My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1074

Vol 5 Chapter 1074: The Strongest Man

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Chapter 1074, The Strongest Man!

The mother preached patiently.

"Yeah, Moon Fairy is kind-hearted, powerful, beautiful, and kind, but everyone laughs at her for having power but will not use it, but she will never hurt others and has always been proud of helping others with her own strength."

"She used her kindness to tolerate everyone, and finally brought her race into Ascension. Those who once mocked her finally regarded her as a god, and her race became the most powerful one in God Realm. One of the races. Yao'er, do you understand?"

The little girl's eyes gleamed with hope, and said happily: "Mother, am I a person like Moon Fairy!"

The mother smiled softly and touched her blue silk, "Yaoer, become a fairy of the moon, but not only kindness, you must have the heart to accept others, to have the will to work hard, you know that the fairy is to save The world, the people who have influenced her, how many ancient books have you read, how much hardship have you eaten? You still have to learn to control your own power..."

In that year, the mother-in-law told the story of the moon fairy day after day. Xiaoyaoer was full of joy and accepted and tolerated others time and time again.

Seven years old; a dozen little friends walking on the dirt road, constantly throwing yellow mud at her!

"Hahaha! Look at this ugly monster, she throws mud at her and she smiles, it's disgusting!"

"No, it's not right. Look at her crying and keep smiling. It's so powerful. I want to see when she can laugh!"

Little Yao'er was crying with tears, and her fat and grinning face barely squeezed out her smile. "My mother said, I am a girl like a moon fairy. I won't care about you!"

Everyone laughed, and one of them dumped a good piece of mud on her face and sneered: "Fairy Moon Fairy, your head has long horns, it is a monster!"

Xiao Yaoer's nose was suddenly sour, tears rolled in his eyes, he could no longer keep a smile, and ran all the way.

In the cabin, her mother's face was pale, and when the door of the cabin was pushed open, she again showed a soft smile as always.

Little Yao'er hugged her mother and burst into tears, "Mother, is Yao'er really a person like Moon Fairy? Why do everyone still call me ugly, why do I have horns on my head, why am I different from everyone? ..."

"Yaoer, don't care about other people's gossips, Moon Fairy has also walked the same way as you. You must persevere and be patient. Growing up is a gift from your father. Others don't know how to appreciate it. In my heart, Yao'er is the most unique and beautiful!"

At the age of ten; "Mother, you cheated Yao'er! Yao'er was not a person like Moon Fairy. They said that Yao'er was a descendant of a humble race, not even a person, but a demon!" Xiao Yaoer wept bitterly from the log cabin When she left, her mother wanted to catch up, but suddenly her face was blue, her throat was sweet, and she suddenly vomited blood!

In the small woods at night, under the moonlight, Xiaoyaoer held a sharp short knife, trembling and slashing away from the horns above his head!


The blood ran across the ground!

Xiaoyao Erqi resisted the severe pain and lay on the ground, tears falling down. She sipped her lips, gritted her teeth, stared at the moon, and smiled.

"I have no horns, I am no longer a demon..."

At the age of eleven, my mother was bedridden.

By the bed, Xiaoyao Er held her hand tightly and burst into tears: "Mother, Yao Er knows wrong, Yao Er should not destroy her horn, Yao Er does not want to be a demon, mother don't leave Yao Er!"

The mother stared silently and kindly, and said hardly. "Yaoer, you have to keep practicing and make good use of your strength."

The mother-in-law's face was pale and papery, showing her final smile: "One day, Yao'er will meet a strong man in the world, just like her mother-in-law met your father..."

The mother slowly closed her eyes, before she left with a trace of reluctance in her heart.

Yao'er's talents will surely stand on the top of the world. I hope that she will not go astray because of her own strength. If one day, pray to God for blessing, someone can save me, save Yaoer...

At the age of sixteen; the throne in the void has regained its master.

"Little Yao'er, you are the most suitable person for the Devil Race to inherit the wishes of their ancestors!"

"The human race is the source of all evil, inherit the power of the ancestors of all generations, and then destroy the human race! The pain that our devil race has endured and experienced all the time will be repaid to the human race!"

Xiao Yaoer's ears, head, and endless voice echoed constantly, and her power became stronger and stronger.

When he witnessed the scene of the massacre of the devil clan in the ancestors, the expression became more and more indifferent.

In her mind, only the wishes of the ancestors and the hatred of the demon clan!

She wants to give all this blood to the human race!

On that day, a new leader was born!

She alone led the entire demon clan, killed the subversion of the Holy Realm, the infinite plane was destroyed, and the whole world was disturbed!

Luo Yao'er's eyes became more and more blurred, and he escaped from the memories, and fell on the silhouettes that surrounded her in front of her eyes, carrying the only trace of magical energy remaining, holding back the severe pain, and desperate to fight all the geniuses.


Three swords light came and shot. It was the three geniuses at Chaotianmen who pulled out their swords and raised their swords.

The Yin Qi in the body corroded the devil qi, and the last point of power failed to be exerted, Luo Yaoer laughed at himself.

"How can you remember these things suddenly, mother, Yao'er still hasn't become a moon fairy, if you want to inherit the will of your ancestors, how can you rely on Renyi to replace the shame of the demon clan, maybe this is wrong in the beginning, this world, which What a strong man..."

Tear ~! Bang~!

Jianguang exploded and burst into the sky!

Luo Yaoer froze in place!

A stern figure stood in front of Luo Yao'er, her eyes trance, vaguely seeing the domineering and awe-inspiring young teenager's eyebrows.

"Boy, are you looking for death?"

"Where is the unknown junior? Do you know how many sins this demon clan has committed in the Holy Realm? How dare you still protect her?"

"To be with her is to provoke the majesty of the Holy Realm! Boy, do you dare to challenge the Holy Realm?"

The eight geniuses of Chaotianmen's swordsmanship glowed, and their fighting spirit surged, turning into a sword-style storm of swords that enveloped Lin Chen!

Lin Chen patted the dust on his shoulders, glanced at all the geniuses in the audience, "Shut up my fart! I have no interest in your grievances, and I will move the people that Lin Chen wants to protect, and I will take care of all the worlds!"

Luo Yaoer's body fluttered!

Bang ~! The red gold war gun flashed into his hand, the eightfold change and the final moment were all fully open, Lin Chen was surrounded by blue and quiet, like a **** Shura, holding a gun and pointing at all the geniuses present, with a sneer.

"Either you get out, or I get you out!"

Lin Chen, who stepped into the Five Tribulation Cultivation Acts, used the eightfold change, and his breath was not inferior to these super geniuses who stepped into the Five Tribulation Cultivation for a hundred years!

Lin Chen's words stirred up a thousand waves! All the geniuses appeared furious and shot with anger!

The sword spirit of Chaotianmen surged, there was snow in the mountains and rivers, and the snowy Tianhe sword gas killed Lin Chen. Every move was the ultimate half-orange sword sword!

The two swords of the Jianjian Gate are combined, the sword opens to the sky, one sword is coming from the west, and the clouds are misty!

The golden robe man released the golden thunder dragon, raging through the eight wastelands, and the dragon tail swept!

The monkey-faced man grabbed the dark shadow giant claws, which flickered in layers.

The ancient Demon Bear was incorporated into the bodies of the two murderers, and the power of transporting the mountains and reclamation came with a punch.

"I'm going to look at each one of them pretending to be arrogant, how strong can the top ten thousand in this genius list!"

The endless offensive attacked, Lin Chen was shocked, smashed down with a gun, Geng Jinhongmang burst and destroyed!