My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1070

Vol 5 Chapter 1070: Witch Fanghua Peerless Face.

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Chapter 1070, Witch Fanghua, peerless face.

Lin Chen's magic seal is in hand, and is not eroded by the mountain's magical energy. If it is to break through with strength, it must be at least 10,000 in the top of the genius list.

There is a kind of devil qi almost condensed into substance, which is extremely dangerous.

But Lin Chen felt that it was not worth mentioning compared to the magical energy that emerged from his ten golems in the underground caves of Rainbow Island.

The small shadow also possesses the blood of the demon race, and is not afraid of the erosion of the demonic energy.

Inside the mountain, there are some weird buildings, some in the shape of a pavilion, but full of holes, and some in the shape of a skeleton, but the door is open.

Lin Chen found a white jade building like a skull, his breath trembling slightly, and stepped into the building.

Inside the white jade skeleton, there was a desolation, many buildings were covered with dust, and poisonous insects were crawling around, but they did not dare to approach a ten-foot range of an area.

In that area, there was a slender and thin shadow!

Lin Chen walked over and picked up the black-robed woman, frowning slightly.

She was comatose and her consciousness passed out.

For the strong of this series, the coma is so serious that it is basically precarious!

Lin Chen lifted her up and released her mental power to scan her physical condition, and a soft ray of water injected into her body, but she found it useless.

His fighting spirit was simply not qualified to heal her.

"Have a domineering physique, to what extent is her cultivation strength...... Although she was seriously injured, she also got a very strange Yin Qi, her own strength is still resisting the erosion of this Yin Qi !"

Lin Chen frowned and was planning to put her in Taoyuan capsules for treatment.

The Taoyuan capsule implants at the waist exploded with suction. When trying to inhale the woman into the internal space, Taoyuan capsules tremble violently, and the internal space is constantly shaking!

Frightened, Lin Chen stopped immediately, stunned.

"It's because the magic energy is too strong! It is a situation with the swallowing the sky mirror before. Even if it is seriously injured, the magic energy in her body is still as strong as the sea, forcibly retracted into the Taoyuan capsule, the internal space will not be able to sustain Just burst."

A tricky feeling rose. If he could not receive the Taoyuan capsules, he would be very inconvenient this time!

Can't you always take a wounded and fight against monster geniuses from all walks of life?

Her breathing is very weak, nothing like it

"You can only fight once! At my level of refining medicine, how much can still have a little effect on her. First let two avatars come back to assist in refining medicine. Two avatars are responsible for finding the saints remains for decomposition. It was found that it was immediately super dimensionally transmitted to the position of the advancing doppelganger."

Lin Chen thought about it and recalled two avatars.

After leaning the mysterious woman against the wall, Lin Chen took out a full of 100 red furnaces!

"She was eroded by the Yin-type holy qi, and her own devil qi was also resisted. This refining holy pill must have a mild medicinal power and cannot react with the magic qi. It must also restrain the Yin-type holy qi. Only by removing the sacred qi of the Yin Department can she be treated for her wounds."

Lin Chen selected in the twenty-eight volumes of eight-order Danfang. The harvest of Rainbow Island has enriched his Danfang inventory.

And his eighth-order medicinal herbs, some extremely rare medicinal herbs just survived, have not been decomposed, and come in handy at this time.

"Yipin Shengdan, Jiuyang Huimingdan, Yangyuan reconciliation, Shengyuan healing, warm limbs and skeleton, Roujing meridians..."

Without saying anything, Lin Chen began to refine. He and the avatar joined in "True Dragon Hand", the azure spirit controled the faint dragon spirit, and walked in the imprint of his hands.


As the floating clouds of medicinal materials rain pour into the Dan furnace, thousands of seventh-order medicinal materials begin to dissolve and refine!

The refining of the eighth-order medicinal materials is even more precise and smooth. A spirit like dragon spirit is poured into a piece of ground pulp stalactite, and its snow-white essence is extracted like a needle tip.

Lin Chen and the two avatars soon fell into sweat, and it took a lot of money to control a hundred alchemies.

Under the sacred state under the sacred mountains, it is common sense that Lin Chen would not be so reckless.

Even if high-speed alchemy can be achieved, when the refining is completed, the mental power will be extremely collapsed, and the combat power will be greatly reduced.

However, he is a man with a spiritual fruit, and only then can Lin Chen dare to let go of his sacred product to make all his medicine in such a ghost place, and he is not afraid of losing spirit afterwards!

Men's long-lasting products, wandering fruit, you deserve it.

As time went by, Lin Chen and the two avatars worked hard to make medicine for two days and two nights.

And Lin Chen's "Zhende Show" and "Zhende Chang" doppelgangers fell.

There was no reason for him, and the avatar found two saints' remains, and the moment the attribute value was decomposed, he was besieged and killed by the strong.

Halfway through, Lin Chen swallowed two wandering fruits, and used the Ultimate Guiyuan talent continuously, full of energy, lasting and hard. Keeping the firepower on all the time, the efficiency is terrible!

On the third day, an orange-yellow brilliance blasted Xiao Han, a sign of the birth of Shengdan!

The magical energy within the magic mountain shrouded, the vision of Shengdan did not cause the attention of nearby powerful people.

"Finally finished."

Lin Chen walked over to the woman in black robe, lifted up, lifted the veil of the cloak, opened the cherry red lips, and put his hot and hot, immortal medicine into it.

Elixir entered the body, Yanghua circulated, and did not repel the magic energy, and began to reconcile with the Yin Qi.


The woman sang dream, Lin Chen extreme pressure gun.

Yang Hua melts yin, intersects, and the hot impulse makes Ling Long's body tremble, the cloak comes off, and Lin Chen was dumbfounded for a moment!

The beauty in front of you is absolutely beyond the world!

Her blue silk is like a waterfall, the head of a moth is like a larva, and the snowy and beautiful lines seem to constitute the most beautiful face between heaven and earth. The eyebrows are dotted with beautiful cinnabar, which is extremely fascinating!

Her jade cheeks are dyed with heavy haze, and the eyebrows are hidden with sadness, the fairy's face, but also witch-like charm to the ultimate temperament. Any words and deeds can seem to inspire men's most intuitive desires!

Lin Chen almost spurted his nosebleed!

She does not need any decoration, even in the darkness, the darkness will become her embellishment, adding a bit of mysterious beauty to her. As if everything in the world can only be reduced to her.

Its appearance and temperament are the only women in Lin Chens life that can be seen only by Leng Yueqi, Bai Ruoyan, two beautiful fairy-like people, and the little demon queen. Comparable with it.

Lin Chen always thought that there was a fierce woman hiding under this cloak. After all, when he talked with this woman for the first time, the other party was as cold as an ice cube!

The woman was agitated by the harmony of the essence energy of Jiuyang Fuming Dan and the Yin sage. Her eyes were not open, but she was in a state of chaos and wanted to run out. Lin Chen grabbed her!

A very primitive impulse rose to the lower abdomen, Lin Chen bit his lips directly, and blood ran across.