, or three!

"At this time, the human races in the southern region of the Holy Realm are mixed with a stinking Demon Clan. How much influence the Devil Clan has on our Holy Realm, it is not necessary for the old man to talk."

When referring to the demon clan, part of the genius's face showed strong murderous intention and hatred!

"Today, I will issue a wanted order to kill the demon clan just now, and bring her head to meet us, rewarding a type of incomplete orange-level combat skills, two first-class holy items, three holy pill, three purple top-level top grade Four Alchemy Handprints, Ten Million Silver Holy Yuan Coins!"

As soon as these rewards came out, the geniuses looked different.

"The wanted order issued by the Liupin sect in Nanyu? Interesting."

"A type of orange-level combat skills, this reward is less fancy, even if you can't practice, you can exchange for top-level Qibao!"

"It seems that this time I entered the Burial Mountain Range, there was another goal."

Some geniuses are eager to try, some have ambitions, and others don't care.

Lin Chen alone, the corners of his mouth slightly...

"My day, what the **** are these old saints? Even orange-style combat skills are taken out!"

Regardless of the feast of this Demon Race woman and these people, Lin Chen now has to guarantee her safety.

Lin Chen must obtain other ways to enter the holy prison from the mouth of this demon clan woman, otherwise the magic eyes of Kyushu will one day come out, and demon Kyushu!