My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1071

Vol 5 Chapter 1071: Monster Level Genius

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Chapter 1071, Monster Level Genius!

"I have passed through Lin Lin's thousands of flowers, and I will never do this dangerous thing, but it is too difficult to overcome. I want to distract myself..."

Lin Chen suppressed her from letting her act indiscriminately, and kept thinking of other things in her mind.

You know, even the top-level charm technique can't make Lin Chen so embarrassed, unless it is the level where the mental strength completely crushes Lin Chen.

This woman almost turned Lin Chen into a beast with her own charm and temperament, showing how rare her beauty is in the world!

Lin Chen hugged the woman for two hours and restricted her actions. She didn't do anything. She pondered the "Single King Novel Collection" back and forth, and the woman's restlessness gradually calmed down.

She was dripping with sweat, but her face gradually turned rosy, and she was still in a comatose state, her eyebrows locked tightly, as if in a nightmare, it was difficult to wake up.

"The injury is getting better! Jiuyang Fuming Dan began to slowly adjust the horrible Yin Shengqi, then she can gradually resolve herself..."

Only half of the difficult problem was solved. Only when the Yin Qi was completely resolved, Lin Chen could take Long Qingguo and Liuli Bodhi.

Otherwise, any healing sacred items will be crushed by the two opposing energies in her body, and the healing effect will have little effect.

"The time has passed for three days. There is no time to wait until she resolves her sacred energy before acting. The avatar has entered the inner circle of the mountain, and she feels no less than fighting around."

Unable to put the mysterious woman into the Taoyuan capsule, Lin Chen had to carry her on her back.

Xiang Chen's back rested, Lin Chen's heart fluttered, recalling the woman's stunning face, she couldn't help laughing.

"Yeah, if it's not the current mentality, I really don't necessarily think I can stand it. It's also a suffocation to be a man when he gets this job!"

After biting the tip of his tongue, Lin Chen turned into a residual image, followed by a doppelganger.


Outside the magic mountain, two white silhouettes of white dust stop, a man and a woman, with a sword, like a peerless swordsman standing on the top of the cloud, the sword does not come out of the sheath, and the edge is restrained.

The woman in white asked, "Brother, will you feel wrong?"

The man's eyes are as sharp as a sword: "You can't be wrong. You have been practicing alchemy for many years. You are extremely sensitive to the vision of the birth of the elixir. There must be a saint here!"

The woman in white frowned: "But, who would make alchemy in such a ghost place? It might be a difficult thing to maintain reason in it."

Brush ~!

When the two were talking, the three figures rushed out of the magic mountain, and they were shocked!

Among the three, a young boy carrying a delicate and thin black robe Qianying, the breath is weak, and the air is like a gossip, which surprised the two!

"It's that Demon Race!"

"There's something weird about this, break his way!"


The two of them made swords, the crystal light surged, Zheng Zhenglong Ming pointed like a cold front, two white-mang-like horses suddenly cut to Lin Chen, flashing again and again, very fast!

The figure draws a bow, the arrow light is like a rainbow of feathers, and it admires a ray of light. Jian Nu Qing Tian scrolled like a cloud of fire, orange sword Jianhong cut across the sword!

Bang~! Bang~!

Jianguang burst, Lin Chen quickly retreated, the two were stunned.

"Two four robbery warlords?"

"Weird! Very weird! It was two orange-order combat skills in one shot. The four robbery warlords could directly take the swordsmanship of the two of us, don't let the kid go, chase! There must be a big secret, the devil girl Also won!"

The two turned into sword light, Lin Chen and the avatar retreated all the way!

"My innate shadow tactics can't hide her too. These two geniuses are extremely strong, and their single challenge power is even stronger than that of Ling Jian. They are the top 10,000 people in the genius list!"

Lin Chen put away his avatar and moved his thoughts.

"Super-dimensional transmission!"

[Initiate Super Dimensional Teleport, Carrying Soul Target: 1. Teleport to Space Coordinate 3, Cooldown: 30 seconds, cost 113 talent points.


Lin Chen lived under the eyes of the two and turned into a ray of space, the two geniuses were creepy!

"Space shuttle?"


Lin Chen descended to a lonely lake.

The spatial orientation he transmitted was the location of the "Zhende Shuai" doppelganger who was advancing.

This place is very far away from the location of the magic mountain that Lin Chen entered at the time, at least three thousand miles deep.

There are a large number of fierce beasts and measles blocking the road. This position cannot be reached for a few days. This is the result of Lin Chens avatar using purple gold pupils to rush to the road, ignoring any battles and looting battles where treasures are born. .

Lin Chen looked up at the sky, and the miasma in the high sky shrouded from the position of 20,000 feet to the height of 10,000 feet.

"Here is the inner circle of the mountain range. The deeper you go, the lower the height of the miasma. The fighting cannot be high here. Once you are pushed into the miasma in the battle, there is no doubt that the strength of the Holy Land will die."

Lin Chen's eyes were dignified, and he was fighting here, and his body could not be displayed as he pleased. If he was too close to the miasma in the sky, he would be pushed to death!


The battle exploded, and the smoke was rising, and dozens of breaths rose in the valley ahead.

Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong, the mental strength felt a little, surprised and said: "There are four saints' remains there?"

At this time; a dragon-like dragon-like fighting spirit of Huangsha rushed to Lin Chen in dozens of miles!

Zheng ~! Zhende Shuai clenched everything violently in the sky, flashing his sword light, splitting the yellow sand dragon!

"Hey, little handsome guys over there, can you give me the demon clan guy. I don't like fighting, hand over the people, you can leave."

A cynical lazy voice echoed around.

Lin Chen raised his head, and the huge yellow sand dragon of Baizhang was swaying by the sandstorm. On top of the giant yellow sand dragon, he sat in a purple brother-in-law like a playboy, and looked at Lin Chen playfully.

His pair of evil charm eyes exuded a charming light, and his eyes fell on the demon woman carrying Lin Chen, suddenly surprised.

"Huh? This demon clan's guy turned out to be a, still a peerless beauty! Hahaha, my son wants it!"

The young man laughed, and grabbed it with his fingers!

Poof~! Poof~!

His five fingers broke out of a huge force, and the fighting gas turned into hundreds of millions of tons of yellow sand, covering Lin Chen, sweeping across the wild and the sea, one palm can sink the mountains!

This move is beyond the scope of the'Warlord'! Almost any ordinary five-robber warlord can be destroyed!

"Yes! So strong?"

Lin Chen was terrified, a flash, the speed of Dragon Flash soared to the extreme!

"Four Shadows!"

"Sword Fury!"

"Yu Tian!"


Avatar stunts have appeared, blessing instant light splitting, the offensive is like falling in the sky!

The shadow of the sword and the guns hit the hundreds of millions of tons of yellow sand storms that surrounded the surroundings, forcibly breaking a road!


This is the case, the avatars were also hit two, only in exchange for Lin Chen's opportunity to break through!

"Huh? All the attacks are divided into five?" The son of Ziyi was puzzled with face: "Actually taking the four robbers to take my attack? Freak, really freak! Don't go! I just want a beauty, you put the beauty down I will let you go!"

Lin Chen couldn't help but scolded: "I want your grandma to bear!"