My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1069

Vol 5 Chapter 1069: Enter The Funeral Mountains

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Chapter 1069: Entering the Sacred Mountain Range!

But once this wanted order was issued, Lin Chen had to stand on the opposite of all the geniuses who wanted to hunt her for helping the demon clan woman!

"I have to find her first, maybe I will find her later, to avoid her being besieged by the geniuses."

Lin Chen took a deep breath, and once besieged by geniuses, even if he possessed a nirvana, he would not dare to say that he would be able to retreat!


There was a wave of space fluctuations in the funeral mountain range, and the malaria dissipated.

Bang ~!

The talented body method violently and quickly rushed in, taking no fear of the internal crisis!

Brush ~!

Lin Chen also rushed in. Suddenly, a young man in black in front of him turned his head strangely, staring in his direction!

Lin Chen only saw the fierce mang in his eyes like a night owl, and the infinite darkness in his spooky pupil!

"He actually saw me? Who is this person? I am in the shadow of the innate shadow, my body's breath is covered to the extreme, even the saint does not perceive me, how did he see me?"

Lin Chen was shocked!

Fortunately, this young man didn't seem to have a war intent on Lin Chen. He was just a little puzzled, and he was the only young man in the audience who could see Lin Chen!

Lin Chen felt a thorny and dangerous breath on his body. If it is engaged in war, I am afraid that he will have to use the nirvana!

Lin Chen first entered the sacred mountain range, and the interior of the mountain range was dark red, like a dead grave burial mountain.

Brush ~! Brush ~!

Lin Chen broke the ultimate moment and the eightfold changes, the breath was soaring, and he turned into a white light dragon shadow and rushed straight into the mountains!

After a while, there were fighting sounds all around. With the roar and ups and downs of the fierce beasts, someone had already encountered the battle.

"The high-altitude battle here is very unfavorable. The measles at the top floor have not disappeared. Only saints can guarantee safety if they want to fly to high altitude battles."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, then stared down at the magic mark on his palm.

At this time, the light of the magic seal is dim, but Lin Chen has a very mysterious feeling. The closer to a certain direction, the stronger the reaction of the magic seal!

Like calling him.

"It is the woman of the demon clan who is pulling the magic seal!"

Lin Chen's heart moved, and suddenly he witnessed an ancient altar.

On the altar, there was a glazed skull sitting on it, and a light cyan light was released around it.

Dozens of attribute light **** are suspended around the remains!

The remains of the saint, even the bones contain an extraordinary fluctuation of the divine power, and the bone marrow contains strong energy!

"A saint actually fell here? This looks like he was seriously injured and ran here from the inside..."

At the time of Lin Chen's surprise, a blade of light roared like a mad dragon, and suddenly came!

Lin Chen flickered, avoiding the sword light. Daoguang shattered everything within hundreds of feet, destroying the mountain.

The three battles are like pear flowers flying leaves, fluttering and fluttering awe-inspiringly, cutting a towering tree along the way, such as cutting tofu.

Lin Chen flashed again and avoided again!

While avoiding the attack, Lin Chen charged all the attribute light balls.

[Gain 5,992 points of essence of combat spirit, 23 points of mental power, 55 points of wood energy, 22 points of wood energy...]

The attribute value is of very high quality. Lin Chen rushed to the saint's remains and put his hand on the saint's remains.

"Don't the **** of a war emperor's four robbers dare to be mixed in here?"

The blood-clothed youth wore a knife around his waist and walked out of the blood mist.

On the opposite side of the youth, there are three old men in black in the form of ghosts.

Is a genius list genius and three five robbery warlord old antiques.

Lin Chen did not underestimate these four people. The latter three are more terrifying. They are the oldest group of war emperors who have lived the longest in the Holy Realm!

Because they may have stayed in the field of the Five Tribulation Warlords for 100,000 years or even longer! Comparing the uncommon five-robber warlord!

No one can guess what kind of killer tools these old antique warlords hid. They entered the funeral mountain range to seek the opportunity to change their lives, and they could do anything!

Lin Chen was surrounded.

But he laughed out loud, and his face was harmless to humans and animals-"You are so scared that I am afraid. Forget it, I will not fight you anymore."

After all, Lin Chen threw the saint's remains in the direction of the three old men!

The saints remains are as heavy as mountains, and can only be swayed with Lin Chens power, and the remains rolled up in a gust of wind!

Throw the bones and run away! Lin Chen was done in one go!

The four didn't expect him to be so simple, and instantly fought to **** the saint's remains!

Bang ~! The blood-clothed youth had a knife in their hand, and when they danced their blades, they burst out with a slash of air like a smallpox.

The fighting between the two sides suddenly destroyed the vitality of a radius of more than a dozen miles, and the fighting range increased more and more!

"No! The few bone marrow energies in this saint's remains are also lost!"

The old man in black robe who just played dozens of rounds discovered a vision!

None of the four people are simple generations, and they have recovered in an instant!

"His mother is the ghost of the four robbery warlord!"


Lin Chen had already rushed away.

[Successful decomposition of the bone marrow energy of the saints remains consumes 99 points of mid-level Daoist value and gains: 20,000 points of blood energy, 100,000 points of advanced fighting spirit essence, 100 points of talent, and 265 points of wood energy.

"Pretty! It seems that I can decompose the saint's remains to get the attribute value. As long as there are more saint's remains, the impact of the five robbers is nothing to say!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic, but he had not forgotten his first task.

The remains of Optimus Warlord are between the inner circle and the inner circle of the burial holy mountain range. The location is in crisis. Even if a monster-level genius enters, it will not arrive so quickly.

He must first find the mysterious woman of the demon clan!

Once her life is endangered by other geniuses, the possibility that he will enter the holy prison is very small, if you rely on normal means to enter, it is impossible to escape!

"The decomposition of the saint's remains can be handed over to my avatar. There is no need to fight, as long as you touch the saint's remains, the avatar can be decomposed, and the avatar does not have to fear death, and the rune energy can continue!"

Lin Chen released all his avatars from the Taoyuan vesicles in one breath, and even the small shadows were released!

Lin Chen performed "Extreme Return" and "Ultimate Time", the avatars were full of firepower, and they all started to rush to different directions.

"Little guy, it's up to you next."

Lin Chen patted Xiaoying's head, but it suddenly shook his head.

"Here...the space is too muddy, there are also solid space barriers, it is very dangerous to travel through the void, the deep space...can't shuttle..."

The voice of the little shadow milk voice echoed through Lin Chen's mind in a spiritual way.

Lin Chen's mouth twitched; "What? You can't shuttle the void here?"

The small shadow turned into a dark dragon shadow, and the eyes of purple electric eyes were serious and nodded slightly.

"No wonder it will become an area where those saints are also afraid of, really dangerous..."

Losing the talent of the little shadow, the eagle lost its wings.

The little shadow is hiding in Lin Chen's arms, even if he can't travel through the void, his talents can always make Lin Chen the prophet, and be the first to detect the crisis and the birth of treasures within a hundred miles, and inform Lin Chen in time!

Lin Chen went all the way into the inner circle of the Sacred Mountain Range. It took two days to arrive at a huge mountain that was extremely dangerous and dangerous. The whole body was billowing with a dark mist of magical energy. Even the violent beasts that lived here did not dare to approach!

Lin Chen spit out the air and looked directly at the mountain through the dim light. The magic mark in his palm was as bright as purple gemstone.

The mysterious woman is in this magic mountain.