My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 1075

Vol 5 Chapter 1075: Chaos Super Genius

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Chapter 1075, Chaos Super Genius!

The arrow light shot, the moonlight cut off the flash, the orange light sword rainbow burst into anger, cut vertically, and divided the void, the four-handed lore knife Munsenro Vientiane's knife gas storm, suddenly burst out and spin Cut off!

Shuanglong dances, one blue and one black, the small shadow and the Dragon Emperor shot at the same time, the dragon tail turned the sword, and the fight cut the stars!

Lin Chens avatar and Dragon Emperor and Little Shadow teamed up to attack the horrendous offensive, and the offensives of the major geniuses are **** the front!

boom! boom! boom!

The devastating offensive turned into an energy hurricane that swept everything, and the joint attack of twenty super geniuses was attacked head-on, and some geniuses were knocked back a short distance!

Luo Yaoer stared staringly at the bright energy storm, still standing tall and standing still, his expression a little fascinating.

At the next moment, the pain struck, and the Yin dynasty slammed into her body, and Luo Yaoer's eyes were black, and she was unconscious again!

Between consciousness and confusion, Luo Yaoer felt vaguely that a warm arm embraced her, and even if the sound in her ear was no less terrifying, she did not suffer any harm.

"Is this a dream... If it is a dream, it is best not to wake up..."

boom! boom! boom!

When Lin Chen and all the avatars break through the offensive of the super geniuses, the little shadow kills Lin Chen for the road!

Lin Chen holding Luo Yaoer, flapping the holy phoenix wings to break out of the encirclement, his eyes warned: "The super genius in the top 10,000 in the genius list is indeed powerful, but I am now in the same level as the five robbers. Now, Im not afraid of these guys!"

When Chaotianmen and the four red-haired youths took the lead in stabilizing their form, their eyes remained horrified!

The two genius offensives at Chaotianmen were torn apart, and their power penetrated into the body, and they were bombarded with seven meats and eight elements. They were injured and dropped the attribute light ball!

"Damn, that kid is so strong! Or what is it?"

"Although this group of people first entered the five robbery, every move is a sign of orange-level combat skills! Why has this character never heard of it?"

"No, he just said that his name is Lin Chen! Was it a while ago, the dark horse club of the blood-washed genius list at Rainbow Island, Lin Chen?"

The geniuses met one by one and immediately saw through Lin Chen's true identity!

Lin Chens Dragon Flash is extremely fast, and with the Holy Phoenix wings, a few flashes will flash out of the geniuss perception.

If it werent for Lin Chen to take Luo Yaoer and use the dragon flash body method with the innate shadow tactics, Lin Chen could easily avoid the perception range of these geniuses.

"Don't let him take away the witch, it will be difficult to kill him next time!"

The swordsman genius at Chaotianmen shouted loudly!

All the geniuses glanced at each other, ignoring each other's hearts, they decided to take out the stunt of the bottom of the box!

Bang ~!

The double swordsmen of the Jianjianmen took the lead! The sword in the hands of a man and a woman rose up, the sword rushed into the sky, and the colorful glory of the sword was flowing, the sword light pointed away from Lin Chens position, the sword buzzed the choice, and suddenly burst into the air!

The two swords suddenly changed from a mid-air into a rainbow-like electric light, scrolling the infinite sword gas storm, the power of this move has reached the orange level!

Powered by two super geniuses, the power is even more amazing!

"Heavenly Demon Statue Fist!"

The two geniuses who absorbed the ancient demon bear stood proudly, and the devil's energy rose above their heads, forming two magnificent golems.

Four more red-haired youths were burning with their eyes, stepped on the flying dragons, and the breath of flame condensed on the right arm. Four of them shot a claw, and the flames of flame burst!

"Yan God Claw!"

The flame that turns like a string of light turns to form a dragon's claw that burns the mountain and burns the sea!

The Chaotianmen is even more horrible, with a sword-powered dragon standing in a hole in the sky above the head, and turned into an infinite sword monument, such as a respectable ancient sword saint walking in the void, the sword gas burst out, like the rainstorm pear flower!

"Sword of Hundred Saints Sun and Moon Sinking!"

When every slender spring sword flew through the void, there was a faint space fluctuation into a twist!

These genius tricks are all orange rank! But it has a crippled taste, it is an incomplete orange-level exercise! And is trying to control the messenger, there is a sign out of control.

However, no matter how weak it is, it is an orange-order exercise. It is used by geniuses within the genius list of 8,700 to 9,900, and the vast aura is crushed into nothingness.

Lin Chen was trapped in an endless offensive, and seemed to be facing a lone sail in a huge wave!

Lin Chen still did not look back!

Brush ~! Zhen Dexiu struck Ziyi, gentle and elegant, traversed behind Lin Chen, her mouth outlined Yun Danfeng's light and confident smile, and grabbed three seven-tier peak thunder arrows!

Zhende Shuai and Zhende should raise their swords and hold their swords. Each side has a similar smile on their sides, and they are not afraid of many offensives!

Zhen Dexiu pulled his Azure Royal Thunder holy bow, and the light of thunder lingered like a silver snake.

"Feel the Jiguang film feather from the dark horse club!"

call out! call out! call out!

Three arrows, a faint glow of light and a rainbow left in the void, extremely beautiful and gorgeous, such as the dazzling starlight before the falling of the most beautiful meteor, a flash in the pan, but it is also extremely shining, people can't help but marvel at'good beauty'!

Zhende Shuai held'Qingtian' in his hand, and his anger was burning like a fire, and the sword was cut, and the power of the orange sword rainbow exploded to an unprecedented threshold!

An extremely dazzling moonlight beheaded from the blue blade of Zhende Ying's hands, as if there was a moment in the dim world, illuminated by the moonlight!

"Without self-control, just these three people want to stop me waiting?"

"Is the people in the dark horse club originally a group of people who have no brains? Are they looking down on us or are they too worthy of you!"

"Sacred objects and orange-level exercises are not just for you alone! Dont think that a little heritage is unscrupulous. In front of us, you are not enough for arrogant qualifications!"

Many geniuses sneered. Although the dark horse club's offensive is strong, it is obviously impossible to shake the genius's orange ranks of all geniuses.

However, at the next moment, the pupils of the geniuses tremble fiercely, and weird cries of gurgle in the throat!

At the next moment, the arrow light flickered into 15 meteor arrows?

Fifth, the aurora is more prosperous! Orange rainbow across the sky, five swords all at once!

Tear ~! boom! boom! boom!

The giant fist of Golem was shot through, and the sword's awn of Xiruo hairspring was cut into pieces by Jianhong. All the offensives were like two shocking hurricanes blowing together and collided!

Click~ Click~! Bang ~! Earthquakes struck a hundred miles from the ground, the earth's veins cracked, and the web-like cracks cracked, which was shocking.

At the center of the fight between the two sides, a cloud of five-color energy mushrooms rose up into the sky, and many geniuses were horrified, as if they saw a ghost!

"What ghost technique is this? Can the attack be scored one to five?"

"Actually, our attacks are really coming... this is not an illusion comparable to that of bluffing!"

Quirky! The geniuses present were not from top denominations, ancestors, and well-informed, and the things and exercises they encountered were far beyond the scope of ordinary people's understanding.

But they are as strong as their characters, and they have never seen the ability to divide the attack into five parts without diminishing the power of the orange-level exercises!

All geniuses are frightened first, followed by fanatic excitement!

They clearly see that this trick is suitable for different types and attributes of combat skills!

Damn, wouldnt it be just around the corner if they got such a sterling treasure?