My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1072

Vol 5 Chapter 1072: Promote Five Robbery Battle Emperor.

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Chapter 1072, Advancement, Five Tribulation Warlords.

"Dare you dare to scold your son?" Ziyi Zi became angry and stepped on the Huanglong, straight away, wherever he passed, the wind swept through the clouds, sweeping all blocking things!

Lin Chen flicked the Holy Phoenix wings at a rapid speed, and he clearly saw that when the younger brother shot, there was a brilliant crystal gleaming in the body!

Lin Chen was shocked in his heart-"That's a complete inferior crystal? This person can actually refine a complete inferior crystal in the Five Tribulation Warlord's Cultivation, this is a real monster-level genius! The level of confrontation between the saints and the genius they met before are not at the same level!"

Lin Chen's two avatars were exploded in a face-to-face match. This man's strength is stronger than what Nan Gong destroyed and Ling Jianzhi did. I don't know how many grades!

Lin Chen turned into a flash of thunder and fire, +15 dragon flash body method with +15 Holy Phoenix bloodline, and the speed was so fast that even Ziyi did not catch up.

Lin Chen carried the mysterious woman and rushed to the center of the valley!

Ziyi, who stepped on the yellow sand dragon, played with a smile: "Want to take me to the very center of the melee, and then take the opportunity to walk away? Not so simple, boy, this son is not so fun!"

call out! call out!

Lin Chen led the avatar into the valley, and at this time, there were thirty-two old antiques that were repaired by the five robbers are snatching the remains of three saints!

Even if you grab a saint bone, the energy in the bone marrow can benefit them!

I saw that Lin Chen and his entourage had entered the valley, which attracted the attention of all the powerful people. When everyone found the woman on his back, he was shocked!

The Purple Man followed, five fingers caught again, the sand rolled into the sky, and the fighting swept through the wild!

Lin Chen turned sideways, avoiding dangerously.

Seeing others wanting to shoot, Ziyi Zi suddenly drank coldly.

"Everyone flashed away for this son! This is my goal for Zhao Tiankun!"

As soon as this name came out, countless old antique faces changed slightly!

"Zhao Tiankun? Is that the magic town star Zhao Tiankun?"

"Well, it is rumored that this son has already entered the top 5000 of the genius list. If he does not come to grab the saint's remains, don't provoke him!"

A lot of old antiques immediately avoided, but Lin Chen took the opportunity to break into it!

He slammed into the battle circle of two saint's remains, and he split out two slow runes!

[Consumption of 220 advanced rune energy.

"Jingyue and God!"

Zhende should avail himself from the other side and draw a knife from the other side. A clear blue moon shines in his hands. The moonlight is chopped off the sky and earth, and several old antiques are repelled!

Brush ~! Brush ~!

Lin Chen flashed vertically, while carrying the beautiful woman, while snatching the remains of three saints!

Many old antiques were shocked!

Everyone didn't notice that the energy in the saint's remains began to disappear at the moment Lin Chen touched it!

[Consume 388 Intermediate Celestial Dao value, decompose the remains of three saints, get 13944 advanced essence of combat spirit, 22 ignition energy, 52 thunder energy, 29 talent talent, 55 dark energy...]

"Hahaha, brother, we have succeeded!"

Lin Chen laughed when the attribute value was soaring, throwing the remains of the three saints in the direction of Zhao Tiankun!


"Aren't these kids colluding?"

"They are deliberately united to pretend to be a hunt?"

A group of old antiques suddenly raged in anger, fighting fiercely and vigorously, striking a colorful battle, turning into a storm and bombarding Zhao Tiankun!

"This kid pit boy? My day!" Zhao Tiankun pushed his hands sideways, and dozens of yellow sand dragons fluttered all over the sky, banging and colliding with each other, breaking all the offensive!

He kicked away three saints' remains and scolded: "Go away and I will chase the kid!"

At this moment, an old antique suddenly exclaimed: "Something wrong, the energy of the three saints' remains has disappeared?"

"Zhao Tiankun, is this your kid?"

"Hand over the saint's bone marrow, otherwise, even if you are from the Sixth Grade sect, don't blame the old man for being cruel!"

A group of murderous old antiques surrounded Zhao Tiankun, his eyes swept away, and when he found that the energy of the saint's remains was dry, he suddenly knew that he was being tricked!

"What a sinister kid!"

Zhao Tiankun gritted his teeth!


[Get 14152 points of essence of war, 29912 points of essence of war, 18592 points of essence of war...]

Lin Chen's fighting spirit was a hurricane all the way. He decomposed four saints all the way, and the energy of each remains is extremely huge!

Each sacred skeleton provided Lin Chen with no less than 500,000 advanced essences of fighting spirit, and the saint's fall was still a saint, and the energy contained in a bone was nothing short of extraordinary!

The sound of Lin Chen's body sounded a sign of breakthrough!

Lin Chen's nine life-slaughters, the turbulence of the fighting surged more than three times! Nine-color brilliance poured out from Lin Chen, breath abruptly!

"Actually broke through? The saint's remains are really treasures among treasures!"

Lin Chen licked his tongue excitedly.

Bang ~!

A cloud of nine-colored clouds, like the robbery in the sky, locked Lin Chen!

Nine-color robbery cloud swelled from the malaria gas, but because of the turbidity of the malaria gas, the apocalyptic heavenly agglomeration power here is about 30% weaker than before.

But, Lin Chen's Heavenly Tribulation is strange! Even if he is weak by 30%, he still feels a deadly threat!

"Last time there was a small shadow to help me travel through the void, this time it was not so lucky!"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, and with a sneer, a nine-color flame came like a fire dragon!

Brush ~! Lin Chen evaded the law, knowing that the nine-color fire dragon was mixed with dark energy, put out a second flame, and shot Lin Chen directly!

Eyebrows burst into annihilation energy, Lin Chen annihilated annihilation to disperse nine colors of fire.

Bang ~! More than a dozen groups of dark tide tornadoes covered Lin Chen, this time the offensive was even more fierce, mixed with three kinds of robbery, water robbery, dark robbery, wind robbery, even Lin Chen's face was dignified!

The avatars moved in unison, fighting with the energy of the Heaven Tribulation!

Brush ~!

Lin Chen was shocked when a black cloud of claws intercepted in the air and exploded a group of dark hurricanes near Lin Chen.

I saw that a small shadow was born, turned into a shadow of a dozen feet long, with horns like deer, heads like camels, eyes like rabbits, ears like cows, items like snakes, belly like mirages, scales like carps, and cloud claws, The carp tail, the dark purple light on top of the head, and the majestic eight wilds are a real ancient dragon!

This giant dragon has the dignity of the dragon clan, the evil spirit of the demon clan, and the spirituality of the shadow.

"I depend! It turns out you can play so little boy?"

Lin Chen was surprised, and the little shadow was a creature that could not be locked by the heaven and earth Qi machines.

It is the only creature that can help Lin Chen to cross the robbery without being repelled except Lin Chen's avatar!

Little Shadow winked at him proudly.

There is a small shadow to help the dragon, Lin Chen's cross-robbery is like a broken bamboo, and the nine-color Heaven Tribulation comes vigorously. If he is outside, Lin Chen must do his best.

But in the Burial Sacred Mountain Range, more than 30% of the power was corroded by the miasma, Lin Chen can let go of his hands and feet and the Heavenly Tribulation is facing!


Thousands of miles away, there were not many people who were disturbed by this breath of heavenly disaster, and some geniuses immediately noticed the location of heavenly disaster.

"Strange, how could there be a Heavenly Tribulation here? Could it be that the Four Tribulation Warlords could not enter this place?"