My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1073

Vol 5 Chapter 1073: Surrounded

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Chapter 1073

"It's nonsense to talk nonsense! It's not enough for the four emperors and warlords to die here. How can they get into this inner circle!"

"No! It may be that Qi Bao was born! When some heaven and earth and strange things are born, they will sprout heaven, and all these wonders are extremely rare between heaven and earth!"

"Go, go and see!"

Within a thousand miles, old antiques, geniuses, and hermits were all attracted by the atmosphere of the sky-tribulation.

The ground was covered with spider-web-like cracks, and the rifts were shocking. Lin Chen, who was standing by the rift, was carrying a beautiful woman, breathing heavily, with strong excitement and excitement in his eyes!

[Congratulations to the host for the promotion of the Five Tribulation Warlords.


Lin Chen was not happy for two seconds and was shot and flew!

"Fuck! Who's behind Lao Tzu!"

Lin Chen, who was blasted to the ground, yelled and sighed in the air, so painful!

Little Shadow immediately locked the black robe woman who shot Fei Linchen. Lin Chen shouted, "Wait a little guy!"

Lin Chen wondered: "Did she wake up?"

The black-robed woman wobbled when she got up, like drunk, her eyes were empty, and her dreams were intermittent. "I won't die... I... want to subvert the human race."

"Hey! Sister, it's me, don't you know me anymore, in Kyushu mainland, you said you would take me away from the handsome man!"

Lin Chen tried to wave at her, but her eyes suddenly turned, her sleeve robe waved, the devil's spirit was so high, a large piece of **** horse slashed across Lin Chen!

Brush ~!

Lin Chen jumped to the sky, did she pull the little shadow, and avoided the attack of the black-robed woman dangerously and dangerously, her sleeves wiped out all the obstacles in the Baizhang space!

The violent Yin sacred energy rushed into her body, and in a trance, some confused memories poured into my mind.

"No, don't! I'm not a demon, I just because of the ancestor's..."

The woman seemed to see certain nightmares, her expression shrinking to the ground in pain, she covered her head, her expression was painful, and her beautiful face appeared powerless despair, like the poignant Hanmei before the withering.

"What's crazy about her hair? It seems that even her mind is unclear!" Lin Chen's eyes dignified.

boom! boom!

Suddenly, two loud noises crushed the mountain, and four geniuses came across!

"Hahaha, it turned out to be a demon clan guy, so it took no effort to come!"

"Get rid of her, and the orange-order exercises are ready!"

The four geniuses laughed wildly, and the two sword lights spread like wings of a white crane, and hurriedly drove back the four!

The two figures are suspended in the air, the coat is fluttering, the sword is hidden in the sleeve, the waist is white jade, and the weather is extraordinary.

It was a man and a woman who had previously encircled and suppressed Lin Chen, and two white swordsmen who were aloof!

"Jianjian Gate, you also come in horizontally? We have four people, don't wait to die here!"

The red-haired youth among the four geniuses sneered.

"Dare you rob Laozi's prey? Can't you find death?"

The earth shook the mountain, the roar was like a thunderbolt, and the two giants stepped on it. It is the ancient black demon bear of the seventh order peak, pulling the mountains and rivers, swallowing the world!

On the back of the black demon bear, sitting two naked upper body tigers with strong backs, green muscles like dragons, fierce and violent, astonishing murderous as electric mansions blasted from the eyes, the breath swept the audience!

Another two super geniuses, the situation is getting chaotic!

Seeing the scene become more and more chaotic, no one dares to shoot first.

A window-like crack was torn apart in the darkness, and a black-robed monkey-faced man appeared.

He smiled and said: "Hey, hey~ The figure is so beautiful and exquisite, also because of the blood of my human race, right? The lowly and disgusting race of the Devil Race is not as good as a pig! It is so cheap that it makes all the worlds commit crimes. Disgusting garbage, waste!"

Another indifferent voice echoed.

"Oh, Ben Shao doesn't like you as a monkey, but the only thing is that the Devil Race is **** and you have a completely unified understanding."

The young man Tsing Yi raised his sword and walked in the fluttering clouds and fog, wherever he passed, it seemed that the sky would become a long green cloud.

There was a woman with eyes closed and a **** in her arms, who embraced the guqin, and had the beauty of sinking fish and falling geese, but the sorrow between the eyebrows and the boy refused to be thousands of miles away.

Sigh~! Tear ~! A golden lightning straddled like a giant python, standing proudly in the air, and the eyes of a golden robe man had a thunderous eye, and the thunder world was born and died!

"The debris of the demon clan, **** it!" The Jinpao man shook suddenly, such as Wan Leiqi quake, the quake shook!

"This woman's life, I asked for Tianmen!"

Nine hundred and ninety-nine rays of light like a snow bridge ladder rolled down, and eight handsome and handsome young men walked slowly down from the light bridge of snow. Each glance at the audience looked like a sword. Out of the sheath, showing the edge!

Twenty geniuses, surrounded by devil women!

They are all super geniuses ranked 9000 and 8000 in the genius list! Each of them is a real existence, a real living legend!

"The **** of the demon clan should be damned. Today I only ask this person to die, you all flash me away!"

The female genius of Jianjianmen gritted her teeth, killing the sky!

The monkey-faced man smiled strangely: "Wait a minute, Xiao Qingyu, there are more than one person who wants to kill her..."

Twenty geniuses directly ignored Lin Chen aside! They didn't take Lin Chen's eyes at all!

arrogant! Absolutely proud!

This is the recklessness of the geniuses alone!

No matter what talent Chen Linchen has, as long as he does not enter the top 10,000 in the genius list, he will not be qualified to speak in front of them!

The woman in black robe was teetering, and she opened her eyes vaguely, in a trance. From these people who judged herself in a trial-like tone, she saw the sight of that day.

That day; the world was dim, and the blood seemed to dye every continent, Jiuxiao, and the world.

The gods and buddhas of the heavens, the asuras outside the realm, the demon under the stars, and the strongest among the whole world surrounded her!

The insults of these strongest men are vaguely in their ears.

"The demon clan, it's really the shame of my devil!"

"The human race does not agree with this kind of garbage race! The residues derived from the human race and the demon race, this period of history should be annihilated here! Forever disappear!"

In that battle, the sun and the moon lost their colors, and the world and the world collapsed.

She is alone, and the life and death of the demon clan is only shouldered by her.

Again the familiar and hysterical voice echoed in his ears.

"Yao'er, it's up to you to revitalize the Demon Race!"

"Yaoer, you who inherited the power of the ancestors, you must fulfill the ancestors' wishes! Let the people who cruelly ruined us pay the price!"

"The devil is standing, blood and blood revenge! The **** is the demon, the human race! Yao'er, the human race must die!"

Luo Yao'er always feels that this burden is too heavy!

The incomplete memories are pieced together, how long has it been?

A small wooden house, the fat and chubby little girl burst into tears, her jade-like clear and tearful eyes shed tears and cried, hugging her mother and asked, "Mother, why do they bully me and say I am a monster Its ugly, its the most terrifying demon in the world..."

The mother touched the little girl's cheek and smiled softly: "How come, my Yao'er is cute and strong, with strong power but never abused or hurt others, and has always been helping others, such kind people , How could it be a demon."

The girl wiped her tears, "Really...really."

The mother embraced the girl and smiled: "Of course it is true. Do you remember the story of the moon fairy told you by the mother?"

The girl seems to have memories: "Moon Fairy..."